I pray that Hillary Clinton will be indicted, although I very much doubt that will ever happen. If it doesn’t, and no other unforeseen event bursts out of the blue, then we’ll be coming out of Election Day in November with either Hillary Clinton as our president, or Donald Trump.

Thomas Sowell, whom I greatly respect as a conservative commentator, has called Trump’s emergence as the Republican presidential candidate “an unmitigated disaster.” Others have predicted Trump will lose so lopsidedly to Clinton that the GOP will be rendered impotent for the next fifty years, if not forever.

The only trouble with that argument is, the Republican Party already is impotent.

In the last national elections, the American people gave the Republicans majorities in both houses of Congress, hoping that the opposition party might finally mount some opposition to a lawless president who has already provided the unmitigated disaster feared by Dr. Sowell. The disaster has already happened, and its name is Barack Hussein Obama.

But the Republican Congress has not done what the people elected it to do. There has been no opposition.

Republican Senators confirmed the aptly-named Loretta Lynch as attorney general. Lynch now seeks to criminalize disbelief in imaginary Man-Made Climate Change.

The American people want their country’s borders secured against illegal immigration—and the Republicans won’t do it. They talk about it, but they don’t do it.

We wanted Planned Parenthood defunded, and the Republicans were afraid to do it. The Speaker of the House said it was impossible.

We wanted a coherent foreign policy that didn’t make the world a worse place for everyone but Islamic jihad-mongers, but the Republicans didn’t even ask for one.

We want an end to the Democrats’ perpetual campaign to disable Christianity as any kind of influence on public policy, to stigmatize Christians as “haters” and use the government to force them to act against their principles, and overthrow every tradition, every institution, cherished by Christians in America from the beginning of her history. But the “conservatives” in the GOP just don’t care enough about those silly social issues that only matters to us bitter clingers, as Obama once described us, in flyover country. The GOP conservatives never conserve anything.

Again and again, all Obama ever had to do to stifle the Republicans was threaten to shut down the government and blame it on them. It always worked; again and again the Republicans surrendered. They are always much more afraid of the liberal nooze media calling then racists than they ever were afraid of the poor suckers who elected them.

We already have a disaster, and it’s hard to imagine what Donald Trump could do to make it worse.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, when she’s not preoccupied with grabbing for more money, will double down on Obama’s policies and try her level best to finish the job of dismembering the Constitution. There can be no doubt of this.

Whatever our fears, we really don’t know what Donald Trump would do as president. But we do know what Hillary would do—and we’ll have no one but ourselves to blame if we allow her to do it.

Building up a country is a rare accomplishment, but destroying one is easy.

You’d think, after eight years of Obama, with the ogress Clinton waiting in the wings, that Americans would grab for the first rope ladder that anyone drops down to them—that we’d do just about anything to climb out of this hole.

Trump has offered us a ladder. The more fool us, if we don’t take it.

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