By: Devvy

July 11, 2022

The open border invasion – because that’s EXACTLY what’s been going on for decades -continues destroying this country as I thoroughly covered in my column, Illegal Aliens Stealing Our Jobs, Food, Housing, Water, Clogging the Courts & Health Care System, June 20, 2022.  Illegals are counted in the census (despite Trump’s efforts to stop it) so they can get a chunk of YOUR paycheck.

The minute illegitimate president and life-long crook, Joe Biden, was sworn into office, border governors should have immediately declared the hordes an invasion and put the National Guard – armed – on the border.  At hot spots and the Rio Grande.  Do not try to step on U.S. soil.  Turn around and go back to Mexico and let them deal with you.

In AZ, where I have been on the border and seen the destruction myself, our brave Border Patrol know the established runs and paths used by illegals, coyotes and the drug cartel.  Same for Texas.  Forget California. My beautiful home state wrecked by freeloaders, leeches and criminals will now get free healthcare paid for by California taxpayers, many who can barely afford their own health care premiums or are going without.  Violation of federal immigration laws about aiding and abetting but California has become nothing but a lawless free-for-all thanks to their legislature and governor Gavin Newsom:  California Gives Free Healthcare To Illegal Immigrants, July 2, 2022

Along came President Trump who had to fight RINO’s as well as maggots in Congress, the Democrat/Communist Party USA and partisan judges who did everything they could to keep “the wall” from being built.

Biden’s handlers have done a good job having their puppet destroy just about everything Trump did to keep illegals on the Mexican side of the border.  Dirty filthy traitor:  DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is vowing an end to the “Remain in Mexico” program despite its success in drastically cutting asylum fraud, July 1, 2022

Well, one sheriff and God bless him, took matters into his own hands in his own county:

Texas sheriff takes migrant crisis into own hands, drives detainees back to border, June 30, 2022 – “Kinney County, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe said he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands at the southern border as the influx of illegal immigrants continues…

“I’ll always place the safety of the residents of Kinney County, the residents of Texas, above the comfort of anybody that’s illegally entered this country,” he said. “My job is, as an elected official in Kinney County, is to protect these people. And that’s my job and that’s what I will continue to do until further notice.”

“According to the sheriff, Biden’s open border policies are anything but compassionate and tragedies like the 53 migrants killed in a human trafficking operation will continue to happen until the administration begins to enforce border laws.”

Oh, you can’t do that! The federals are the ones who enforce immigration laws!  The human invasion has been political from the moment Ronald Reagan sold out this country when he signed an immigration “reform” bill that would end the illegals invasion once and for all!  What he did was open the door and invite millions to come on in and suck off hard working Americans.  Thousands and thousands of dead Americans at the hands of illegals since then while guns and drugs flood across the border every day of the week.

DHS anticipates an average of 441 unaccompanied children per day at border this year, a new record – President Biden’s DHS expects between 148,000 and 161,000 encounters, dwarfing the previous record, July 10. 2022

Art. 1, Sec. 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution says:  To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions

As Dr. Edwin Vieira has written so many times in his superb columns it’s a legitimate president’s job to protect these united States of America and that includes repelling an invasion.  How the President Can Secure the Borders by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.,
August 18, 2015

Of course, we have no constitutional militia in any state of the Union.  Second Amendment:  A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Too bad no one on the U.S. Supreme Court pays any attention to the true meaning of the Second Amendment.  Gun owners in this country READ:   True vs. False Militia and Why the Difference Matters by Dr. Edwin Vieira, July 30, 2007

Our governor, Greg Abbott (who I did NOT vote for in our March primary) has taken some actions long after the cows were out of the barn and at the slaughterhouse:

To build Abbott’s border barrier, Texas will use surplus wall panels from the federal government, Feb. 15, 2022 – “The 1,700 unused wall panels are being stored in Eagle Pass. Texas didn’t have to explain its plans for the panels when it secured the federal donation.”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Texas Restarts Border Wall Project Cancelled by Biden, Says Governor, March 14, 2022 – “EAGLE PASS, Texas — The State acquired a large quantity of 30-foot wall panels from the Biden Administration to utilize in the construction of a border wall. The materials came from federal contracts cancelled in January 2021.

“Texas is the first state ever to build a border wall,” Governor Abbott began in an exclusive interview. “A lot of the border wall is being built by border wall material that there was a contract for, Texas bought it from contractors who built the wall for President Trump. We’re building the exact same wall.”

Abbott, however, refuses to declare an invasion underway to the delight of the president of Mexico.  Watch: ‘One of the Largest Groups We’ve Ever Seen’ – Mob of 500 Illegals Swarms Texas – Enormous horde of illegals followed by another enter Eagle Pass hours apart, July 7, 2022

JUST IN: Governor Abbott Authorizes Texas National Guard, State Troopers to Apprehend Illegal Aliens and Return Them to Ports of Entry, July 7, 2022 – “Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) on Thursday authorized the Texas National Guard and state troopers to apprehend illegal aliens and return them to ports of entry.  This is the first time the state has ever done something like this.

