by Lee Duigon

Remember those old Charles Atlas ads in 1950s comic books?

“Fear No Man! Crush Your Enemies!” And there he stood, in all his muscular glory, a human powerhouse.

The ads usually came with a mini-comic strip featuring some poor “skinny runt” at the beach getting sand kicked in his face by a musclebound bully who jeers at the runt’s discomfiture while the poor guy’s girlfriend watches, ashamed. But then the runt signs up for Charles Atlas’ program; and the next time he is at the beach, he settles the bully’s hash but good.

Now turn we unto the state of our beleaguered union.

What a difference nine months makes. With Donald Trump running the show, America was a powerhouse. We were making America great again. Our economy, which the last president, old *Batteries Not Included, said would never come back… was coming back. And humming!

But now America is the poor skinny runt.

The Taliban is kicking sand in our faces. Those Afghans who sided with us in 20 years of war, the ones who haven’t been able to get away in the general panic, are waiting to be killed. Twenty years we poured down that hole—and how long did it take the Taliban to seize the capital city of Kabul, once our new “president” announced his great skedaddle? Twenty minutes?

Red China is kicking sand in our faces, trumpeting to the world that the USA is no better than a broken reed to lean on, a straw man of an ally who drops the ball and runs away when the going gets tough. “Better surrender to us while you can! Don’t expect America to help you. Taiwan, you’re next!” And they kick more sand at us and say “What are you gonna do about it, you skinny runt?”

It took the doddering Biden virtually no time at all to rupture our country’s southern border. Millions of illegal aliens are kicking sand in our faces now. Some of them are surely carrying the COVID germ, but nothing’s done about it… beyond chauffeuring them to various locations throughout the country, at the taxpayers’ expense. Probably some of them are terrorists. Thousands of ISIS and Taliban bad guys are now being let out of prison. Don’t expect them to devote their new freedom to gardening and bingo.

Our own Democrat Party, wacko governors and mayors and all those loons nesting on Capitol Hill, are kicking sand in our faces. Huzzah! Another humiliating American defeat. As bad as that business in Saigon! And just watch us squander money! Fundamental transformation, anyone? The socialist millennium is here!

Everything President Donald Trump accomplished, from securing our border to bringing our manufacturing back home and stopping all that Hypocritical Race Theory training in our bureaucracies, has been undone. On purpose. By people who do not like America, and say so, and yet enjoy high positions in government and all our other institutions. Big Tech, Hollywood, the colleges and universities, our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc.—“You’re going down, America! It’s our time now, and you deplorables are going down!”

Is it even possible that someday we’ll recover from the disaster that was the 2020 election, get our country back, kick out all the socialists, and get to continue as a constitutional republic instead of just a name on a map? Sheesh, even our freakin’ football teams despise us! And our National Basketball Assn. is totally in China’s pocket.

Pray unceasingly, pray hard, work hard, and press forward in faith.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth; and He will do what’s right.

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