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Writers at NewsWithViews have been staying atop current events.  I’m so grateful for the serious journalists and writers who endeavor to bring much needed data points and perspective.  Current events are moving so fast, everything I think of writing is already replaced with the next thing.  A few of you have checked in on me – wondering where I am – so here’s an opinion piece, not so much a news article.

Indignation in the English language means “anger at unfairness”.

If I were to write from my heart right now, I’d say something like there’s never been a better time to get right with God.

I had a dream in March.  In the dream an enormous plane was flying in the eastern sky traveling westward.  It seemed too low in the sky, and as it appeared closer I realized it was flying upside down.  Suddenly it banked south sharply and continued to lose altitude.  As I watched, it split in half in the sky.  It just broke into two pieces, a front and a back, still upside down, and fell from the sky straight down atop of some buildings that looked like apartments or maybe businesses in a strip mall.

There was no noise, no explosion, and no fire.  Nothing.  But I could still see it from a distance on these crushed buildings.  It was eerily still for a short time.

I had personal papers and things out, and was barefoot because it was nice out and I was quietly working.  My husband was around the building working on a construction project.  We reasoned we should go help the people in the plane and buildings and I began gathering stuff up so it wasn’t out in the open.  I especially wanted to move my personal items that were in the open, my wallet and keys and I.D….

I began to feel hurried like I needed to move quickly, find a place to put my personal effects, get my shoes on, and get to the crash site.  I found a place along the building out of the way to throw my things and started to move toward the crash site.

By now the yard I was in and the streets in front of me began to fill with people and emergency vehicles.  Kids approached me asking me what was going on.  Suddenly I was aware of ash falling from the sky.  I asked aloud, “Did it explode?”  We never heard or saw an explosion.  The streets were now filled with emergency vehicles with sirens and lights, and people everywhere.   Most of the emergency vehicles were fire trucks, only they weren’t red, they were orange – construction site orange.  I ran out to the street and barely avoided a helicopter coming in to land in the street, and I awoke.

I’m not going to attempt a complete interpretation of that dream at this time, other than to say it has been in the back of my mind intermittently for the last six months or more.  I know it represented a failure or disaster that met utter ruin or destruction.  I know that the response (by the emergency vehicles) is to rebuild.  There are other elements in the dream that I have gleaned for my personal journey.

After watching the final presidential debate it occurred to me, our greatest work is still ahead of us.

Our nation has been under attack with guerilla tactical warfare for decades by infiltrators who have been methodically eroding the pillars that uphold the foundation of our nation, placing treasonous actors in positions to do irreparable damage in our institutions of justice, law and order, and government.

When President Trump came into office, the global agenda was waylaid.  Since then, the underground subversive war has been moved above ground and unwary Americans are now prisoners of a silent war they don’t recognize to exist.  They are mere pawns of the propaganda and indoctrination machines the enemy has established to create a discontent and a resistance.

President Trump will win the 2020 re-election, and the enemies of our nation will contest his victory.  The silent war is about to get very noisy, and the pawns of their resistance will do a lot of the dirty work thinking they are doing a great service for their generation.  Innocent Americans will suffer as collateral damage in an epic battle of good versus evil that has even yet to be rightly identified.

For months now there have been warning signs and flags and signals.  Who have had their eyes opened, their ears attentive?

At the Presidential debate, Joe Biden referred to a “Dark Winter” to come upon us in reference to the covid conversation.  Interestingly, that’s the same name for a military operation in 2001 (actually called Operation Dark Winter) in which they simulated a bio-terrorist attack in order to find the weaknesses in infrastructure and the healthcare system.  I doubt it’s coincidental that Biden used the same phrase, but President Trump was quick to squelch Biden’s ominous warning about it.

Pastor Coverstone of Kentucky who had the dreams regarding the pandemic and riots, recently had another dream he called the “data dream” where data lines across the U.S. were exploding, that led right up to D.C.  where it exploded, splitting the Congressional Hall in half.  From the rising smoke a word was spelled out:  DISCOVERY.  Could this be the image of the data dumps coming of all the corruption that has been ongoing and covered for decades in our government?  If so, what is the outcome of such exposure?  The ending of the dream is sobering.

On October 7 the Spirit of the Lord interrupted my thoughts with this phrase, “Everything is about to change.”  As I pressed Him throughout the day for better understanding, I was left with the impression that there are some good and bad things coming in the unfolding months, and some very messy things.  He cautioned me that the changes are all very necessary – changes in our personal lives, our nation, our society, pretty much everywhere.  He advised me that even in some bad or messy changes, to walk it out in faith, because what may appear bad at first may actually be very, very good.

So I just leave you with this… the passage God keeps bringing back to me over the past couple months is Isaiah 26:20, “Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you;Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation is past.”That word translated indignation is the Hebrew word “za’am” and it means “to froth at the mouth, fury, the displeasure of God.”

It’s a good time to get right with God.

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