David Horowitz’s new book, “Dark Agenda,” has an apt subtitle: “The War to Destroy Christian America.”

It’s a war, all right—the jihad of a false religion that seeks to dominate the Western world, which it can’t do unless it wipes out Christianity. We are not talking about Islam. This false religion is leftism.

Why call it a religion, when so many of its adherents are atheists?

Because, like all religions, Far Left Crazy is founded on a non-negotiable faith. Christians believe in God, and believe that salvation comes from God, through belief in Jesus Christ, our Savior. But leftists, in total contrast, believe that salvation comes from within, through the workings of the state, science, schools… and small groups of enlightened leaders wielding political coercion like a scythe. If you’re in their way, they’ll cut you down.

I’ve been holding off writing about the so-called Equality Act, which House Democrats passed last Friday while honest people were coming home from work, because I viewed it as a stunt, a manipulative piece of absurd pseudo-legislation whose sole intent is to stir up the party’s Far Left Crazy base in time for next year’s presidential election: red meat for the fanatics, giving them something to fight for. And conservatives hopped a ride on it, because it’s great fund-raising for them, giving their base something to fight against.

I still believe it’s a fund-raising, rabble-rousing stunt. It has virtually no chance of being passed by a Republican-controlled Senate—fail us this time, GOP, and we will gut you in the primaries—and President Trump has already said he’ll never sign it.

By “Equality” the Left means homosexual supremacy, a weapon for crushing all opposition to, all criticism of, any innovative “lifestyle” promoted by the Democrats—even religious opposition founded on the First Amendment. You can’t have the Equality Act and freedom of religion, freedom of speech; one or the other will have to be torn down. Guess which one the Democrats would like to erase.

Democrats have torn off the mask of moderation. Either they’re lemmings rushing full-tilt toward the cliff, or they really think America is up for this. I can’t decide which.

But imagine an America in which all the things the Democrats say they want, they get. Then try to get to sleep at night.

It would be an America in which a tax rate of 70 percent and up would shatter the economy. An America of unlimited abortion, even of babies born alive. An America of “open borders,” with millions of illegal aliens swarming in unchecked, importing crime, poverty, and societal chaos. An America in which new hate speech and Climate Change denial laws rip through what’s left of our freedom. An America in which the free exercise of the Christian religion becomes a criminal act. And on top of all that, a Green New Deal whose proponents wish to abolish privately-owned cars, air travel, and beef.

In horror movies the vampire always has an edge because people simply can’t believe in vampires and never get around to defending themselves until it’s just about too late—and they don’t even have Democrats looking to strip them of their Second Amendment rights. Here, people find it impossible to believe that a major political party really wants to do these things. This is how Far Left tyrants Chavez and Maduro fundamentally transformed their country, Venezuela, from a successful, vibrant country into a poverty-stricken Third World hell-hole. No meaningful opposition crystallized until the damage was done. Whether it can ever be repaired remains to be seen.

As incredible as it may seem, Democrats are fired up to do the same to our country.

Believe it—and don’t let them do it.

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