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I’ve been receiving emails and questions about my recent articles on the dual justice system in America. Many people want to know if removing him or herself from the matrix of the current corporate policy laws of America will restore their liberties granted in the original Constitution. People have questions about the cost of such actions and the possible ramifications of such.

I am in no position to offer counsel on what any person should do.  Everyone’s particular life circumstances are unique to him or herself. I cannot possibly know what is right for anyone but myself, and that is a hard enough task in itself.  But I will offer my personal understandings and convictions here in the hopes that it may assist others in their own pursuit of direction and clarity of purpose.

Simply put, the system America operates in is corrupt.  To borrow from a Josh Garrel’s song, we’ve been “born into a system constructed for failure.”  We are slaves to a corporate entity run by thieves and criminals of both sophisticated and carnal natures.  The U.S. Constitution has been hijacked for the purposes of greed, control and idolatry. When we begin to realize that, our normalcy biases shift into overdrive to try to somehow ease or distract or deny those truths.

Slavery in its simplest form is “involuntary servitude as the property of someone else” [Encarta].  When the U.S. went bankrupt in 1933, its assets were sold or traded to the bankers.  Included in those assets were its citizens.  Taxes and fines were levied against the citizens of the nation, both present and future.  The system to enforce this slavery was cleverly disguised to the American public and sold deceptively.  In 1935 FDR enacted the Social Security Act, giving the government and the bankers a way to keep track of all Americans and extract wages from them.

I want to reiterate that the laws in America changed from common law to policy law – or contract law – which fall under the domain or jurisdiction of admiralty law.  (Every time you see a gold-fringed American flag, that setting is under the jurisdiction of maritime/admiralty law.  The Constitution is not relevant at that point, which is explained very well here.)  Admiralty law adopted the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which can be traced back to the Vatican and its Papal Bulls.   [An excellent breakdown of that can be found here.]  When the U.S. went bankrupt, we were enslaved as chattel to our current system via birth certificates and social security numbers as fund generators to pay the debts to the bankers.  Their goal has always been to implement this worldwide – which they mostly have – ultimately installing a one world government, even if only behind the scenes.

There are numerous resources outlining the fraud perpetrated on the American people by deceptively instilling a parallel system that has usurped the original intent of our nation’s foundations.  (Not to mention the unethical, immoral and illegal activities that have encompassed this rewrite of our foundations.)  Much wiser and more learned people than I can lay those points out for anyone wanting to learn.  One gentleman I’ve been speaking with recommended the book “The Red Amendment” for understanding how the deception took root.  But there are literally hundreds of resources to help people understand and reach their own convictions on the historical evidence of the great fraud and enslavement of Americans.

For me, my convictions are going to fall on my faith and my understanding of the character of God.  There are a lot of good reasons to remove oneself from the corrupt system, but for simplicity, I’ll highlight my convictions as a daughter of the Most High.  Today I will focus on my personal convictions that I have arrived at because of my identity as a follower of Christ.

Christ came to reconcile us with His Father.  Before Christ, God tried to teach people about Him through His law(s).  Before His law, He covenanted with those intent on walking with Him.  The point is, there’s a simplicity to faith in God:  it’s the desire to walk with Him.  And God, in different times and ages, made a way for people to walk with Him.  He requires this though:  to love Him with our whole heart.

Whether it was Adam, or Noah, or Moses, or King David, or any other follower of God in any other age, He requires that we forsake all other gods, and to love Him foremost.  And because I desire to walk with my Creator, at some point I come to the conclusion He is worth my utmost devotion.  When I reach that conclusion, I choose to be subservient to Him, by being obedient to His ways.  I choose to live a life that pleases Him and honors Him.  He doesn’t demand it, but I choose to give it.

There’s an excellent, excellent essay written on this that helped me a great deal.  I strongly recommend it.  It’s called “Dominion and Authority” by Steven Charles Hance.  The principles of authority are laid out poignantly and practically.  The ensuing conflict of living in a slavery system as a redeemed child of God is plainly laid out, with solutions.

When Christ told us we cannot serve two masters because we would love one and hate the other, he summed it up as you cannot serve both God and mammon.  Mammon is poorly translated in other translations as “money”, but it is not.  Mammon is literally translated as “confidence”.  Its implied meaning is confidence in wealth, or really anything that personifies confidence.  (A secondary definition of mammon is avarice, which is a greed for wealth.)