LONG overdue, but oh, wait!  Gov. Abbott Allows Illegals to Be Taken to Border, But Not Removed“No significant changes to current policy. This is still catch and release.” – Ken Cuccinelli, July 7, 2022

“This authorization by the governor follows several South Texas counties’—Kinney, Goliad, Uvalde, Val Verde, Terrell, and Zavala—announced intent to declare the border crisis an invasion themselves, as well as the Republican Party of Texas calling Abbott to declare an invasion and invoke Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution to protect Texans.

“Additionally, National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto called out Abbott earlier this week for his hesitancy in declaring the crisis an invasion, stating Texas “should’ve declared an invasion a long time ago.”

No doubt the illegitimate Biden Administration will have their illegitimate Attorney General, buffoon Merrick Garland, file a lawsuit.  But, there’s the problem of losing tens of thousands of National Guard who refuse to have their human rights violated by being forced to take those deadly experimental gene therapy injections being passed off as vaccines.

Army Reserve and Guard members who refused COVID vaccine now banned from drills, training, July 1, 2022 – “Guard officials told CBS News they hope that missing a paycheck for drill weekends will change the minds of the vaccine holdouts. Over time, those who remain unvaccinated will not only forfeit paychecks by missing weekend drilling, but they could also lose their proficiency, no longer be able to perform their mission, and face a discharge.”

Exclusive: Vaccine Mandate Will Force Over 700 Pilots, 40,000 National Guard Troops to Be Discharged, July 4, 2022 – So many who’ve served 18, 19 years will lose all their benefits.  Short video to watch.  Absolutely disgusting.

The solution to the human and drug invasion has been sitting since 1993.  I’ve been pounding on this since 2014.  Below is a letter I sent last week to Gov. Ron DeSantis [R-FL) as neither Abbott or our AG are remotely interested.  Encluded was page one of the bill so he can have his staff look it up.  I also sent a copy with a short cover letter to Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY] who is the most constitutionally grounded member of the U.S. House asking him to introduce the bill – along with the bill name, number and page one.

Dear Gov. DeSantis:

I saw recently you said “Enough is enough” regarding the illegals invasion. This planned nightmare could have been over by 2017. In 1993, (now deceased) Senator Dirty Harry Reid introduced the strongest most constitutionally effective and legal bill that will force millions of illegals to self-deport.

That bill, 76 pages, covers everything and one very important section blows the “legal” myth called “anchor babies” right out of the water. I’m dead serious when I say that bill IS the permanent solution. Of course, later Dirty Harry changed his mind purely for political gain and became a champion of illegal aliens.

The big magnet is welfare in all forms. Reid’s bill wipes it all out including very clearly the asylum issue. It was NOT meant to give asylum for domestic violence and while one can be sympathetic to the conditions in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, abuse of our asylum laws is just an excuse to come suck off the government teat paid for by working Americans who can barely make it every month.

Three months after President-Elect Trump was sworn in (2017), I sent him a letter (overnight express mail) along with the bill; also a copy to Stephen Miller who was Trump’s Senior Advisor and very vocal against illegals and supported “build the wall”. Not even a canned letter response.

I also sent the information to six GOP reps and six GOP senators who claim to be fighting to close the border. Rep. Louis Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc.

I told them to introduce Dirty Harry’s old bill. You own Congress and Trump will sign it, of that I have no doubt. I never received a response from any of them. I waited three more months and repeated my efforts. To this day, not a peep from any member of Congress about the permanent solution. I have NO doubt China’s lapdog, crook Mitch McConnell will never support the bill.

No doubt in my mind Dirty Harry did NOT write that bill. It was likely written by their top attorneys to withstand court challenges. Reid wasn’t very intelligent but he was a cunning scoundrel.

Our governor owned by big money here in Texas has refused to do what needs to be done so he’s been putting a Band Aid on a patient hemorrhaging on the operating table. Greg Abbott is NOT the big hero people think he is or a great conservative. Rubbish.

I’m sending a copy of this to Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY] who is the most constitutionally grounded member of Congress. A true warrior who fights like a lion against the RINOs in Congress who care nothing for the Constitution.

You, Gov. DeSantis, make things happen and I don’t say this lightly having nothing but contempt and disgust for Congress – especially Republicans. They had control of both chambers of Congress for 17 months under Trump and could have gotten Reid’s bill passed and onto Trump’s desk.

