by Lee Duigon

You’d think the people who paid for something, whatever it was, would own it. And once upon a time, they did.

We pay for public schooling. “Public money” is our money, which we worked for, paid out in local, state, and federal taxes. You’d think we’d have some kind of a say as to what gets taught in those schools, and by whom. And yet we don’t. They take our money and do as they please.

Thanks to Far Left teacher unions and wacko “education” theorists, our public schools have degenerated into indoctrination mills. They teach children to hate themselves, their country, and each other. And thanks to political campaign contributions by those teacher unions, the Democrat Party is fully committed to using the schools to support and fuel the racial grievance industry.

The state of Idaho is trying to do something about it ( The House Education Committee has proposed a bill that would ban “teaching racism,” and cut state funding by 10% to any school district that taught it anyway.

What, exactly, are they banning? Among other things, the following “teachings”:

*Your own race can (and, of course, does) make you “unconsciously racist”
*You are personally responsible for bad things done by other people in the past
*”Merit-based systems” are inherently racist/sexist/whatever
*The state of Idaho (talk about biting the hand that feeds you!) is racist.

All the Democrats on the committee walked out in protest. That’s because Democrats want to teach such things. They’ve got to earn those contributions doled out by the unions. Besides, most of them hate America anyway.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the country, Howard County, Maryland, allows children to vote in school district elections. One of the eight board members is to be a public school student, and kids in grades six through 11 will elect him. Kids as young as 11 or 12 years old. The student board member will vote on school expenditures and policies. Students in religious schools are not allowed to vote or serve. A lawsuit has been filed.

Can you see a combo here? The, um, “teachers” pump the kiddies full of critical race theory propaganda, and then they let ‘em vote. Wow! If all the nation’s school districts let kids vote, we’d suddenly have several million more useful idiots! Dems wouldn’t have to rig elections anymore.

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has publicly stated her support for lowering the voting age to 16—when, if we had any sense, we really ought to raise it to 50—so it looks like they see some great potential here. “Fundamental transformation,” here we come!

We salute Idaho for at least trying to get the race hustling yanked out of the schools. But in fact, the only schools owned by the people who use them are homeschools and Christian schools. The teacher unions own the public schools, and the Democrats have their backs. They consistently vote against anything resembling reform; and if they can’t vote it down, they go judge-shopping until they can find a court to gavel it down. No meaningful reform of public schooling will ever occur, if they have anything to say about it.

“Divide and rule” is at the very heart of Democrat political strategy. That’s why they always do everything in their power to stoke up racial animosities. People who fear and hate each other will never come back together to reclaim their freedom.

Homeschooling and Christian schools are the only alternatives that can get us out from under the travesty that our public education system has become.

Be warned: we are “educating” our country to death.

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