The corrupt system we have operating and of which we’re slaves in, is a system constructed to subjugate its people to its leadership.  No longer are we free to serve our God with the parameters of a common law (the good of our neighbor to not be infringed upon), but we are subjected to put our confidence in someone else’s leadership of us.  Look at the laws we are subjected to now.  Vaccines are compulsory in our schools and even a lot of our work places.  Being injected with chemicals and viruses and poisons is not even considered a choice to reject in some arenas.  The State wants to force me to put a seat belt on in a car which literally affects no one but me.  Until President Trump, we were forced to buy medical insurance and penalized if we didn’t.  In some places you can’t collect rain water, drink from a straw or have salt on your table!  This list goes on and on.

The State has became quite good at convincing us the State can take better care of us than we can ourselves, or even God can.  They have expanded social programs, disability, medicare and the likes of such that we have grown to believe we are entitled to these things.  But at what cost?  It’s truly at the cost of liberty.  It is a deceptive and fraudulent swap.  We get to trade our confidence in God for confidence in the State to take care of us.

Remember when the Israelites were in captivity in Egypt for 400 years?  When they got out on the road to the Promised Land, what was their complaint?  They were afraid they wouldn’t have enough good food to eat.  They actually said they wished they could go back to their slavery because they had plenty of food to eat in Egypt.  They wanted to return to their slavery.

What are the precepts of our faith in Christ?  We are justified by our faith.  Our faith is to be in our God, not our government.  When we place our confidence in anything other than God, we have a competing master.  And Christ was clear about serving two masters…

The system enslaved us by taking our resources to pay a debt we didn’t incur, and then making us dependent on the system that enslaved us.  So now we’re confused whether we really want to leave the system.  Its benefits are so good!  Let’s stay in our slavery!  What did they say?  “For we were well off in Egypt!”  (Num. 11:18)

This is the mindset that will keep us enslaved to mammon.  There are hardships in attaining liberty, and the short-sighted, the fearful and the lazy will not pay the cost.  And so the grumblers died in the wilderness because they were afraid of the battles before them in the Promised Land.

When you study out the origins of the enslaving system we’re under now, you may be surprised to find its origins are rooted in ancient Babylon.  Babylon’s god was Baal, and the corrupt judicial system we have in America now is modeled after that very system.

At the risk of offending or off-putting anyone, there is ample evidence the elite families are Lucifer-worshipping (or Baal).  The occultic rituals of the elite have been documented for centuries, and their symbolism is prevalent in their coats of armor, their artwork, their language and their symbols.  (Just because one attends a Christian church and identifies as one publicly doesn’t mean they are.)

Hance explains it like this:

Ultimately this system of law became known as Roman Civil Law… [with its] point of origin, namely Nimrod’s Babel.  Finally Rome’s Civil Law was syncretized in England with the Common Law in an attempt to destroy the latter.  Baal’s Civil Codes are the human laws of all feudal hierarchies, including America’s democracy of federal Columbia, otherwise called the federal government.  Since Baal worship and the concept of royalty are so closely entwined and the corruption under King George was endemic, America’s Christian patriots had no choice but to sever their ties with the British Crown and constitute a government under the sovereignty of Yahweh’s only son Yahshua Messiah, pursuant to Gen. 1 and the Law of Moses.  This they did in 1776 and by 1787 the choice of whom to serve was once again presented to them in the new constitution, which provided for a totalitarian oligarchy under Roman Civil Law in Article 1, Section 8, clauses 17-18.  This bicameral form of government, meaning it has two parallel tracks, gives the U.S. Congress two separate delegations of authority.  On the one side, the national side, it has very strictly limited enumerated powers listed in the first sixteen clauses of Article 1, section 8.  On the other side, the federal side, it is unlimited within its own domain:  “Congress shall exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such District (not exceeding the ten miles square) which shall be the seat of the government…”.  Technically Americans still have the option to choose between the freedoms of a sovereign, secured by our founding fathers with their blood and with their written word in the Declaration and the “Bill of Rights”; and the benefits of limited liability, comfort and security provided through their voluntary compliance with the unilateral contracts of the 14th Amendment citizenship status of a subject.  (Obviously this is not an option that many in positions of power in the federal government today wish to recognize…)”

Being a student of Revelation for decades, what immediately comes to mind is Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17-18.  While there are many theories of Mystery Babylon, the Lord showed me a few years ago that it was a system.  He plainly told me the system roots back to Babel (in Genesis 11), and I know Babel to be Nimrod’s kingdom.

When you look at her (Mystery Babylon’s) descriptors in the prophecy, you’ll see she is the epitome of a mammon focused system, richly adorned and making the earth’s merchants wealthy.  She’s a system that spans several kingdoms spanning indefinite but lengthy time periods.  She partners with ten specific earthly authorities, and the system is spread over many different people groups, nations and languages.  The system is grossly immoral and occultic, and the system has caused the death of God’s people – of everyone slain on the earth over all time.  It’s an old, old system.

