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With local Democratic Party-run states and cities providing sanctuaries for some of the most vicious, violent, destructive and deadly illegal aliens ever to enter the United States illicitly, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) senior agents have had to become more crafty and cunning to rid public-safety threats to Americans.

The governments run by far-left Democrats believe they possess a winning argument for allowing undocumented foreigners — encouraged by politicians to flaunt U.S. laws — to enter this nation without permission or authorization as well as to partake of social programs such as free education, free healthcare, free housing, food stamps and other perks. Meanwhile the American citizens are graced with picking up the tab by paying higher local sales taxes, homeowners tax, road tolls, and other programs designed to separate citizens from their hard-earned money.

“[President Donald] Trump lowers taxes, increases jobs, stabilizes the economy and provides real progress to minority groups, but then states such as California, New Jersey, New York, Illinois and others increase workers’ tax burdens to ‘even the playing field,'” said political strategist and former police chief Thomas McDermott.

Since these self-righteous sanctuary-city advocates have made ICE agents’ jobs more difficult, under President Trump, these federal cops have become more creative in nabbing killers, rapists, gang members and other felons who are being protected by Democrats for their votes.

Sanctuaries Multiplying While ICE Agents Prioritize 

Demonstrating the absurdity of Democratic politicians’ policies that shield some of the most deadly and destructive criminals, ICE agents recently captured more than 140 illegal immigrants by using fingerprints obtained from illegal aliens as a result of local drunk driving arrests in one region of the U.S.

The operation took place in progressive New England states, where it’s political leaders are eager to “protect” illegal aliens from federal authorities by offering sanctuary through local policies. This includes the entire states of Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts as well as cities in Connecticut and Rhode Island. These same Democrats resemble the

In all the cases the illegal immigrants were released into various communities after driving under the influence, according to a news story published this month in Boston newspaper.

According to Todd Michael Lyons, deputy field director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Boston, Massachusetts, “Local judges and prosecutors are helping illegal immigrants dodge deportation by not reporting drunk drivers to the feds. We saw a large number of people with charges dropped down,” Lyons says in the news story. He added how frustrating it is and that it’s occurring throughout New England.

“Driving under the influence is a dangerous threat regardless of what country the offender is from,” the ICE director says. “It’s even more disturbing crime when it’s committed by someone who has no legal right to be in this country.”

Among those nabbed in the recent sting, coined Operation: Secure Streets, were:

  • A Kenyan national living illegally in Lowell, Massachusetts with pending rape, robbery and strangulation charges. Others include:
  • A Honduran in Boston accused of selling cocaine and a Ukrainian in Cambridge with multiple drunk driving convictions.
  • A previously deported Salvadoran man living in Malden with aggravated assault on a police officer and forgery charges was also arrested in the recent operation as well as a Guatemalan man in New Bedford charged with aggravated assault and wanted for resisting an officer.
  • The Salvadoran man, identified as being 43 years old, also helped a prisoner escape, according to the feds. In a similar sting last year, federal agents arrested dozens of illegal immigrants in the region wanted for dealing drugs.

According to statistics from an active watchdog in the nation’s capital, “Local governments that offer illegal immigrants sanctuary have long defied federal orders by releasing criminal aliens—rather than turn them over for deportation—incarcerated for state crimes.”

In one recent year alone, Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton and Chief of Investigations Chris Farrell informed the National Association of Chiefs of Police’s (NACOP’s) Jim Kouri, “ICE reported that sanctuary jurisdictions protected nearly 12,000 criminal illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. During that period more than 17,000 federal detainers were rejected by the sanctuary jurisdictions and around 11,800, or 68%, were issued for individuals with a prior criminal history. In the last few years however, some local governments have taken it a huge step further by actually passing local measures to help illegal immigrants charged with local crimes escape federal custody.”

According to NACOP’s Kouri — who also serves as editor of Conservative Base — “Among the local officials who refuse to cooperate, New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio — who is disliked by most police officers —  invited the state’s attorney general to help municipalities throughout the state provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants.”

The policy has set a dangerous precedent because it marked the first time a top law enforcement authority, a veteran elected official, actively encouraged and assisted local governments to violate the law.

Nearly a dozen New York municipalities— ranging from sleepy towns like Newburgh to larger cities such as Rochester as well as Albany, the state capital—followed the directive to skirt federal law. Of interesting note is that the attorney general (Eric Schneiderman) who issued the outrageous order resigned in disgrace after being accused of physically abusing four women. That life-long Democrat lawmaker had “made a name for himself as a champion of women’s rights,” according to local news reports.

According to Tom Fitton and Chris Farrell: Circling back to the New England region, a few months ago a district judge in Newton, Massachusetts and a court officer got criminally charged for helping an illegal immigrant escape out of the basement door of the Newton District Court.

The judge, Shelly M. Richmond Joseph, and court officer, Wesley MacGregor, were federally indicted with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting. Judge Joseph allowed the illegal immigrant wanted by federal officers to escape in order to avoid deportation, according to the indictment. The judge reportedly assured the illegal alien’s attorney that she was not going to allow ICE agents into her courtroom to arrest and deport his client.

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