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Iranian Criminal Prosecutor Ali Qasi Mehr announced today that Tehran has pressured (International Police Agency) Interpol to order the arrest of about40 US political and military officials, especially President Donald Trump, who were involved in the “termination with extreme prejudice” of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.

Mehr noted that these people have been charged with murder and acts of terrorism..

He stated Trump topped the list, and his prosecution will continue even after the end of his administration.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has called for proportionate military action against the U.S. interests in response to the heinous crime against the Iranian Commander who was on an official mission to Baghdad.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) targeted the US airbase of Ain al-Assad in Al-Anbar province in western Iraq, according to the state-run Fars News Agency.

A law enforcement source informed this writer that the “inside the Beltway” scuttlebutt alleges that Deep State politicos such as former Secretary of State John Kerry have secretly met with Iranian officials. It is believed – based on his TV News appearances – that Kerry admits he has met with Iranian officials concerning their dealings with the United States under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Kerry – a former Democratic Party U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, the 2004 presidential candidate and Obama’s Secretary of State — is being slammed for colluding with Iran in the Democratic Party-led “shadow government” diplomacy for his unofficial secret meetings with Iranian officials. Kerry and his Islamic-terrorism funding friends allegedly spoke about a number of topics especially the scrapped Obama nuclear deal.

“The deal has been touted as an Obama administration achievement even though the Iranians got billions of dollars and the economic sanctions were lifted. Obama’s successor, President Donald Trump called the Obama-Iran deal a foolish one that gave Iran everything and the United States nothing,” said former military intelligence operative and county sheriff Timothy McMurphy.

At the time, Trump administration spokesperson told Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge that Kerry’s meetings were “shameful,” pointing out what Iranian-backed militias are going to kill and injure people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

But Kerry — who has a documented history of always denigrating and verbally lambasting the United States, the U.S. military and law enforcement — is not the only Democratic leader who is prepared to lie about, and plot against, President Donald Trump.  U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and other Democrats have participated in secret meetings overseas including anti-Trump collusion with the Iranian government, a major sponsor of Islamic terrorism throughout the world.

Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California and other Democrats participated in secret meetings with the Iranian government under the auspices of her sitting on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

According to a National Association of Chiefs of Police source, who has extensive experience within U.S. intelligence agents and officers, said, “The inside the Beltway scuttlebutt has it that Democrats are using their lawmaking or past leadership posts to travel overseas to undermine American leaders who happen to be Republicans.

The source also noted the following:

  • During the Cold War, now 80-year-old Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, a permanent fixture within the Democratic Party roster of leftists, was discovered leaking classified information about the plans of President Ronald Reagan to selected newspaper or broadcast reporters. He was never arrested, prosecuted nor even impeached for his crime (although he was kicked off the Intel Committee, but ended up on the Senate Judiciary Committee).
  • During the runup to the Bush 43 invasion of Iraq, Kerry and other Democratic lawmakers and hangers-on visited Iraq’s murderous dictator Saddam Hussein allegedly to inform him of the Bush invasion plan. According to former intelligence analyst for several police/security agencies Leo J. Bass, he and other analysts believe these Democrats actually helped Saddam – along with the Russians – to dump the so-called weapons of mass destruction.
  • After the successful killing of Lt. Gen. Soleimani by Trump, the Democrats and the majority of news people attempted to portray the known paramilitary Quds Brigade. Kerry was particularly angry as was his former boss Barack Obama.
  • Upon agreeing to a pact with Iran, the Obama administration poured millions and millions of dollars into the coffers of that terrorist-sponsor. The Iranians then used that money to purchase arms including rockets, missiles and mortars for the Islamic terrorists in Gaza for use against Israel.

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