In 1962 Detroit, MI was the wealthiest city on earth. The former motor capital of the world was once part of a mega industrial trilogy that included Cleveland and Pittsburgh. At the time of their industrial zenith, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh were the world’s manufacturing floor. Made in the USA was symbolic of our industrial might and high standard of quality.

Unfortunately, our industrial power was eventually reduced by at least one third. Over seventy thousand manufacturing plants have been shuttered primarily because of political and ideologically inspired shenanigans by activist politicians who fooled the people into supporting destructive policies that brought about the decline of America in numerous areas ranging from morality, education, and of course manufacturing.

Both Cleveland and Pittsburgh are partially recovered with revived enlivened and appealing downtowns as well as numerous neighborhoods that are attracting millennials in droves looking for walkable urban enclaves with bistros, restaurants, parks etc. The Cleveland Museum of art and other cultural attractions there and in Pittsburgh now receive many thousands of tourists from around the world. Detroit is beginning to show signs of a turnaround downtown and in the midtown district. I must admit, that when I first saw the citywide decrepit conditions throughout Detroit years ago, I was utterly shocked and dismayed.

I had to learn why would such a high percentage of one place put up with such horrible conditions for over five decades. It was so disheartening to witness the vicious gnashing of teeth by many Detroit residents against any ideas proven elsewhere to improve the quality of life on any level or issue.

Of course, we all know the ongoing after effects of numerous decades of the dummying down of several generations against all that is good and intellectually stimulating. For example, despite horrible deaths of over 100 million citizens around the world due to communist cruelties, the number of American college students now prefer the boot heal of communism over unalienable rights or personal liberty.

History reminds us that the democrat party has for the most part been an organization of oppression in one form or another. In decades past, democrats physically attacked black Americans who dared to use their God given brains to rise above the lowly ranks prescribed to them by those vicious democrats who’s mission was to deny liberty to certain people because of their skin color.

In time, the democrat policies of physical KKK racist abuse grew out of favor. Then there was a slick switch to non-violent forms of oppression. It is summed up in the Curley effect. As described in a noteworthy article written by Harvard scholars Edward Glaeser and Andrei Steifer in which they described the “Curley Effect.” It is named after its noted prototype, James Michael Curley, who served four (non-consecutive) terms as mayor of Boston, between 1914 and 1950. What Curley did in order to entrench socialist democrat party control of the Cradle of Freedom was diabolical.

As mayor, he used the strategy of “increasing the relative size of his political base through distortionary-wealth reducing policies.” Democrats are or should be known for implementing wealth redistribution, massive red tape regulations, burdensome tax increases, etc. that make it gruesomely difficult to conduct viable economic activities. While at the same time convincing people they are oh so oppressed and need to continue to vote for more democrat party political oppression to get them the help that never improves the quality of their miserable lives. Of course, those redistributive, regulatory and over taxation policies made urban dwellers and many cities overall much poorer. Gary, Indiana, Detroit, MI, and Hartford, Connecticut are prime examples.

Many people get sucked into the progressive democrat party vortex of dependency upon their political patrons or plantation lords. Then they become a permanently locked in pro-democrat party voting bloc. Some others smart enough to know they were ill-effected by such redistributive policies emigrate to other cities. Unfortunately, many are not intelligent enough to change their voting patterns and ruin the cities and states they move to by voting democrat. Thus, spreading the dreadful disease of Curleyist policies to more cities and states. Colorado and Salt Lake City are prime examples of that pattern of destruction, where droves of citizens escaped from California, but continue to vote democrat in order to create the political climate they sought to escape from.

The Curleyists constantly get away with engaging in incendiary class-warfare rhetoric that demonizes wealthy people as exploiters of the poor. It is a shame that millions of Americans are more oppressed today than Frederick Douglas was after he decided to escape from slavery and create a very successful life for himself.

He sought the truth about life in Christ, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the concept of living well by his own intelligence and effort. Douglas clearly understood that through providential guidance, a willingness to work and not give up that he could achieve greatness. He knew better than to accept the scraps of life from the democrats of his day who wanted to dominate him and all black people.

Today, many Americans could benefit from utilizing the level of common sense and faith Frederick Douglas benefited from long ago. If not, they will continue to exist in squander while progressive politicians implement the Curley effect to keep them on a treadmill to nowhere. The ever growing presence of The Edwards Notebook radio commentary is now heard on The Exceptional Conservative Network throughout the broadcast day and night.

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