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Hey! How would it be if we had a Common Core curriculum for every school in every country on the planet? Wouldn’t that be great? That way, we could make sure that every child in every school was learning the same things. Chalk up another win for Diversity! Which is defined by leftists as “coerced uniformity of thought and behavior.”

Now, who in the world would ever want such a thing?

Pope Francis, that’s who.

The Red Pope recently revealed his vision of a “Global Pact on Education,” which, he said, would usher in a “new humanism,” as if the humanism we’re already lumbered with were anything to write home about. It’s gonna be great! Its purpose will be “to create a global change of mentality toward education.” And a lot of other swell things, too.

Here’s where the supposed head of the Roman Catholic Church—I say “supposed” because so many Catholics are anything but happy with him—parts company with sanity.

Who does he think will be in charge of drawing up and executing the global curriculum? Christians? [Three-minute laugh break.] What does he imagine will be taught? The Bible? [Six-minute laugh break.] The world’s biggest teacher unions are already licking their lips over this. Hint to pope: these are not the Church’s friends.

God Himself put the kibosh on the first globalist enterprise, the building of the Tower of Babel, when he confounded the builders’ universal language, divided them into nations, and spread them out all over the world. In so doing, He protected the human race from an infinite amount of spectacularly dangerous mischief. Imagine a single global government with power over the entire human race. For all their faults, our nations by comparison are a blessing.

But this pope wants to undo what God has done, wad all the nations into a single ball, and see how far a global government can hit it. As a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, he thinks that’s a pretty good idea.

If he thinks those schools will teach anything remotely related to Christianity, he’s whistling Dixie backwards.

One of the things they’ll teach, maybe even the worst thing, is the sheer wonderfulness of “transgender.” Today’s educators are hot to trot for anything transgender. And they don’t care about the consequences.

For instance, the U.S. government’s Food & Drug Administration has recently linked a puberty-blocking drug, Lupron, beloved of the transgender crowd, to “thousands of adult deaths” brought about by using the drug to interfere with a child’s natural glandular development. Since 2004, the FDA claims, Lupron has been linked to more than 33,000 “adverse reactions,” including 6,056 deaths. Death is a pretty adverse reaction, don’t you think?

The drug is meant to treat glandular disorders in adults, not to block puberty. But parents who want to turn their girls into boys and their boys into girls, physicians who want to cater to them, and teachers, noozies, and other leftists who want to tear down our whole civilization so that they can build a new one according to their own warped notions, don’t care. No competent medical authority has approved Lupron for the purpose of blocking puberty. But who cares? Transgender is so trending!

How much lunacy can a civilization absorb before it cracks up altogether? There are no “transgender children.” It’s not a thing. It’s only something that a lot of really loopy people want to be a thing. “Trans men” are still women. “Trans women” are still men. Every chromosome in every cell of their bodies says so.

That anyone should even have to speak against this much craziness is maddening.

If Catholics ever needed the right to impeach a pope, they need it now.

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