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If Donald Trump was surveilled during the presidential campaign, it was probably indirectly.   For example, when I was in the federal government, I was given the same home phone number as Rosemary Woods, President Nixon’s personal secretary. Therefore, the government could say they were not surveilling me, but only Ms. Woods, and they “happened to” pick up my phone calls as well.   I caught them monitoring my office phone one day when I did not hang up, but just listened after the other party had hung up. After about 4 minutes, not one, but two, voices came on the line talking to each other about my call!

I had been a political and economic risk analyst for a global consulting firm which had the Defense Intelligence Agency as one of its clients.  In the federal government, I had written the first draft of a published essay by President Reagan (and received a presidential award in the White House), advised the Solicitor-Generals on cases and arguments before the Supreme Court, was described in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD by a U.S. House leader as “one of the nation’s great experts” in an area, and solved a number of problems. But I was already used to being surveilled.

Even before I had a private meeting in Washington with the Ambassador of one of our allies, the new prime minister of that nation felt that the CIA was trying to remove him from office (I was not a CIA agent, but one of my graduate school professors was a CIA covert agent who suggested I “get in touch with the guys at Langley””). I started receiving material from a beautiful young woman living in that nation, but noticed her photos had been touched up, and I learned they had been delivered and picked up not by her, but rather by a well-dressed young man. Also, her hand-written letters had no page lines, but her lines of writing were perfectly parallel, as if machine written. Another young woman who had shown an interest in my activities in my state capital hometown just “happened to” have her bedroom wall against mine in the massive Fairlington complex in Arlington,Virginia when I worked in DC.

When in Washington, I became friends with noted WASHINGTON POST nationally syndicated columnist William Raspberry, and over the years, he wrote articles interviewing me on a number of issues such as George H. W. Bush’s “new world order,” Bill Clinton’s Bosnia war, the Iraq war, and terrorist attacks of 9/11.   I told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell how 9/11 could easily have been prevented, and she said “Oh my, thank you for calling, thank you.” Concerning 9/11, David Schippers (chief investigative counsel for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee during President Clinton’s impeachment hearings) wrote: “I have read and thoroughly enjoyed your book (SEPTEMBER 11 PRIOR KNOWLEDGE)….Your indictment of the intelligence community in general and the FBI in particular is right on the money….I intend to make it required reading for my children and grandchildren.”

Before the Iraq war began, I had included in my COVER-UP book what Saddam Hussein’s secret strategy would be, and our administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, had a “go to” guy who called me prior to going to Iraq asking if he should go. I advised he should, but suggested he do certain things to protect himself.

I have had perhaps a better record than the FBI, CIA, DIA and NSA at predicting terrorist activity.   In the October 1, 2003 CENTRE DAILY TIMES (State College, PA), I indicated that terrorists might “try to…disrupt our supply of electricity.” And on April 16, 2013, a terrorist attack occurred about 1 am when they cut the fiber cable around the Metcalf power substation southeast of San Jose, CA, cut off some local 911 services, and fired 100 rounds from a high-powered rifle at several electrical transformers. At the end of my February 17, 2014 internet column, I posed the threat of terrorists using toothpaste tube bombs and said they could use cold cream jars. Three days later, Diane Sawyer on ABC’s World News Tonight mentioned they had received a report that terrorists might use cosmetics such as cold cream. In my April 15, 2013 NewsWithViews column, I predicted that terrorists could set a mostly wooden apartment complex in this country on fire at night, and on May 27, 2015, the LOS ANGELES TIMES reported that the L.A. Police Department’s anti-terrorism division arrested Dawud Abdulwali “on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire that destroyed a downtown Los Angeles apartment complex (named Da Vinci)” on December 8, 2014 at 1:20 am (at night).

But most spectacularly, in my same  April 15, 2013 NWV column, I predicted terrorists could do 4 things, and all 4 occurred within the next 2 weeks!  First, I wrote that Iranian-sponsored terrorists could attack locations in the U.S. with incendiary devices, and on that same afternoon two locations in Boston were attacked by 2 Muslim terrorist brothers using explosive devices. Secondly, I referred to terrorists derailing trains, and a week later (April 22), Canadian police had announced they had just thwarted terrorists’ plan to derail passenger trains in the greater Toronto area. Canadian authorities said the terror suspects had received support from Al-Qaeda elements in Iran. Thirdly, I said terrorists could use contaminants (I meant lethal ones), and the next day (April 16), an envelope containing the highly toxic ricin was received at the U.S. Capitol for U.S. Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi. A similar envelope was received the following day for President Obama at the White House. Lastly, I mentioned that terrorists could hack into our banking system and wipe out or withdraw money from people’s accounts, and 8 days later (April 23), the Syrian Electronic Army (pro-Assad hackers) hacked into the Associated Press website and posted a bogus news item about the White House being attacked and President Obama injured. This, in turn caused the stock market to drop, resulting in some people losing a lot of money.

I also wrote that terrorists could set forest fires, and about a year ago there were a number of these deliberately set by people (as yet undiscovered) in the west and south.  Regarding the future, watch for terrorists setting off IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) at important places (e.g., on or under interstate highway bridges as fuel tankers pass by), and I predicted this before the fire under the freeway in Georgia was set, which is creating a transportation nightmare. More specifically, at the end of my December 4, 2015 NWV column, I wrote:that “before the recent Paris attacks, I had written that Islamic terrorists would attack at a sports stadium, and ISIS Sunnis did that in Paris.   Similarly, I said they would attack restaurants from the street, and they did. And I wrote that they probably would attack at night, and they did. Two days before the mass murder in San Bernardino, I wrote in my November 30 NWV column that Islamic terrorists would attack a facility packed with people and with little security, and the Sunni husband and wife mass murderers did exactly that. Moreover, in my February 16, 2015 NWV column titled ‘Conspiracy, Part 24,’ I predicted terrorists in the United States would use improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and in the garage of the San Bernardino terrorists, law enforcement officers found IEDs.”

So what in general should you look for in the future? In terms of terrorism, look for more attacks by vehicles and drones plowing into crowds of people. In addition, there will be more deliberately fostered Mideast turmoil, as well as a global economic crisis by the end of 2018 (and I have been predicting this date for a long time). This will push nations toward a world currency, which will dramatically negatively impact national sovereignty (a goal mentioned by Cecil Rhodes’ secret Society of the Elect member Arnold Toynbee in 1931).

All of the above may be why I have been surveilled, and probably continue to be surveilled. In addition, the surveillers probably do not like my describing our national hypocrisy. While Republicans complained about foreign (Chinese) political intervention in our campaigns (President Clinton’s), and Democrats complained about alleged foreign (Russian) intervention in our campaigns (President Trump’s), we have deliberately overthrown the democratically elected leader of Iran (Mossadegh) in the early 1950s, and assisted in the attempted assassination by Saddam Hussein of the Prime Minister of Iraq in 1959. In addition, according to the NEW YORK TIMES (2/13/97), the U.S. “significantly expanded its support (to $2 million) of newspapers, radio stations and trade unions opposed to President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia.” Furthermore, just before the September 24, 2000 Serbian election, ABC News reported that the U.S. “is spending $77 million on advice and equipment to help the opposition beat Milosevic.” And the next day, the U.S. House in HR 1064 authorized $50 million for opposition groups against Milosevic!

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