I hope you will use your considerable power in the Republican Party to get this bill, not only in front of Republican governors, but to the public. I’ve been trying since 2014 through my weekly column. I know tons of my readers have written or emailed their GOP reps and senators about Reid’s bill and receive either no response or some canned BS email response.

Hoping also Rep. Massie will re-introduce the bill even though the communists currently control both chambers of Congress for now. But, that bill should be the talk of America and rub it in the face of dementia addled Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the scum in the Democrat/Communist Party USA.

Attached is the announcement by Reid back in 1993 for his bill. *End*

To read Dirty Harry’s press release on booting out illegals, here’s my column.  A Bill:  Stop All Public Welfare in Any Form for Illegal Aliens, August 24, 2014.  If you can’t read it now, book mark and read later because not only is it the strongest bill to self-deport millions of illegals, I discuss an important court case.

DeSantis has tremendous pull in the GOP.  If the “big red wave” does happen in November, hopefully Rep. Massie will introduce it again and that’s when the big push by the American people needs to be heard around the world.  Unless and until ALL forms of welfare and illegal minors are removed from OUR schools, the wall sections will help some, but it won’t stop the hordes until they’re caught.  And NO AMNESTY.  Rewarding those who break our laws to get into this country only invites more illegals.  Time has shown that to be a fact.

If there is a super majority in the House and enough votes in the Senate (and tell Mitch McConnell to go to Hell) they can over ride a veto penned by whoever is stinking up the White House by January 2023.  OUR HOUSE.

There is one consideration which I’ve written about before and I focused on the ag belt in California.  Yes, there are workable programs that can fairly benefit seasonal workers and Americans the right way.

If the solution isn’t signed into law and enforced America will no longer be America.  As planned, our sovereignty will be dead, over run with tens more millions of illegals from more than 100 countries.

If you live in Florida, call or write a letter to DeSantis encouraging him to pursue this with every GOP house member and senators in his state:  Make that bill the talk of his state.  If you live in Rep. Thomas Massie’s district [KY], call or send him a short letter about Harry Reid’s bill and ask him to re-introduce it now and in January.

Of course, one of the big problems is the same incumbents who haven’t cured the problem – both parties – allegedly winning their primaries, will likely win in November and go right back to DC to do nothing unless We the People demand that bill get passed by both chambers of Congress.

One senator will have to introduce Reid’s bill.  It won’t be this POS:  Republican John Thune Asks Biden for More Foreign Workers to Fill U.S. Jobs as Millions of Americans Jobless, July 6, 2022.  “Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) is joining Democrats, as well as the big business lobby, in asking President Joe Biden for more legal immigration to the United States to fill American jobs.”

Thune allegedly won his primary and will likely win in November.  He is the quintessential example of why the Seventeenth Amendment must be abolished.  It’s a damn shame Rep. Mo Books [R-AL] allegedly lost his bid for the senate in Alabama while a poltroon like Thune wins.

We are the solution but not if we don’t act so get involved here.  Keep up to date on the illegals invasion here.  Encourage your border sheriffs to do the same as Kinney County, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe mentioned at the top.  Want a show down with the federals?  Bring it on.

Call talk radio and make that bill the discussion instead of more Biden this or that.  The American people can see he’s nothing but a brain impaired old man manipulated by his wife and handlers.  We either go for the solution or we, our children and grandchildren are doomed.  America is turning into a third world sh*t hole and if you think it won’t affect you or your family, you’re in denial.  Take a look at the two illegals in the photo below.

Take a look at this long list of very young to seniors killed by illegal aliens.  Think it can’t happen to you or your family?  I can guarantee you their families are still grieving and today another 12-14 Americans will die at the hands of an illegal alien.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions. [Order two books and save $10.00. Give one to a friend or relative]

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Short video to watch:  Tomi Lahren: This is why Democrats are allowing the border crisis to continue, July 8, 2022

‘Ludicrous’: Illegal aliens arrested for trespassing sue Texas governor, other officials for “violating their rights”, May 5, 2022

CBP finds ‘no evidence’ Border Patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants, but still seeks to discipline them, July 8, 2022.  We must remember what Biden, now in the first stages of Altzheimer’s, said, reading from his first grade instruction card:  “To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped — it’s outrageous,” Biden told reporters, making a whipping motion with his hand. “I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”

Illegal Aliens Plotted July 4th Mass Shooting, Thwarted by ‘Hero Citizen’, July 7, 2022 – “The pair of suspects arrested for allegedly plotting to “shoot up” a Fourth of July celebration in Richmond, Virginia — thwarted by an American citizen — are illegal aliens, court records state.

“On Wednesday, as Breitbart News reported, the Richmond Police Department announced the arrests of Guatemalan nationals 52-year-old illegal alien Julio Alvardo Dubon and 38-year-old illegal alien Rolman Balacarcel Ac for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at the city’s July 4th celebration.”

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