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The nasty and reprehensible actions in contested states regarding audits currently underway by Democrats has back fired.  Too many voters regardless of party are asking the one basic question:  If the 2020 election was fair and counting of votes accurate, why fight these audits if they would prove the election was not stolen in favor of Cheating China Joe?

The answer is obvious even to the most obtuse.  I feel comfortable in saying a huge percentage of Americans – whether they voted or not – have no idea what’s been going on.  They read a headline or two offered up by the DNC’s pimps on the stupid tube (TV) or some “news” web site or You Tube’s disclaimer Biden won the election.  All this fuss is from sore losers who voted for Trump.  Conspiracy theories, blah, blah.

At the bottom of this column is another breakdown by state of the disgusting, dirty fighting going on over audits.  These are new since my last two here and here.

There are some who believe President-Elect Donald Trump betrayed everyone by walking away on January 20, 2021.  What should he have done?  Barricade himself inside the White House?  Courts in contested states were cowards.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated federal law by allowing mail in ballots be counted three days past election day.  The other five contested states officials also violated federal law.  Those massive ballot dumps in the middle of the night in PA and GA should never have been counted.  The U.S. Supreme Court acted like cowards ignoring, as did the other courts, gross violations of state election laws and the list goes on.

In his excellent May 28, 2021, column, Lex Greene summed up what others think:  “I believe Trump was positioned to STOP THE STEAL before leaving office. But I also believe he chose to leave the White House in peace, to avoid fatal threats against himself and his family, until he could prove to the entire world what really happened in the 2020 elections.”

Trump knows much more than you or I do about The Steal.  There’s a whole lot going on by many IT experts and volunteers; this nightmare is far from over.  Many questions do remain unanswered.  In Greene’s column above he lays out what he calls the Trump Plan.

Here’s what MUST be done at the state level.  The audits must continue despite Herculean efforts to stop them by the Democrats using every dirty trick in the book.  Once the first state falls, it will be the domino effort because there’s just too much evidence the election clearly was stolen from Trump and the American people.

The Democrat machine as well as those involved in stealing the election are experiencing major pucker factor at this point.  They know the noose is tightening.  The scramble has already begun:  THEY’RE FREAKED: Fulton County Election Officials Hire Top Georgia Defense Attorneys, May 27, 2021 – “The people of Atlanta are paying top dollar to a pricey legal firm to represent their county officials.  It must be nice to defend yourself with other people’s money.”

The Democrats have thrown everything possible at those conducting the audit in Maricopa County AZ – including threats from the Federal Department of [In]Justice who have no jurisdiction to interfere with a county vote audit.  They know it but it makes for good sound bites for Democrat voters.  Former DOJ lawyer urges Arizona Senate: Resist ‘non-existent federal authority’ over election audit, May 24, 2021

Since AZ’s mess started, other states and counties have also been fighting like junkyard dogs to stop the truth from coming out.  But it will.

Mike Lindell made a forceful statement last week:  Mike Lindell Says His ‘Royal Flush’ of Election Fraud Evidence Will Make it to the Supreme Court By July – “We’re getting these Attorney Generals on board, when they’re on board then the lawyers right now are writing up the case as we speak.

“Then in 5 or 6 weeks, we take it to the Supreme Court, we set it on their doorstep,” Lindell said. “If they accept it, which they will, they will vote 9-0 because it’s so obvious. And you can’t lie.”

“Lindell said the case will be presented between June 15th and July to the Supreme Court, and predicted a 9-0 ruling.”

The U.S. Supreme Court’s session began in October 2020 and runs until October 2021.  However, they take a summer recess usually by the end of June, July at the latest.  Many of them go to foreign countries to teach law for three months.  Even if the court agrees to hear the case which I highly doubt, it would be a long shot for the court to take it up until late August when they return.  I’m not a lawyer, but I think you can request an emergency hearing.  However, considering what happened with that court already, well, place your bet.

Mike Lindell is a true champion whose been working in overdrive to expose The Steal at great personal sacrifice.  Even though I didn’t need new pillows I bought two of his pillows last month just to support his efforts.  Time will tell with going to the Supreme Court; we can all pray they take the case.  Of course, there’s no guarantee a couple of “conservatives” won’t turn on him, for sure John Roberts.  Not to mention enormous pressure underway to get 82-year old Justice Breyer to retire so the Democrats don’t end up like what happened when Ruthie Bader Ginsberg refused to retire under Obama.

