By Sidney Secular

Psychopaths, like those now in control of the USA, have a complete lack of empathy, and obsessive desire for dominance (as shown with COVID mandates), use psychological or physical violence to establish control and have an exaggerated need to appear superior to everyone else (accomplished by virtue signaling or bullying tactics). Their amoral, immoral, or pushy traits help them rise to the top of a society’s hierarchies and power structures. They aren’t loners either. They find others of their ilk and work with them as predators. A hierarchy develops among them as in organized crime, drug cartels, sex trafficking, online scamming operations and religious cults. They exploit other dysfunctional people and useful idiots to do their dirty work for them. The worst case scenario is where psychopathic behavior is rewarded while truth telling, honesty, morality and liberty are punished as we see at the present time. Presently, they are involved in the cults of socialism, social justice, fake environmentalism, climate change nonsense and leftist their means of control. They find their way into the philanthropic organizations and foundations to co-opt them and eliminate transparency and oversight before using their assets for their own purposes. They employ nepotism and have each other’s backs If you examine current leftist and globalist movements, you see modernized versions of communism and psychopathic modes of operation.

The use of “gaslighting” as a weapon is a classic communist mainstay. This is the sophisticated manipulation of a person through psychological means into questioning their own sanity and motives.

Gaslighting has been developed in Communist China to an extreme level. Dissidents were compelled to stand before a large crowd of true believers in the communist “faith”. The crowd would browbeat them with exaggerated or false accusations of criminality or immorality. The victim bowed and gave in, begging forgiveness and to be allowed to live. The victim was made to believe he had sinned. Many victims had no idea why they were being punished in the first place. Gaslighting is perfect for public subjugation because it makes people who love freedom think they are evil and need to be controlled; it makes the natural desire for freedom appear selfish and anti-social. Psychopathic behavior is normalized by convincing people that morality is relative or a matter of perspective and that abusive and destructive behavior has to be tolerated to achieve a better world or at least temporary public safety. Once the population can’t differentiate right from wrong, they can’t coalesce into groups that would rebel against the “status woe”. If you wonder why spouses or family members stay with and even defend their abusers, it’s because gaslighting has been used to disarm them. If you accept yourself as crazy or morally deficient, you start thinking maybe you aren’t being abused at all or after all. If you lash out and defend yourself against the abuser, you are then perceived as a horrible person, a danger to society, or a terrorist.

This control tactic is being employed everywhere in the Western world right now. Millions of law-abiding Americans are abused by the establishment through lockdowns and censorship while BLM and Antifa thugs are allowed to run rampant without consequences. The media and the psychopathic fawning politicians are trying to convince us that the J6 event was an insurrection rather than a peaceful protest infiltrated by the Left to produce “crimes” then blamed on the innocent. The “respectable right” goes along with this characterization. The Washington Examiner and other Beltway bilge publications need to hang their heads in shame for the effrontery to go along with this false flag operation.

Under the scamdemic mandates, a vast portion of the US was shut down and hundreds of thousands of small businesses were lost. Anyone who disagrees with these measures is labelled a “tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist,” a danger to others, or even a “terrorist”. It is obvious the lockdowns were completely useless in controlling the spread of the imagined virus since states with the harshest mandates had the highest infection rates. We know that the masks are useless and actually harmful based on scientific studies and common-sense observation and thinking. Instead of “following the science,” Fauci and the bullies and psychopaths doubled down on their doom mongering and domination. The media completely plays along and continues to label and libel anyone who points out the REAL science as “conspiracy theorists” and dangers to society. Inventing and invoking imaginary “white supremacism” and “institutional racism” for what the “hue-mans” are doing is the latest application of gaslighting.

The race-baiting used by leftids for years now is a prime example of gaslighting–telling people they are evil or responsible for evils they have nothing to do with continues undiminished as an insane establishment narrative. No matter what happens, they will find a convoluted way to blame it on whites or conservatives. There are only 3 ways to stop the brainwashing and gaslighting: we give in, submit to, and embrace the false narratives as true and become psychological slaves; we separate completely from the leftist totalitarians and organized psychopaths and go our own way(we need to figure out how to do that pronto); or we remove the psychopaths from the picture and rebuild. Until one of these 3 things happen, the psychopaths, lefties, and globalists will continue to work at wearing us down. That is all they know to do—they have seen it work time and again and can’t believe it won’t work now.

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