As I begin to draft this article, it has been one year since the January 2 standoff in Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon caused by decades of persecution by the federal government that led Western farmers and ranchers to a breakpoint. On January 4, 2016 Oregon rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steven began their second prison sentence entering the Federal Correctional Institution on Terminal Island, a low security prison in L.A. Harbor. They were prosecuted as “terrorists” under the federal Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 for controlled burns on their property in 2001 and 2006 that got out of control and spread to around 150 acres of federal Bureau of Land Management land (on which the Hammonds own/have grazing rights). The fire caused no real damage and no threat to lives, homes or property of other citizens. The example below is an example of many of these “controlled burns” by federal agencies started in defiance of common sense and agency protocols, under conditions, that even the complete greenhorn would understand to be inherently dangerous and ripe for catastrophic results. But Hammonds ended up in prison…


In February 2016 the Forest Service started a fire in North and South Dakota that got out of control and millions of dollars in damage which the government refused to pay and no one was held accountable. But then in March I discover the reason the federal government was kicking ranchers off their land was on behalf of Russia. The New York Times carried the story. It seems the Clinton Foundation was pocketing massive payoffs from Russia for Mining Rights in Wyoming and Oregon and the Hammond Ranch was part of the deal.

In fact, the BLM acknowledged that the 2001 fire for which the Hammonds were prosecuted had actually “improved range conditions” on the public lands. Ammon Bundy, one of the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy came to Oregon to support ultra-conservative protests against federal land-use restrictions against Dwight Hammond resulting eventually in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Environmental groups have long urged the federal government to seize Cliven Bundy’s cattle, which the controversial Nevada rancher has let graze freely for years in defiance of federal land-use restrictions. His 2014 standoff with the government over his refusal to pay grazing fees energized rightwing land-use protesters across the region.

Harney County sheriff David Ward refused to exercise the standoff’s constitutional right tell the Feds to get lost. Thus far, no one had been killed at Malheur but a trip to an adjoining county to seek that sheriff’s support was stopped by authorities and completely out of control use of force by Federal thugs who do not respect the rule of Law nor follow their of office shot Lavoy Finicum. Earlier Oregon’s dumbed down Governor Kate Brown said the Militia at Malheur was “intolerable” but said that federal officials told her to limit her comments to avoid escalating the situation but said she’s been paying close attention and has been in contact with officials in Burns. Where was her courage? Why didn’t she take this opportunity to bring up the Tenth amendment and State’s rights? A local T.V. station recently sent a reporter to Burns to see how they were doing. The public education simply doesn’t teach Civics or the constitution any more so I got the idea there were some divisions (just like with the election of Trump) from lack of a proper education on such important matters. One person did say they have tried to moved on.

Eight people ended up getting arrested at the Malheur Refuge. Ammon Bundy and his co-defendants have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to impede federal employees from carrying out their work at the refuge through intimidation, threats or force. Five defendants also were charged with possession of a firearm in a federal facility. Two face an additional charge of theft of government property. They prayed and went to trial on September 12, 2016. Defense lawyers signaled a push for change of venue, wider jury pool in federal conspiracy case. The jury consisted of of 12 people and eight alternates. Four jurors were from the metropolitan Portland region. Three are from the Eugene/Springfield areas and others live in St. Helens, Klamath Falls, Baker City and Hood River. On Oct. 27, 2016 all Malheur defendants involved have been found “Not guilty” after many months of trial. The bailiff tackled Bundy’s lawyer taking him to the ground and one Voice from KOIN radio was heard saying he was stunned how they could “trash” the Malheur refuse and get off… Yes, the jury found them Not Guilty.


Some of the sophisticated snobs on the East Coast see our land as a “vacation play ground” but do not have a clue what has taken place on this side of the country where United Nations Regional administrators never accept defeat so they come back time and time again as they’ve done with the Hammonds who have refused to sell their land to the BLM. Year after year forests in Western U.S. burn due to lack of proper forest management by the BLM and no accountability but the Hammonds went to prison as “terrorists.” I trust other disenfranchised Americans will make sure President -elect Trump will hear about these upcoming February trials and we’ll see what he twitters about this injustice. The standoff in Oregon is attracting other supporters and I see many deaths ahead if Trump doesn’t put a stop to it.

