By Andrew C Wallace

May 27, 2022

What I am reporting in this paper is God’s Truth based on our Constitution, “THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND”. I challenge any traitorous politician, bureaucrat, judge, academic, Communist or member of The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class to attack a single word using Constitutional Facts.

A MAJORITY of all federal departments, agencies and related laws are Unconstitutional and designed to enrich the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their political followers while enslaving The People.

The Constitution reserves ALL powers to the states and to The People, except for the “ENUMERATED POWERS” delegated to the federal establishment for Defense, Foreign Relations, Immigration, Currency, Post Office, Commerce, and some household functions. Federal establishment has these ENUMERATED POWERS ONLY. States are SOVEREIGN governments while the federal administration is but a creation of the states without the required powers of a lawful government created by the People. A created entity cannot possess more power or authority than its creator, and its creator cannot be subservient to its creation! Period.

We have been blessed with the greatest Constitution in history, but its objectives have been eroded over time by the PSRRC and their servants, our greedy and traitorous politicians. Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote our Constitution based on their negative experiences in the hell hole that was Europe, which the United States has now become.

Our Constitution says that laws of the union are to be enforced by The “Militia of the Several States”, so the PSRRC did away with the Militia using the unconstitutional Dick Act. The Militia was replaced by corrupt and incompetent unconstitutional federal agencies that the PSRRC controlled, led by the most corrupt of all, the FBI.

Most people don’t know that the government, the schools, the economy, energy, health, and all things corrupt are controlled with corporate money upon orders from the controlling stockholders (Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class) of our largest corporations.

Almost everything the federal government is doing is unconstitutional for the purpose of enriching the PSRRC at the expense of the people resulting in hunger, poverty, and deprivation of Constitutional Rights. In simple terms, the federal administration has no JURISDICTION whatsoever unless specified by the ENUMERATED POWERS in the Constitution. Translated, this means that a majority of federal departments, agencies and their related “laws” are unconstitutional and lack jurisdiction over the people. All unconstitutional statutes, codes, rules, and “laws” apply only to their federal employees for the administration of their functions. The People are not subject to their private, foreign jurisdiction unless they knowingly and willingly volunteer into “contract” to receive “benefits”, and abrogate their protected Rights.

Patriot writers continue to write about the countless criminal RESULTS of the government’s unconstitutional and unlawful actions. I think we should concentrate on a few major actions that will take away the government’s ability to steal, waste our money, wage wars for profit, and rob us through inflation.

There is a simple way to accomplish much of this: follow the Constitution and return to the gold standard as required by the Constitution (as Russia and China are doing). Fiat money based upon debt is being replaced by commodity based money. Eliminate the unconstitutional PRIVATELY- OWNED Federal Reserve Bank. The PSRRC and politicians will scream like stuck pigs, but the people will prosper without inflation and the government will no longer be able to spend twice as much as it receives in taxes.

Most importantly, you can also refuse to comply with unconstitutional laws, which is a majority of them. The federal government has no authority over education, health, energy, transportation or anything not authorized by the” ENUMERATED POWERS” of the Constitution.

Everything I have reported in this paper is lawful and based upon the Constitution. I defy anyone to prove me wrong with facts from the Constitution.

God Bless Our Constitution!


It is my opinion based on observation, study and history that the PSRRC, politicians, bureaucrats, judges, academics and large corporations are destroying this country and its people. History teaches us that when you take everything away from people and they have nothing to lose, that the people will revolt until only ashes remain. I can find nothing in the Constitution that would support the unconstitutional actions of the usurpers of our Republic. The French Reign of Terror is but one example. Guerilla warfare is the obvious response, and no guerilla force has ever been defeated in the field. I pray that the evil ones with the most to lose will take note.

© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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