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They’re All Crazy

As the year winds down, let’s pause to see where our gaggle of Democrat presidential hopefuls want to take us.

Joe Biden, the front-runner, has said he’s willing to sacrifice “hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs” to create a “greener” economy. Pssst, Joe! “Sacrificing” things that belong to other people—that’s not decent.

South Bent—Oops! Did I say “Bent” instead of “Bend”? But let it stand—Mayor Pete Buttigieg says we should pay “reparations” to illegal aliens. Where do we get off, enforcing our immigration laws? Really, what were we thinking? And along with the free money, Mayor Pete proposes to reward them with “a fast track to U.S. citizenship. Reward those who break our laws.

Not to be outdone, Elizabeth Warren, everyone’s favorite phony Native American, back in June said we ought to pay reparations to “gays” for all those years we didn’t let them… “marry,” if that’s the word for it.

And meanwhile they’re all for a whopping great Save The Planet tax on fossil fuels, government ownership of health care, and big reparations to the descendants of slaves, to be paid for by persons who never even saw a slave because slavery ended in America some five generations ago. But never mind—this is all about sacrificing other people’s stuff.

Oh! And Andrew Yang (who?) says the government ought to provide a guaranteed income, free money for all.

Okay. So first you lose your job, because Crazy Joe wants to stop imaginary Man-Made Climate Change (those imaginary problems are a bitch to solve). Joe says it’s your lucky day, the day you lose your job: it frees you up to “transition,” not to another gender, but to a higher-paying job. Maybe one of those Hunter Biden no-show specials, where they pay you megabucks just for sitting on their board of grifters.

Now you’re out of a job, but you’ve got to pay reparations to border-jumpers, “gays,” descendants of slaves, and any other potential voting bloc the Democrats can think of. It’ll all be paid out of your taxes—getting to be a pretty hefty bill there. And don’t forget that fossil fuel tax! And Medicare For All. And did I mention free college tuition? That’s also on the menu.

How are you going to be able to pay this tab? Unless you’re an oil sheik or a rock star or a Democrat presidential candidate, the total is bound to be more than you can ever hope to earn. But you’re out of work and earning nothing, as you wait for that higher-paying job to fall on you like manna from heaven.

Have any of these people actually had the experience of being out of work? [We really need a laugh track here.] You don’t always land a higher-paying job! Often you have to settle for whatever you can get—if you can get anything at all.

Here we must pause to question the basic sanity of these candidates. Are they truly that ignorant of what it’s like to work for a living, or are they genuinely crazy? Only the candidate’s psychiatrist knows for sure.

It may be that they’re all just spouting gas to rev up their Far Left voting base, who revel in both ignorance and pure delusion: our public schools and looniversities have done their job only too well. Their job is to crank out leftists. They’ve created several million of them.

But do the rest of us really want any of these kooks in possession of the nuclear launch codes?

For as long as the Democrat Party remains in being, it is a threat to America.

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