During the eight horrendous years of the Berry Obama regime, America was in rapid decline.  Of course, you are probably saying duh to that obvious truth.  But even before the worst president in United States history, our republic became wrongfully entangled in unnecessary international trade and purchasing agreements that helped to deflate our nation’s economic might over several decades.

There is an old saying, “there are some things that should be left alone.”  It is also one thing if a nation is defeated outright by an enemy that is militarily and economically superior.  But in the case of the United States verses enemy nations, most of the time the government figures out a way to place itself in a poor strategic position.  Or to put it another way officials figured out a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Who can ever forget how during the Vietnam war our mighty military warriors of the air bombed the Viet Cong so severely, that they desperately sought to engage American negotiators at the Paris peace talks.

The sick desire of American big wigs to risk being defeated through appeasement proved to be the case in Paris.  United States government hacks agreed to embark upon foolish rules of engagement that were equal to one arm of every US soldier being tied behind their back.  Of course, the lack of negotiating prowess cancelled out American military superiority.  So, in time, our nation left Vietnam without securing victory.

As recently as the late nineteen seventies, the United States was the greatest manufacturer of goods and services the world had ever witnessed.  Detroit was the motor capital of the world.  Bothe Cleveland and Pittsburgh were the top steel producing cities on earth.  The greatest concentration of textile industries was in the Carolinas.  Western Michigan along with perhaps South Carolina was arguably home of the greatest concentration of furniture manufacturing in the world.  America’s midwestern farmland was once known as the world’s breadbasket.

Many American companies came to be the global leaders in their fields by first conducting most of their business within the borders of the United States.  Business in America was so brisk that several individual states like New York, Ohio, California, Texas and others individually ranked among the top ten economies of the entire world.  Regulations were not as cumbersome as today and the John F. Kennedy tax cuts of the soaring nineteen sixties helped propel the United States to a level of prosperity never heard of before throughout the history of human existence.

Unfortunately, through foolish trade agreements the federal government agreed to with competitor nations, our leading manufacturers were placed in a competitive disadvantage in both domestic and international markets.  For example, some U.S. auto makers lost market share while others like American motors and White Motors (a maker of trucks) went belly up.  The lack of the incentive to make higher quality products also contributed to the decline in American auto manufacturing which enabled competitor societies like China replace the United States as the world’s manufacturing floor.

Thankfully, the United States is still technically the preeminent national power in the world.  But due to a series of series of past decisions (some fairly recent) and agreements that work against American prosperity, sovereignty and even moral fiber, an about face in the approach to our national decision making is needed.  If not, the republic will not completely recover, renew, or rebuild.  America has a manifest destiny as the true example of true liberty and justice for all shining city on a hill inspiration to the world.

That is why pro American president Donald Trump must overcome the globalist elites in both the dragon media and government.  They are unfortunately so indoctrinated against American exceptionalism and greatness that they only support the practice of making decision and agreements that put the United States at a disadvantage.

Let us not forget, the United States is the one and only society that has the capability to stand in the way of a dictatorial globalist bully government.  President Trump is hated by the leaders of Germany, France and Canada because he dares to put our country first.  Instead of seeking to endanger the USA by governing like Germany’s Merkel, Trump is holding fast to his promise to govern for our benefit.  After all, that is what “We the People” should expect.  The world will ultimately benefit from a prosperous and strong America.

Our nation has traditionally influenced other countries to improve their lot in life.  Either through example or foreign aid.  The wise decision for America is to rebuild her economy, military and educational system, reconnect with our loving creator and seek his providential guidance.  The result would be a renewed United States of America without limits and would be a true inspiration to all who genuinely desire a better life through taking advantage of equal opportunity.  I would that America choose the path to greatness and the best possibilities for those who choose to participate.  Don’t you forget to choose to enjoy a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary weekends on the Captain’s America Third Watch hosted by Captain Matt Bruce 2:00 to 5:00 AM emanating nationwide from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer Tampa, Florida.

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