Yes, the jury found some “not guilty” in Portland, Oregon but prosecutors plan to pursue a second Oregon standoff trial for seven others accused of participating in an armed occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and then we learn Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy is accused of leading a group of more than 200 armed followers to stop federal agents who were rounding up about 400 of Bundy’s cattle on federal lands. Bundy is accused of allowing his cattle to graze on public lands for more than 20 years while refusing to pay grazing fees and ignoring court orders to remove them. Bundy and others could face life in prison if they are convicted of felony charges, including conspiracy, obstruction, extortion and assault on law enforcement officers. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal and AP, their next trial date is for February 8, 2017 and includes 18 others charged in the 2014 standoff near Bunkerville, Nevada.


The root causes of these abuses by our Federal Government is probably due to some overpaid, unqualified, college-educated hypocrit with some degree in land management declaring that the pounding of cattle hoofs caused dust bowls during dry months and mud during the rainy ones. One can’t fine cattle and sheep, nor jail them, so the ranchers must take the blame. The Environmental fanatics (Greenies) then force BLM to crack down on grazing. This caused the Sagebrush Rebellion then, and will also cause another one now over the same land.


After watching the post-election George Soros-financed riots, I began to wonder what more rotten things are being cooked up for the coming inauguration. Soros, along with some similarly satanically-controlled people, had their professionally prepared signs reading, “Drop Trump” appearing miraculously soon after Donald Trump whipped Clinton. Think about it. It was obvious to me, at least, that an order for those signs all saying the same thing had been placed many weeks in advance.

And then after The Donald beat Hillary, the poor losers claimed Hillary won the popular vote. But, again, if common sense is applied, Hillary had problems getting people to fill the seats in the small arena in which she spoke while Trump was packing his huge arenas leaving people outside who couldn’t get inside.

Project Veritas exposed the “election rigging” actions of Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) In one hidden video released by Project Veritas, Democrat operative Bob Creamer admits that Hillary Clinton directed illegal coordinated campaign expenditures by paying to have activists in Donald Duck costumes holding signs demanding to see Donald Trumps’ tax returns. Creamer can be seen saying, “In the end, it was the candidate Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground. So, by god, we would get ducks on the ground?” He later admitted the Democrats have been rigging elections for years.[1]

As he apparently realized how damning that admission was, he followed it by saying, “don’t repeat that to anybody.” Project Veritas repeated it to anyone with both Internet access and the willingness to hear it. In an earlier Project Veritas hidden video, another DNC operative admits the Left paid for and organized violence to create a path to the White House for Clinton which they called “conflict engagement.” One operative would brag of “conflict engagement in the lines at Trump rallies” and proudly sways, “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do s**t, make no mistake. We’re starting anarchy here.”


Paul Schrader, who was involved in writing or directing many movies took to Facebook on November 11 to fan the flames of the violent protests. He wrote: I have spent the last five days meditating on Trump’s election. Upon consideration, I believe this is a call to violence. I felt the call to violence in the 60s; and I feel it now again. Now if they are aiming to cause violence, will that take place before Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20th which would mean the fraud currently in the White House could call for Martial law and remain in office. Of course, Schrader is used to playing the role of director. Rather than take part in any violence himself – which might get him hurt or killed and would almost certainly lead to his arrest – he is content to do what he does best: direct from a safe distance.

