By Andrew C Wallace

First, you must know that our federal government is Faux and has absolutely no authority to govern after the unconstitutional election insurrection.

Many governors, mayors, prosecutors, flag officers, corporate officers, bureaucrats, other elected officials, et al. should be prosecuted and hung for treason.

Second, you must learn that even before this Communist usurpation, a majority of federal laws were unconstitutional because they were based on powers reserved by the states. A majority of federal executive departments and the related laws are unconstitutional, such as Agriculture, Education, Energy, Transportation, Labor, Health and Human Services, et al. Mostly the federal government’s authority is limited to subjects relating to defense, immigration, foreign relations, currency and post office. To gain power and wealth the parasitic super rich are concentrating unconstitutional power in Washington.

Third, you must know that our most deadly enemies are the parasitic super rich who are the real ruling class.

They tell corporate officers, bureaucrats, elected officials, DOJ, FBI, SCOTUS, POTUS, CIA, military flag officers et al. exactly what to do or suffer severe consequences. They Own major equity in Corporate America and use our largest corporations as cash cows to influence members of the foregoing groups and to fund think tanks like Council on Foreign Relations and many others used to manipulate the people. Corporations for political reasons very actively supported the burning, looting and destruction of our cities by the Communist Democrat thugs of Antifa and BLM.

Fourth, you must learn that the parasitic super rich hate our Constitutional Republic and detest the average American.

This parasitic ruling class and the Communists have been attempting to take over our country since its founding. Using their monetary control of elected officials they have been robbing the people and our government blind. Everything done by government was designed to enrich the ruling class by impoverishing the people. Afghanistan is a perfect example of a 20 year money pit for the parasitic ruling class, a war that did not protect any vital security interests of America, military flag officers who have not won a war in more than 75 years, troops who fought valiantly and Americans who paid for the war and got their sons and daughters back in body bags.

Just a few additional examples of this treason are unconstitutional private Federal Reserve Bank, unconstitutional fiat currency, tax free foundations, useless wars for profit, donations to foreign countries with kickbacks, taking away American Dream of home ownership, stock market manipulation, replacing American workers with foreign workers here and overseas, a dual justice system, etc, etc, etc. But the biggest scam of all was the Great Depression of the thirties caused by private Federal Reserve Bank (which chairman admitted). Most everything of value owned by the people was then stolen by the ruling class.

As an Economist I can tell you with absolute certainty that the ruling class, has caused another great depression for their benefit, due any day, tomorrow morning would not surprise me. I know of no knowledgeable person who disagrees with this conclusion.

Fifth, everything this unconstitutional administration has done violates our laws, the constitution, morality, logic, and common sense.

Everything they have done and plan to do will destroy our Republic, the American Dream, our living standard, Constitutional Rights, freedom, equal protection under the law, et al. The Democrat Communists and ruling class have made us the laughing stock of the world.
Just one of these moronic and hair brained actions are Open Borders spreading diseases, drugs, crime, lowering wages and employment, destroying social security ,medical care and all government programs. But the most important result is the destruction of the sovereignty of our citizens. All of which is simple treason.

Green new deal is destroying energy independence thus raising the cost of everything with hyper inflation.

Electric cars to replace all gasoline powered cars. We don’t have capacity to produce electricity required to charge them or the means to distribute it.

Wind and solar power kills the birds and cannot power our cities without blackouts as in California and Texas.

Critical Race theory is contrary to federal laws on equal rights. This is not a racist society even though we elected a Black racist for two terms as President.

Large amounts of Fiat currency being put into the system in excess of productivity to initiate a Communist national income program is reducing employment and raising prices from severe inflation. Value of the dollar is dropping like a rock which will lead to a depression. The stock market and the wealthy parasitic ruling class will benefit while the people suffer inflation as long as they keep printing the fiat money. When the printing stops the market collapses in free fall. It is absolutely impossible for government to continue printing, raising taxes and spending without a total meltdown.

People on fixed incomes like Social Security will starve and die from lack of medical care. Blacks and the poor living in inner city plantations will have no way to get food so they will riot, burn and loot forcing their Communist politicians to use deadly force just like all dictators do. After all they are communists who rule by fear, brutality and the barrel of a gun.


I welcome anyone to take issue with my writing using facts and not name calling. Our founders came to America to escape life in Europe, now our cities are Europe. Sadly, I don’t expect the Patriots, ruling class, minions of the ruling class or Lenin’s useful idiots to surrender or give quarter. So, you should be prepared for Economic Collapse, a French style Reign of Terror, Guerrilla Warfare and a Pyrrhic Victory. Nothing else is possible unless the compromised Supreme Court does its duty under the Constitution.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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