I woke up on April 19th and turned on the radio only to find a veteran film maker by the name of William Friedkin being interviewed by the substitute on the Laura Ingraham radio show about exorcisms. Readers may remember the original movie of the EXORCIST kicked off intense debate among critics, community leaders and even religious leaders.

For readers unfamiliar with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, she wears a gold cross around her neck which she got when she was baptized into the Catholic Church 15 years ago.  The original cross was stolen in July 2011 when the dress she had to wear for some photo didn’t seem compatible so she didn’t wear the cross that day and it was stolen and to the best of my knowledge, she has replaced it.  Laura speaks Russian and studied there so it is understandable why she has adopted three children from an orphanage. On her 11/24/2017 show she mentioned they are 12, 9, and 7 and the subject on her show that day were the IPhones so she had a pediatrician on the show explaining the dangers of these phones for young people because the right brain forms in the first six years.

From the many books William had read on the subject and knowing the Vatican had an “in house” exorcist for 31 years on board, he was desirous to film an exorcism, if possible, and eventually was given permission. So, on May 1, 2016 at 3 p.m. with no camera crew or lights and only his small digit camera shaking slightly, he began to film this exorcism by himself. Clips of the movie THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH will begin showing in theaters this weekend. [Link]

The Catholic Church authorizes the use of exorcism for those who are believed to be the victims of demonic possession. In Roman Catholicism, exorcism is sacramental but not a sacrament, unlike baptism or confession.  The Catholic Church is in need of more exorcists due to the urgent increase in demonic possession so the Vatican trains as demonic possession claims rise.


As I view daily happenings around me, I shake my head in amazement at how depraved civilization has become in just the last couple decades and especially since Madeleine O’Hair became the almost only recognizable voice and face of atheism in America wanting prayer out of school when her son, William, who was allegedly the victim of prayer and bible reading in his school.  William said his mother raised him in a Marxist home and that the campaign against prayer in public school was simply an off-shoot of Marxism. And atheism’s female Lone Ranger was wielding amazing influence through the courts. William said his mother was under Communist Party employment when she introduced a hi-powered brief which apparently befuddled the Supreme Court justices into banning prayer and Bible reading in school. She also renounced her US citizenship and tried to take her two children to the Soviet Union.   They rejected her, however, on the ground she could do more good for the Communist cause by returning to the US and continuing as she had in the past.


Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, (now deceased)a spokesman for the Mormon Church, and former FBI agent wrote the book  THE NAKED COMMUNIST  was told by officials in Washington that there are thousands just like O’Hair. Some of them are inside the government, othe are in the media, the schools or the legal profession. Every day, in every way, they continually work like moles to undermine the US and weaken her defenses against the demoralization and despondency which the Soviet Union feels will bring down the US in the not too distant future. That was in 1983, folks. And look at the bedlam we’re experiencing in our once Constitutional Republic today. [Link] Comey’s book hopefully will finally put an end to this billion dollar deep state silent coup boondoggle.


In 1983 O’Hair had printed up a Petition that she was trying to eliminate all public broadcasting and circulated in churches to make Christians look foolish. The FCC indicated no such Petition existed but protest mail clogged the Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C. (Source: Colorado Eagle forum)   In 1988 she was targeting our nation’s motto: In God We Trust.  She said “The religious community desperately needs a DEVIL and I am it.”  In 1989 she sued Beverly LaHaye and Concerned Women for America but in June 1990, a judge ruled that each of O’Hair’s legal claims “lacked merit” and dismissed them.

In 1989 she  took a group of her flock to Moscow, the citadel of atheism. There the pilgrims were quickly dismayed to discover that seven decades of totalitarian socialism had failed to “cure the religious inclinations of the Russian people (Source: 12/31/1991 New American).

However,  in 1995, O’Hair, her son, John Garth Murray and her granddaughter Robin Murray-O’Hair(daughter of William Murray, who had become an evangelical Christian) disappeared from the American Atheists offices.  The office manager, David R. waters, had stolen the organization’s money, murdered the three and buried their bodies on a remote Texas ranch. In 2003, at the age of 56, Waters died in a Federal prison medical facility of lung cancer. In 1984, O’Hair was “chief speech writer” for pornographer,  Larry Flint’s failed presidential campaign.  (Source: May 2008 Berean Call Newsletter) And while O’Hare met with a terrible ending, her censorship of Christian values is happening all across America.


As   America began to deteriorate and God was no longer blessed, many were faced with “Cognitive Dissonance”-having to unlearn what we were taught as children in Sunday School and especially the lies in school, and to process our new information to align with the Politically Correct doctrine making, for instance, homosexuality which was once a deviant, mental disorder in the Psychiatry Diagnostic Manuals into something normal and good,  that it is OK to kill babies in the womb and the Tax Cuts are only for the rich. There are still millions who believe airplanes  brought down the twin towers on Sept. 11 although it is now common knowledge dynamite caused the collapse of not only the twin towers but an adjoining building and the excuse to attack Saddam Hussein and Iraq, a war that has lasted 17 years and no end in sight.  As I tried to bring this information to my 26 year old granddaughter, she insisted it was airplanes and then on her trusty biased IPhone, showed me a picture of the planes flying into the tower.  Then I had to explain why planes are unable to fly right through structural steel columns in the TwinTowers perhaps to no avail.

