The goal of this Nation, I so strongly believe, is to be a preeminent world power. We have to understand what comes with that: The responsibility to be strong. Jeff Sessions

Media Strikes Again

Our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is absolutely right, on the responsibility to be strong! And that means not only our President, but his entire administration.  Why? Because he’s not one of them and he’s bucking the globalist new world order gang who hates that President Trump wants to free America from their clutches.

So now, the leakers, who are from previous administrations, and perhaps some even in Trump’s administration, are telling the MSM that Sessions and Trump are not getting along, had a big set-to and Sessions offered his resignation.  True or false, we don’t know, all of it may be an embellishment by the backstabbers leaking this.

Honestly Mr. President, if you’d fire these jackals, this conversation between you and our Attorney General, would never have become public.  Way past time to send out pink slips.

Media Says Sessions Offered Resignation

It has been alleged that Trump has not been happy with Jeff Sessions since he recused himself from investigating the phony story of Russian meddling in the election.  And our President is right.  Jeff Sessions should not have recused himself during confirmation of investigating Hillary Clinton either. I’m sure he thought he was doing the proper thing to maintain peace, but he was wrong.  You cannot ever give in to the enemy, whether it be the Democrats or the neo-con Trotskyite Republicans who are Democrats in Republican drag.

What I believe AG Sessions should have said to these clowns who demanded his recusal was, “Folks, I’m hired to do a job, and I’ll do that job no matter who is in charge without any prejudicial influence.”  That is remaining strong.

So, the two of them got in a heated conversation, and Sessions allegedly offered his resignation which was turned down by Trump.

The New York Times, citing unnamed sources, of course the rotten leakers, reported that Sessions told Trump that he needed more freedom to do his job successfully and he could resign if that was what Trump wanted.

A source (leaker again) told the paper the conversation occurred right before Trump’s overseas trip.  Well, that’s weeks ago, so this is just now coming out.  Insanity it’s over, move on.

The Travel Ban

Trump took to Twitter to publicly criticize the DOJ’s legal strategy in defending his proposed travel ban barring the entry of people from certain Muslim-majority countries.

He tweeted, “The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to the supreme court.” However, Mr. President, you oversee the department and you also signed the second version of the ban.  The buck stops with you, don’t pass the blame.

Mistakes Have Been Made

Mr. President, the same thing goes for you as goes for our wonderful Attorney General, who should not have recused himself.  You should not have allowed divisiveness to come between your Vice President and General Michael Flynn.  Instead of asking for his resignation, or accepting it, or whatever was done, you should have said to both of them, “We cannot let the enemies of freedom divide us or create discord, controversy and tension.  Both of you work out your problems and get back to work.”

In allowing the loss of that great man, General Michael Flynn, you allowed the enemy to believe they had won and could continue to destroy the people you chose for your administration.

We Need Sessions

There cannot be this kind of friction with the men who are the very best choices for this administration, and these conversations do not belong in the public arena.  They sound like a married couple arguing over the children, and one says, “Well, then get a divorce.”  That has to stop, and only by firing previous administration appointees will that happen.

You, President Trump have made some excellent choices, and some that we’re not happy with, but you are beloved because you know what is wrong with America and you have pledged to straighten it out.  We want to help you.  The very best thing you could do is keep any conversations totally private, and get rid of the leakers.  Hire some folks out here with excellent resumes who are not part of the establishment cabal.  I’m talking about people all over America who spent their own money and time and worked themselves into exhaustion to elect you.  Call us…we have names for you, and make it right with our wonderful Attorney General.  We need him, and so do you.

And now our Attorney General has to give testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on this insanity of Russian collusion in the 2016 Presidential race, and the firing of James Comey. Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano believes that Jeff Sessions should not testify that he will be in a dangerous position.

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