By Lee Duigon

What, exactly, are colleges and universities supposed to do for us? After all, they cost us hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and there are some 18 million students sitting in their classroom—who have paid handsomely, if not exorbitantly, for the privilege.

But that doesn’t satiate the universities: far from it. Tuition payments, government grants, private endowments and donations—and still they clamor for more. Driven by the superstition that *everybody* has to go to college, necessitating perpetual expansion, more and more hires, more and more pensions, Higher Education can’t seem to get by on just the billions it siphons out of the American economy.

Harvard has an annual budget of over $40 billion—more than the GDP of certain countries—and even that is not enough. More, more, more! Hey, we’re turning out the elite here, the future leaders of the country! (Well, all right, we’re turning out a lot of idiots, too, with degrees in gender studies and astral projection; but that’s only because we’ve got to keep expanding because.) And you expect us to scrape by on $40 billion?

That’s where the friends from abroad come in.

Since 2018 the U.S. Dept. of Education has been investigating hundreds of millions of dollars to Harvard and Yale “in foreign gifts and contracts”. Mostly from guess who? If you guessed anyone but communist China, you just aren’t with it. And the universities have been stonewalling Congress’ demands for facts and figures on their finances.

These “gifts” have been going to professors and administrators—some have already been formally charged with filing false tax returns, trying to hide these sometimes rather hefty gifts—who are suspected of serving China’s interests by means of intellectual property theft, spying, propaganda, and counterfeiting. It makes for quite an ugly picture.

But wait, there’s more!

Since 2013, the University of Pennsylvania has collected a cool $67 million in “gifts” from China; and Jolly Joe “Quid pro Quo” Biden, who’s running for president, has set up, at the university, the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Engagement—which has, since its establishment in 2017, raked in another $22 million in Chinese “gifts”. A very generous crew, the Chinese Communist Party.

We know the quid; so what’s the quo?

Red China owns a sizeable chunk of our country’s Higher Education. This is more of that stupid stuff that we really have to stop doing if we don’t want our country to collapse.

Is there any way to spin this so it doesn’t sound like treason? Senator Joe McCarthy would’ve had a field day with it.

So an unfriendly foreign power is “invested” in our universities, which presumably earn those gifts by doing China’s bidding—and we shouldn’t be concerned by this? And “concerned” is putting it too mildly.

Now we can wonder if that’s not just the tip of the iceberg. It makes the berg that sank the Titanic look like the last forlorn cube floating around in an unfinished martini.

How about Hollywood? We know the Chicoms are invested in our “entertainment” industry. How about former government officials on the Chicoms’ payroll? Surely former senator and vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman isn’t the only bigwig lobbying for China. It leads us to wonder if any *serving* members of Congress are getting gifts from Xi Jinping.

But the ones who have me wondering the most are our tirelessly Trump-hunting Free & Independent nooze media. These are the culprits who can really damage us—by spinning and lying and making us blind and deaf to Chinese influence on what gets done and doesn’t get done in America.

And maybe we ought to be wondering about the unions, too—especially the teachers’ unions.

How much of our country does China own? How much has it bought? And to what degree has it influenced America’s response to the Chinese Communist Death Virus?

This is a wake up call—and heaven help us if we fail to heed it.

You don’t need armies and navies to conquer another country anymore.

Sometimes bribes and flattery will do the trick.

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