Although Cognitive processing therapy is what veterans go through to regain mental health and try to recover from PTSD when they get home, certain triggers cause fear and relapse so they are encouraged to find the courage to get help.  And, of course, the public system is the instrument being used today as children are being taught about transgender and the alphabet groups (LGBTQ) now accepted in our society in the early childhood development programs.

On April 9, 2018, Ms. Smallback, contributor to NewsWithViews, had an interesting article about the red pill and why is it so hard to swallow.


This evil is especially true in the U.S.A. where reprehensible acts have become normalized and sin is openly embraced.  It has become a land where the most heinous sin of all occurs on a day-to-day basis as more than one million unborn babies are brutally slaughtered each year. My own state of Oregon has a  Democrat governor who celebrated the murder of the unborn by making abortion free in the state. According to the WASHINGTON TIMES Sept. 18, 2017, those in attendance “regularly broke into rousing cheers and applause.” It was known as the “Reproductive Health Equity Act,” (H.B. 3391) on August 15 when she signed the law. “To lead productive and thriving lives, Oregonians must have the ability to control their bodies and make informed decisions about their health care,” the governor said. “I am proud to sign legislation that expands access to basic reproductive health services for all Oregonians regardless of where they live, where they come from, or how they identify as a person.”

The bill which was passed by the  Democrat controlled House and Senate in July, required all health benefit plans in Oregon to provide coverage for various services that include abortion, contraception and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. It allows an exemption for religious businesses and nonprofits, outlining that “an insurer may offer to a religious employer a health benefit plan that does not include coverage for contraceptives or abortion procedures that are contrary to the religious employer’s religious tenets, BUT ONLY if the insurer sends a detailed notice to employees to advise which services their employer declines to cover.  The legislation created much contention in both the House and Senate as Republicans were horrified that an estimated half a million dollars would be used for abortions. Now, remembering that the Psychiatric industry once declared homosexuality as a mental disorder,  compare our demonic controlled Oregon transgender governor to Indiana governor who signed a historic bill permitting murder charges for killing an unborn baby.  And without asking Jesus to become their Savior and receiving forgiveness,  many women who have had abortions feel guilty and end up on drugs or become alcoholics or do other terrible things.


I’m reminded of the tears on the faces in front of T.V. cameras after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency and some have suggested the lesbians, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who adopted those six black children and then Jennifer drove off the cliff into the Pacific Ocean were likewise affected because Hillary was a strong supporter of such a lifestyle.

In June 2016, while speaking before a gathering of Planned Parenthood supporters, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she believes legalizing abortion has helped to keep women in the workplace, and thus has aided the economy.  “Roe vs. Wade transformed (women) because it meant that women were able to get educations, build careers, enter new fields, and rise as far as their talent and hard work would take them – all opportunities that follow when women are able to stay healthy and choose whether and when to become mothers,” she asserted. Clinton opined that birth control has likewise helped the economy because it has kept woman in the workforce instead of at home raising children. [Link]

It has been reported that the driver of that fateful Pacific Ocean accident purposely was going 90 miles an hour and she was drunk.  Autopsies have shown the children had Benadryl in their bodies.

The biological mother of these precious children was a long-time user of cocaine. The CPS officials removed the children from her care on August 29, 2006 and gave an aunt in Texas custody with the understanding the children were not to even have visitation with their mother. One day while she was gone, her daughter allowed the kids to see their mother. When CPS found out, they took the children from the aunt. The aunt’s lawyer, Priscilla Jones, fought long and hard to get the children returned to the aunt but CPS gave them to the same-sex couple  instead. Not surprising, our children now belong to the collective and the CPS offices are heavy with lesbians and homosexuals. [Link]

And then on August 1, a prominent LGBTQ New York City Attorney, David Buckel (60) who led lawsuits legalizing same-sex marriage set himself on fire in Brooklyn left a note in a shopping cart not far from his body found by passers-by in Brooklyn Prospect Park saying his suicide is a grisly protest against ecological destruction.  Once again, could homosexuality and mental illness be the cause of these strange, atrocious happening?  An April 12 news story indicated at least 13 assassination threats had been directed at the new Environmental Protection Administrator, Scott Pruitt from February 2017 to August 2017.


As you read this article, you can see that demonically driven goons are at work in America. Since President Trump’s election, many groups are calling for a revolution.   In 2016, Chairman Mao’s spawn was occupying the White House and we’ve got to give them credit. They knew what they were doing. They want our kids. They stole the Christian heritage out of the hearts of our children and we couldn’t even see it happening.

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