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George Floyd died as a result of police brutality on March 25, 2020. Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, now fired, used his knee and much of his body weight pressure on the neck of George Floyd and kept it there for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The infamous incident was recorded on a cell phone for all the world to see.

The initial government / police reaction was “wait until all the evidence was in.” The video was all the evidence the George Floyd protestors or anyone needed to see. Soon afterward, the Minneapolis Police Department fired Derek Chauvin and the other three officers on the scene who were with him.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s preliminary autopsy on George Floyd, who died after an encounter with the Minneapolis Police Department, showed that his death was not from strangulation or asphyxiation, which would have indicated that the neck restraint did not cause the death of Floyd. That opinion was from

That does not indicate that at all! That is a FALSE ASSUMPTION. The neck restraint cut off the blood / oxygen supply to George Floyd’s head. There was no resistance. The man pleaded that he could not breathe. The neck restraint DID cause the death of George Floyd. If it did not cause strangulation or asphyxiation, it caused him to die of other health related issues. Without that 8 minute and 48 second neck restraint administered on George Floyd until he was unconscious, and after as he remained unconscious, he would surely be alive.

It was later discovered that George Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system when he died, as well as cannabis compounds and morphine.

OK, so George Floyd was no saint. He was a drug using career criminal. Black conservative Candace Owens does not support George Floyd and thinks that the protestors shouldn’t be protesting, because George Floyd was not an upstanding citizen. She completely misses the point of why the protestors are protesting. Many of the protestors are not upstanding citizens themselves. Many of the protestors have criminal records and are career criminals to some degree. Police Officer Chauvin killed one of their own. And this time it was not a conjured up case of police brutality, as was the case of Michael Brown, a large black thug who had just robbed a liquor store and physically resisted arrest. This time it was a clear case of police brutality of a man rear handcuffed in police custody posing no threat, transparently recorded on cell phone footage, leading to his death, for all the world to see.

The fact that George Floyd was a drug using career criminal does not excuse the actions of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin. Police officers routinely arrest drug using criminals with bad health issues. Police officers are sworn to protect and serve the community, which does not mean to protect and serve only the law-abiding community, but to protect and serve the lowest element persons in the communities that they serve as well. An arrestee with a substance abuse issue should be arrested and treated with dignity as a human being. Many cops believe that they have the right to “street justice,” to inflict pain upon in-custody,low-life prisoners. They don’t.

The defense of ex-officer Derik Chauvin has begun to leak out. The Minneapolis Police Department has trained their officers to use neck restraints. Did they actually train their officers to use such restraints on rear handcuffed prisoners until such prisoners are rendered unconscious? The Minneapolis police union chief announced that George Floyd had a “violent criminal history.” The relevance? Police officers routinely must deal with criminals with violent criminal histories. If you can’t deal humanely with criminals with violent histories, you should not become a cop. Ex-officer Derik Chauvin pressed his knee to the neck of George Floyd for 8 minutes and 48 seconds. Chauvin got off of Floyd’s neck when the ambulance arrived. What if the ambulance arrived 10 to 20 minutes later than it did? How long would ex-officer Chauvin have kept his knee to the neck of George Floyd had the ambulance arrived many minutes later?

If this scene had not been clearly recorded by cell phone, George Floyd would in all certainly been just another statistic. Initial reports showed that there was no trauma to him. His death would have been ruled a drug overdose caused by fentanyl, methamphetamine, cannabis compounds, and morphine while in police custody. How many other George Floyd’s are there who died in police custody, that didn’t have a bystander to record the event caused their death?

As an ex-police officer with the NYPD, I have a unique, boots on the ground perspective on police brutality. It has been said that 99% of police officers do their job and it’s the 1% that are bad. I would estimate, depending on the department, it ranges from 5 to 10% of the officers that are unnecessarily “heavy handed” and abusive. As an active officer myself, with over five hundred arrests during the course of my career, there were times when I had captured and cuffed a fleeing suspect, and some cop would come over and smack or punch my prisoner who was already securely in my custody. This would anger me, as I would stop and scold the officer, telling him to go find his own prisoner to beat up, but leave my prisoner alone.

Why do some cops abuse their authority and practice police brutality? The police profession itself attracts some abusive thuggish men in the same way that the Catholic priesthood attracts pedophiles. Abusive cops hide behind their badges and the authority vested in them through their police departments, while pedophile priests hide behind their clerical garments and the authority of their church.

Why didn’t the other three officers stop officer Chauvin from kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until Mr. Floyd was unconscious and dead? In a word: seniority. The police profession is a quasi-military operation.Officer Chauvin was the senior officer on the scene.In such cases, senior officers typically call the shots, until or unless a supervisor isator arrives on the scene. This is “police culture” and it is how police departments typically operate. This “senior man” mentality needs to change when human life is on the line.
Officer Chauvin received 17 force complaints, which is a pretty high amount of complaints, even for an active officer. Officer Chauvin’s actions against George Floyd may not have been racially motivated; they may just have been police brutality motivated. White cops brutalize white people just as much or more as they abuse blacks. One of officer Chauvin’s complaints involved pulling a woman out of a car for speeding.

