As a little boy growing up in Cleveland, I learned the hard way that I had to stand up to the bullies.  In fact there was this one particular case in which a bully was unrelenting.  He took full advantage of my willingness to try and get along with him.  I was also very thin and three years his junior and so it was easy for the much heavier bully to push me around.  I was never afraid, but my weak efforts at the time were no match for the bully.

My Dad who now resides in Heaven, never berated me for being so thin and easy pickings for a few bullies who outweighed me by a significant amount.  He commended me for at least not being afraid and because of that, would be able to develop myself and in time defeat them.  In fact, he went against the advice of our family doctor who had been treating me for chronic asthma and gradually introduced me to workout routines.  For about the first year the workouts were very easy and were designed to get me used to moving and improving my circulation and breathing.  Over time, my body strengthened and the asthma abated.

Eventually, almost each and every one of those bullies were defeated in their effort to be a royal pain in my life.  Even the one I could not convincingly defeat ended up paying me a tremendous amount of respect.  That was because of my lack of fear and being able to give him just enough physical pain to convince him it wasn’t worth the effort to pick on me.  The obvious lesson learned from those experiences was to adapt and innovate in order to overcome negative situations and those who choose to be my enemies.

The lesson learned from those times of putting up with and eventually beating the bullies was “not to give in to those seeking to take advantage of me.”  Also, “if it comes down to it, be in a position to overcome the bullies or at the very least fight hard enough so that you gain their respect and they will eventually back off and leave you alone.”

During the annals of early American history, when she was a baby fledgling republic, she was harassed by Muslim bullies who not only wrote threatening letters, but also attacked American commercial vessels.

At first, president Thomas Jefferson did not understand why the United States of America with no history of starting trouble beyond her borders, was being bullied by Muslims vowing to crush or convert the new republic.  That bullying threat was eventually put asunder in the year of our Lord 1805 by mighty American warriors who were among our first marines.  Those easy victories in Montezuma and Tripoli inspired a famous song about their famous exploits.

The overwhelming vanquishing of the bullying Muslim mercenaries earned the respect of the trounced Islamists who underestimated the new constitutionally limited republic of by and for the people.  The recent episodes of Islamic terrorist violence around the globe, points to a glaring problem that anyone accept either a dead person or a Muslim sympathizer will admit needs to be strongly addressed.  Even the Quran’ instructs Muslims to retreat when they face a strong adversary they know they cannot defeat.  But once those they long to conquer show weakness or political correctness, the Muslims will spring back into action trying to find ways to convert or destroy the society they have chosen to invade.

For decades, Muslims in Iran have been shouting death to America.  In cities and towns throughout England, Muslims have been condemning that nation to hell.  Back in the United States, Muslim refugees, like their brothers in Europe have raped women, committed honor killings, etc. and have gone on a few shooting rampages on American military bases and elsewhere.

The Islamic terrorists use of trucks and automobiles to knock people over like bowling pins in Nice, France and near Westminster Abbey, is in my opinion symbolic of the lack of resolve to face the Muslim bullies head on and defeat their effort to overtake our way of life.  The Islamic terrorists are merely energetic offshoots of many Islamic governments around the world.  It is not enough for the brutish Islamists to have their own miserable societies, where women are treated like chattel, and little boys are raped, especially in Afghanistan.

They claim it is their duty and right to overtake the world and force it to exist under the dark cloud of their way of existing.  Sadly, in Dearborn, MI on Warren Avenue there is a display of numerous huge Muslim flags proclaiming the Islamic conquering of our nation.  Such a bold display should not be tolerated or allowed under any circumstances.  The Islamists are actively working through various ways, including our legal system to bring about sharia law upon our constitutionally limited republic.

The Islamic suicide bomber attacks at two Coptic Christian churches in Northern Egypt where 45 people were murdered and 126 injured unprovoked and unwarranted.  America and the rest of the world must grow up and stop the Islamic bullying against civilization.  The only thing the Islamists who want to destroy non Muslims understand is either they are allowed or stopped in their tracks.  I suggest, that in God’s name the Islamic bullies be soundly defeated, because they won’t stop their mayhem or have their come to Jesus moment until they realize the one they believe in is not all he is cracked up to be.  Do be sure to enjoy a page from The Edwards notebook commentary on and during the nationally syndicated Captain’s America Third Watch show hosted by Captain Matt Bruce via

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