Wayne Allen Root recently interviewed Trump and proposed he run for the U.S. House in Florida, and once elected, he would then get elected as Speaker of the House.  The Speaker of the U.S. House is the second most powerful person in DC.  All bills of expenditure must originate in the House.  The Speaker is also third in line of succession.

However, even if Trump thinks it’s a good idea, there are too many RINOs hiding in plain sight in both chambers of Congress, not to mention GOP Trump haters in the House who are very vocal about how much they hate him.  What revenge it would be to stick it in Trump’s back.  He gets elected to the House, defeated as speaker and relegated to rather small committees normally assigned to incoming freshmen.

What has to be done once the audit results are known?  My May 3, 2021, column, 2020 Election Audits: What’s the End Game Plan? dealt with the bottom line:  Decertification of the vote count in contested states.

“When all audits are done and Trump comes out the winner, what’s next?

“Biden and Ho Harris must not remain in office.  If Trump is declared the winner, then he is President-elect.  What should happen when the evidence is clear and overwhelming?

“Lawmakers in the audited states and voters in those states must DEMAND their Secretaries of State rescind certification of the vote and certify for President Trump.  Yes, I know, thugs and paid Marxists out there (Black Lies Movement & ANTIFA) as well as Biden voters who don’t give a damn about evidence will threaten civil war, burn cities and kill people.

“Fine.  Go ahead and make your threats but you don’t leave someone in office and I don’t care who they are if it is proven beyond any legal threshold that individual (in this case Biden and Harris) was declared the winner through fraud.  Fraud is a crime.”

I have not changed my position on this and as the audits get completed, decertification is the legal solution.  Will it happen?

Georgia State Senator Burt Jones May Ask Governor to Call Special Session to Consider Decertifying Nov. Election if Allegations Prove True – Updated, May 24, 2021

Now, this becomes a constitutional question of whether a state legislature must get “permission” to call a special session or exercise their plenary power and call one.

According to the National Council of State Legislatures, in 14 states only the governor can call a special session.  Georgia is NOT one of them meaning they call a special session without Kemp’s kiss on the cheek.  I called Jones’ office and left a message conveying just that.  If you live in Georgia, you might do the same; his office number is:  404.656.0082

States need to exercise their plenary power and do what has to be done no matter how many threats.  Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire also can call a special session without their governor’s permission.  Biden allegedly received 306 Electoral College votes.  232 to Trump.  270 needed to win.  PA, AZ & Georgia have a total of 47, more than enough to void Biden’s steal.  That’s not counting WI and now the problems in NH and I predict more audits to come.

Let us say Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona provide absolute proof Trump took those states – more than enough to win the election.  Their governors need to contact the lying fake president, Biden:  Their Secretary of State has no choice but to decertify the vote.  This of course, will be the biggest political earthquake DC has ever seen since this country was founded.  So be it.

Let me ask a question:  Should a bank robber not be charged because he spent all the money he stole?  Just let him go, the money is gone.  The correct answer would be no.  If an athlete wins a gold medal only to find out later through rock solid drug testing that person cheated, should that athlete be stripped of their win?  Yes, it’s happened and likely could happen again the future.

You don’t reward cheaters or those who break the law (except illegal aliens).  Election fraud is a crime.  Biden and ‘Legs in the Air” Harris did not win the 2020 election and those audits are going to prove it – unless they, too, are sabotaged.  Hussein Obama stole the office of president twice because of his skin color, cowardice by Republicans in Congress and because the majority of the American people know nothing about the natural born clause of the Constitution.  Democrat voters didn’t care long as “the first black president” won.  See?  I’m not a racist!

This steal cannot stand.  Biden and Harris have already done enormous damage, some of which can be cancelled out.  If this steal is not righted, don’t expect another fair election in this country, period – and not just for president.

How would elected officials handle such a history making disaster?  With leadership and calm.  Once the results are known, each governor, state attorney general and secretary of state would have to notify Biden who would then try to remember what day it is, call his wife or “someone” to help him out.  He might even exclaim, ‘Come on man’, one of his favorites.

Next, a press conference with the governor, attorney general and secretary of state to make the announcement.  Here is the actual vote count.  While this is a very difficult time, we ask you to consider what this all means.  Fair and impartial elections for everyone is paramount in our constitutional republic.