The death of George Floyd has led to peaceful protests, violent protests, arsons, assaults, looting, and rioting.

Why do you protesters loot and riot?

Unidentified Protester:
Because when we peaceably march you don’t listen to us.

While I do not condone the criminal actions and looting of private businesses being perpetrated by the protesters, I could not help but somewhat admire the fighting spirit of the protestor who answered that reporter’s question. These protestors have also burned police stations and police cars for the sake of justice for George Floyd and for their strong desire to not see this happen to anyone else in the future.

I could not help but contrast the George Floyd protestors to the American people who have given up their constitutional rights for the conjured up dangers of coronavirus. In March 2020, within a month, I watched my country go from an economically rolling, healthy, peaceful, vibrant nation, to a toilet paper hoarding, germaphobe (virus-a-phobe), cowardly nation, afraid of an “invisible enemy” COVID-19, which the perpetually lying mainstream media and the CDC told us we needed to fear. Like children being instructed by our mommies, we were told to wash our hands for 20 seconds, to social distance at least 6 feet apart from each other, to wear masks, and to stay indoors. The sheople of America immediately complied. We were told we needed to quarantine the healthy for 30 days.

When the 30 days were up, the COVID-19 gestapo police began ticketing and arresting people for things such as jogging on the beach alone, paddle boarding alone, and opening businesses. As it was in Nazi Germany, some businesses (larger ones) were deemed “essential” while small businesses were relegated as “non-essential.”

As things began to open up, I noticed a trend among people. People in bars and restaurants typically did not wear masks, except for the servers who were mandated to wear them by employment regulations. Go to your local supermarket and 80% of the people are wearing masks there, as if they were at the Chinese wet market. My thoughts are that many of the people in the supermarkets really need to get out more often, take off their masks, get some fresh air, and turn off their televisions, because they cannot discern true news from fake news.

The time did come when many Americans had enough, and they declared that they would “peaceably” protest against the unconstitutional COVID-19 edicts being made by various governors throughout the land. But the Democrat governors of these states, such as Governor Whitmer of Michigan, stated that she did not care about the protesters and doubled-down on her unconstitutional edicts.

Facebook and other social media outlets have done their part to assist the government against American’s constitutional right to peaceably assemble to protest COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and freedoms. Facebook has not removed ads from the George Floyd protesters advocating for violence and killing cops though. Hmm.

America can learn a thing or two from the George Floyd protestors. The government has suddenly stopped harassing law-abiding citizens over COVID-19 unconstitutional “laws,” because they have bigger problems to worry about now. The U.S. government fears the George Floyd protestors, but they do not fear COVID-19 peaceful protestors.

But isn’t burning police stations, looting, and rioting un-American? all the criminality involved with the George Floyd protesters is certainly not justified, but is it really un-American? Can peaceful protests achieve the same results as violent protests?

Law-abiding Americans have forgotten the history of how our nation was founded. Americans did not win their independence from Great Britain through peaceful protest. In 1773, Americans frustrated at the British for taxing their tea, “taxation without representation,” boarded a British ship and dumped 342 chests of tea, worth the equivalent of a million dollars today, into the Boston Harbor. Americans declared their independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776 through the Declaration of Independence, which was an unlawful act of treason.

It has just been reported that George Floyd had COVID-19. This is good news for America, as the CDC will now likely change his cause of death to COVID-19! That was just sarcasm.

However, Americans have sat idly by as we were told by the “experts” at the CDC that they were going to count anyone who died of any cause as a COVID-19 death, if it was assumed or otherwise determined that the person who died had COVID-19. People dying in car accidents and gunshot victims have been counted as COVID-19 deaths! I have watched my fellow Americans sit idly by as the CDC and the media lie to us on a daily basis about the dangers of coronavirus and raise the fudged COVID-19 death count to 100,000+, as we say and do NOTHING about the false numbers.

If the coroner or the CDC actually ruled George Floyd’s death a COVID-19 death, the protestors would never comply, listen to, or obey the findings of the CDC. Such an official statement would make them riot more! The George Floyd protestors, love them or hate them, are not sheepish Americans.

Everyday law-abiding Americans need to remember their history and learn from the George Floyd protestors. The government fears the George Floyd protesters, because they are willing to fight violently for what they believe in. When the George Floyd protestor smoke settles, the government will be back to usurp the Constitution and impose their dictatorial edicts upon law-abiding Americans. Forced vaccinations may be coming, from a man, Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the world’s population.

Are Americans going to only peaceably protest, or will Americans rise up to fight for their rights, violently if necessary, to preserve the Constitution and the freedoms we have known in these United States?

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