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Last week we started to look at the myriad of things that the democrat/socialists feel need to be banned. The list is long and if ever 100% complied to would put us back about one hundred and fifty years. Now keep in mind that these bans would only be for the masses, not the socialist elites. Notice how they condemn flying and anything else that has a carbon footprint but the elites own planes and yachts and SUV’s.

Their continued hatred of plastic carries over to water bottles.  Bottled Water – In San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors approved a measure that bans the sale of bottled water at events held on city property. Supervisor David Chiu authored the legislation in 2014, which also prevents the use of city funds to purchase bottled water. Over the next four years, the ban will phase out the sales of plastic water bottles that hold 21 ounces or less in public places. Violators could face fines of up to $1,000. Environmentalists love it, but the American Beverage Association called it “nothing more than a solution in search of a problem.”[1] I guess we can go back to glass containers, but it is more expensive and it requires more energy to make glass bottles than plastic bottles.  It’s obvious that the democrat/socialists don’t think their ‘solutions’ through.

New York City seems to lead the nation in gross stupidity, but then they are controlled by a communist.[2]  They want to ban horse-drawn carriages.  I guess they have some kind of compassion for a beast of burden.  Horse-drawn Carriages – While not the law yet, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has every intention of banning horse-drawn carriages in the city. The contentious proposal (Int-573) states that as of June 1, 2016, “it shall be unlawful to operate a horse-drawn vehicle in the city of New York or offer rides to the public on a vehicle drawn or pulled by a carriage horse.” The bill also hopes to ease about 300 carriage drivers into new jobs as cabbies, offering job training and the possibility of green taxi licenses, which can pick up passengers outside the busiest parts of Manhattan. Penalty for breaking horse-carriage rules could hit $25,000. City Hall has hired a consultant to study the issue. [3]

Now they’re attacking something that most kids enjoyed when they were growing up: Goldfish – The San Francisco Animal Control & Welfare Commission proposed a ban on selling goldfish to prevent their inhumane suffering. In 2011, Commission member Philip Gerrie proposed the Humane Pet Acquisition Proposal, which included small pets and fish. He said that “most fish in aquariums are either mass bred under inhumane conditions or taken from the wild,” leading to “devastation of tropical fish from places like Southeast Asia.” As predicted by Supervisor Sean Elsbernd it was “an idea that will end up in the dustbin of history and go absolutely nowhere.”[3] 3 One thing that democrat/socialists can’t seem to stand is tradition.  West Virginia has a real winner in its statehouse.  He thinks we need to ban dolls: Barbie Dolls – A West Virginia state delegate wanted to put an end to Barbie. Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge of Lincoln County proposed House Bill 2918 in 2009, banning the sale of Barbie dolls and “other dolls that influence girls to be beautiful.” The Barbie Ban Bill claimed that the Mattel doll placed an undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development.” Eldridge couldn’t find a single statehouse colleague to sign on to the bill and said he didn’t really expect it to pass.[4]

Symbols seem to bother the democrat/socialist a lot: Crosshair Symbols – Shortly after the 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, Representative Bob Brady of Pennsylvania announced that he would introduce a bill making it a federal crime to use “language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a Member of Congress or federal official.” His intention was to ban crosshair symbols like those on a map used by Sarah Palin to demonstrate which congressional districts she was targeting for the 2012 election season. Brady‘s idea was to expand Expand Title 18, Section 871 of the US Code (threats against President) to include more public servants from written threats. Conservatives responded by finding several examples of Democrats using similar crosshair symbols on campaign material.[5]

There seems to be a large number of unpatriotic people in the democrat/socialist crowd.  Surprise, surprise!  Pledge of Allegiance – In Massachusetts, Democratic State Congressman Frank Smizik vocally backed a 2011 effort by the Brookline Political Action for Peace group to ban the Pledge of Allegiance in school. The group said that the pledge had no educational value and was “reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.” While students already had the right not to say the pledge, Smizik claimed that students who refused were being bullied. He agreed to co-sign the resolution, citing both the First Amendment and a calling it an anti-bullying measure. At the time, School Committee Chairwoman Rebecca Stone was reported to have said that, with other important issues on their agenda, she didn’t believe that the Committee intended to reconsider the existing policy.[6] Keep in mind that the globalist trash in our Congress and Senate don’t want patriotism instilled in the coming generations.  They understand that a generation that has not been taught to love their country won’t defend it and that is their goal.

Then we have members of Congress that simply are as ignorant as they come. They typically refuse to call things for what they really are.  They don’t want the people to know what some things really are.  Take welfare for instance. There are those that think the name, welfare, is demeaning and it should be changed.  The Word “Welfare” – In January of 2014, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee took to the House floor to propose banning the word ‘welfare’ from the government’s vocabulary. Using the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty, Lee said, “maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live.” Jackson Lee was referring to all welfare, including food stamps, unemployment, Medicaid, and Medicare.[7] This is a program that the democrat/socialists implemented but now they are ashamed of it as it was originally called.

Now another part of the Democrat/socialist history is bothersome to them and they are trying to get it out of the public view and that’s the statues of Confederate soldiers which were erected to intimidate blacks. With blacks disenfranchised and Jim Crow laws safely in place, Southern whites continue their campaign of terror against blacks. This era features continued lynchings, the growing popularity of “Lost Cause” revisionist histories, a resurgence of white supremacy organizations like the KKK, and the erection of Confederate statues and monuments in large numbers.[8] It is our history and I believe that we need to teach it not to shame them but to teach the younger generations just what happens when we let our feeling override common sense and what is right.

They want to ban all fossil fuels, airplanes, cars, internal combustion engines, oil drilling, fracking and most everything else that makes our world function.  And as usual, they don’t think these ‘plans’ through to evaluate the consequences of their ideas.  Keep these things in mind when you vote in 2020.  The great American experiment and our future depend on what ideology will carry us forward.

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