The fraud committed during the vote count cannot stand.  It isn’t fair to President Trump and it isn’t fair to you.  If the situation were reversed and it was Mr. Biden, you would demand the truth and if the vote count was wrong, you would demand decertification.

Decertifying the vote means Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris cannot receive AZ’s electoral college votes.  Those votes must be cast for President Trump who, won this state.

As for those who would use this process as an excuse to start riots and burn our cities and towns, think again.  We will not tolerate it.  It will be up to mayors to speak to their communities about right and wrong, what’s fair and why fraud cannot stand regardless of who your choice in the election was.   And so forth.

There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever Trump hands down took GA, AZ, PA, MI, MN and NV.  For all the reasons covered over and over and over.  There’s no question in my mind Trump won by a historical landslide, even bigger than Reagan’s first WH run.    FINAL 2020 RALLY TALLY: President Trump Had Largest Crowds at His Rallies in US History – Biden Had Some of the Smallest, Nov. 3, 2020 – “Below is the summary of events since Labor Day. President Trump has now held events with over 1.1 million supporters while Biden entertained around two thousand supporters.”

[VIDEO] 96 Miles of “Trump Cars” Line Up Along a Highway in Arizona in Epic “Silent Majority” Show of Force – The “Silent Majority” has taken the microphone and is speaking loud and clear right now


How this is handled by state governors is up to them but it must happen.

When the final audit numbers are known, that’s when the hard part begins for elected officials and every Trump voter in those states needs to roar like a lion:  Decertify.  I don’t think a lot of people realize how many Democrats voted for Trump but they did.  They were also cheated.  If I lived in one of those states after the official results of the audit and the SOS thumbs his/her nose at voters, I would be leading the way to bring thousands of voters to the state capitol:  Decertify the vote or you will lose your primary next year.  Perhaps even a massive lawsuit against the Secretary of State if a governor is a coward and won’t do the right thing.

No question domestic terrorist groups, Marxist Black Lies Movement and Fascist ANTIFA, will (and could already be planning and organizing) start violence with looting, burning in those states.  Fine, but the steal cannot stand.  It will be up to governors and mayors to shut them down and I don’t give a damn how many threats come from the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU), the DNC, unhinged Democrat lunatics in Congress or other special interest groups.  Call up every National Guard in the state but maintain law and order, period.

It’s most unfortunate none of the states have reconstituted the constitutional militia – the true meaning of the Second Amendment – because now in our history is when they are needed most.  We the people cannot allow elected officials to cower and piss their pants when faced with a dangerous situation caused by fraud.  Those responsible must be indicted and prosecuted by their state Attorney Generals so this never happens again.

Another 3 ½ years of Biden/Harris will cause such destruction, it’s frightening.  Donald Trump is President-Elect.  He never conceded.  Trump has teased about 2024, but he ran for president, he won and if the states decertify as they must, he would only need be sworn back into office sans Mike Pence.

“It Should Be that He Is Simply Reinstated, That a New Inauguration Day Is Set” – Sidney Powell Speaks in TX on What Happens After the Fraud Is Exposed (VIDEO), May 29, 2021

What happens over the next couple of months isn’t going to be easy but I hope and pray voters in those contested states who do finish audits which clearly show Trump won, will stand strong.  Make darn sure your governors, secretaries of state and mayors remember those primaries coming up early next year.

He who yells the loudest gets heard.  If we do nothing, nothing gets done.

And a thank you to all our veterans as we honor you on this Memorial Day.  You are not forgotten.

Help me inform Americans with my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions.  400 pages of facts and solutions on these issues: “Federal” Reserve, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more.  800-955-0116 for phone orders

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You need a photo ID to get welfare, food stamps, a driver’s license, cash a MO at Walmart, get a fishing/hunting  license, purchase cigarettes, alcohol, open a bank account, apply for SS, unemployment, a job, purchase or rent a home, apt, drive a rental car, adopt a pet, rent a hotel room, gamble at a casino and the list goes on.  What Quezada is saying is anyone other than Caucasian can’t figure out how to register to vote using a photo ID, yet are able to produce one for all the services and licenses listed above.

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Latest by state.  Thank you to all the volunteers, Dr. Kelli Ward, state and county lawmakers for all you’re doing while under incredible pressure by those who find nothing wrong with cheating to keep a presidential winner from the opposite party out of office.  Trump and those down ballot offices (U.S. House & Senate seats.)


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