The elite of the world who have orchestrated this system are engaged in such activities to a depth most people cannot bear to look into.  These elite have passed down their satanic rituals and their mandates from one generation to another, spanning centuries – just like the prophecy indicates.

You’ll see the destruction of this system causes the wealthy of the world to lament, weep and mourn.  Their mammon and idol worship is exposed and they are unable to trade their products.  Some of the products listed as wares for their system are SLAVES and HUMAN LIVES.

Remember that when the angel decreed Mystery Babylon’s demise, he declared the nations were deceived by her sorcery.  Recall that sorcery at the root word is pharmakei, where we get drugs – both legal and illegal.  Recognize the system of drugs our society is entrenched in.  We see the two minute commercials promoting their latest from Big Pharma, basically saying put your confidence in us!  Put it in our drugs, (sorcery).  Recall that this Babylonian system created both the largest legal drug system in the world (Big Pharma), and also the largest illegal drug trafficking system in the world.  [See my last article.]

When you couple these data points with the physical description of her location, sitting on seven mountains, you’ll recognize that only fits one location on all the earth:  Rome.  The Vatican is considered its own city-state, with its own money system, and the facilitator of the entire monetary system the world implements.  Just nominal research will prove it is involved in treacherous affairs from human trafficking and atrocities, to dictating national policies and funding wars.

Don’t misunderstand me.  It’s the system that the Vatican has implemented and this system has empowered the banking, political, and corporate elite to implement that I’m referencing.  Before the Vatican it was something else.  The system is as old as Babel in the first millennia; it just uses what and who it can.

The Rothschild family partnered with the Vatican centuries ago, along with several other banking and mercantile families that have been pulling the strings of national governments for centuries.  This topic is too big for this paper, but it’s the system I’m drawing attention to.

This system is rooted in occult rituals and beliefs of esoteric origins.  This system feeds off the sacrifice of innocent blood.  It rules by deception and intrigue.  It is two-faced, seeming benevolent on the surface but full of wickedness within.  It’s full of avarice – greed for money, power, control.  And it and its people think themselves untouchable.  They control the law enforcement and judicial system; they have their own cleaners.

And what does the messenger from heaven say?  “Come out of her!  Come out of her my people!”  So for me, if this be the system I’ve been enslaved into and I can find a way out.  I want out.

This isn’t a salvation issue.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  People deceived or caught in the system aren’t going to lose their salvation for being slaves.  Everyone has to evaluate the information for him or herself and make his or her own decision.  These are the factors that help me make mine.

[The Treaty of Peace 2020 may be a ticket out of the system.  Each person will have to decide for him or herself.  The Arbitration Award for the Treaty beneficiaries grants emancipation from the system, if it is granted by Congress or the President.  I have no way of knowing if it will be successful.]

Either way, it is a worthy endeavor to strive for our liberty to serve God according to our convictions, however each person feels called.  Our nation was founded on that endeavor!

Is the Treaty of Peace 2020 the only way out of the system?  Oh no.  People have been opting out of the system for decades.  I’ve been speaking with a seventy year old gentleman on the west coast who opted out when he was eighteen.  He’s been free for the last fifty years!  He has established his identity as a free sovereign, not a property citizen.  In his own words, “It’s a much harder lifestyle.”

But the Treaty of Peace 2020 may be the soft entry some of us need to transition out of the Babylonian system.  The hard legal work has already been done by the pioneers that forged it over the last 4-5 years.  (It’s easier to follow Moses out of Egypt with a body of like-minded people than to escape individually.)  If this is a way to address the corporate government [Pharaoh] and demand liberty for those in its clutches who want out, it’s definitely the easier way.  If you’ll remember, when Moses secured the Israelites’ exodus, they pillaged the system they were in; they were given clothing, gold and silver.  (Ex. 12:25-26)  The Treaty settlement demands repayment of social security and taxes back ten years.  This would in essence be a pillaging of the system.

I don’t want anyone to despair if they cannot see a way out for them personally.  Some people are entrenched in the system with disability or other social programs of assistance, and to pull out would cause enormous stress and struggle.  It could be each person has to come up with their own exit plan, their own mindset change – and each will be as unique as the individual or family’s situation.

As Christians, we should pursue our God for the answers.  Awareness of where we have our confidence (a system or God Himself) is half the battle.  When we’re told to come out of her, for some it may be a change of mind and circumstance.  We may no longer envelop ourselves in its idolatry of movie and music stars entrenched in wickedness, promoting lifestyles of extravagance and lasciviousness.  We may have to learn how to seek God for the wisdom for our daily living, for sustenance, for healing, for our prosperity.

Whatever the answer or direction we get from His Spirit, we need only obey.

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