Schrader is not alone in calling for violence. Monisha Rajesh, who has written for both THE GUARDIAN and THE TELEGRAPH, woke up to the election news and appears to have at least temporarily lost her mind. She took to twitter and in a string of angry tweets, she wrote, “Just woken up, checked Twitter, felt the swirling sickness of Brexit, but this far worse. The whole world is f**ked.” She followed up with a tweet to photographer and travel writer Mark C O’Flaherty, saying “It’s about time for a presidential assassination.” O’Flaherty replied, “Haaaaa- that’s all we’ve talked about for the last hour.” Both accounts have since been deleted.[1] (P.19)


Soros also funded much of the Black Lives Matter movement as a tool of social revolution. The Craigslist ad began to run as early as October and Soros was recruiting young folks 30 and younger- preferably minorities- offering $15/hour, $1500/month plus benefits and then he made arrangements for busses to pick these rioters/protests up and deliver them to certain rallies.[1] Of course these are the “politically correct” millennials indoctrinated in the communist public school system for decades.

While it was happening in all the big cities across the country controlled by Democrats, I am only familiar with the state of Oregon and especially Portland. I had an old high school friend call me from Eastern Washington to ask me what all the crazies in Portland, Oregon were doing with protests that went on for days and much damage to businesses. While right-wingers participated in the electoral process seeking to bring about change, the anti-Trump riots as seen in Portland protested. The local NBC affiliate reported that “at least seventy-nine demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in the state’s Vote By Mail.” That means that most of the 112 rioters arrested did not even bother to vote in the very election they were protesting.

The report says: Following Tuesday’s presidential election of Donald Trump, thousands of people took to the streets in downtown Portland for five straight nights. The activity included at least one night that the police declared to be a riot, with more than $1 million in property damage. The bulk of the arrests happened on Friday and Saturday evenings as protesters faced off against police.

KGW compiled a list of the 112 people arrested by the Portland Police bureau during recent protests. Those names and ages provided by police, were then compared to state voter logs by Multnomah County Election officials. (1)
Records showed 39 of the protesters arrested were registered in the state but didn’t return a ballot for the November 8 election. Thirty-five of the demonstrators taken into custody weren’t registered to vote in Oregon and were, no doubt, bussed into the city.


If the communists wanted to expand its Luciferian agenda, long ago they chose Oregon due to its low- church attendance compared with the rest of the country. In September 1998 we were “blessed” with a visit from V.P. Al Gore at the dedication of Portland’s Light rail which was rated #1 in public transportation in 2011. A few years later found a Russian-flagged ship full of global-warming “scientists’ and journalists” on a mission to study melting ice in Antarctica stuck in record levels of ice and had to be rescued at taxpayer expense by fossil fuel-guzzling vessels. In order to program Portlanders to choose bikes over cars, in 2012 Portland was getting $2 million from the Feds for bike improvement paths and to buy bikes for its “Portland Bike Sharing” program which is now in full swing and has become known as the city of Bicycles and Thefts. But, “peddle power” has its limits even in bike friendly Portland, Oregon. Police are now giving out tickets to those who ride their bikes on the sidewalks and skate boarders are told they can skate outside of the downtown area but they are not wanted downtown.


Way back in 1976 I was reading doom and gloom stories about how our automobiles were becoming terrible polluters and ultimately we’d have piles of junk to desecrate the landscape and that they were no longer a wondrous method of freeing man from his immobility. Do you remember when Obama was paying people “Cash for Clunkers” And now I hear Uber’s “rent a car” idea is expanding to allow our cars to work for us while we are at work or they are in our driveway or a parking lot.


In 2014 Portland was determined to be one of the best vacation spots and the New Age environmental pollyanas were attracted to Oregon. They participate in Naked Biker events – one of several around the world and the largest with thousands participating in conjunction with the Gay Pride Parade on Father’s Day. On Valentine’s Day in 2015 Portland held a “cuddle convention.” Portland is #2 in Vegan friendly cities. In 1992 HUD gave $3.6 million to be used for rental and housing for groups for the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, the homeless and recovery drug abusers; however, today Portland is overrun with homeless setting up homeless camps next to wealthy neighborhoods and recently one such person who ended up in Salem, Oregon said Portland had given them bus tickets to leave. And recently Portland was declared a “Sanctuary” city.

[1]. 12/19/2016 New American magazine

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