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As we all sit around stalemated by the Wuhan Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Virus, it’s to be hoped that we can at least learn some lessons from it. Like these, for instance.

Relying on Red China as anything but a rogue dictatorship is folly. Everything we get from China has a sting in it. During the Great Leap Forward, everybody in China learned that if you don’t meet your quota, the government will kill you: so they learned to lie and cheat and pretend to meet their quotas. It became a permanent part of their communist culture. Even now they pretended, for several weeks, that there was no coronavirus problem. They don’t tell the truth, they steal intellectual property, they worm their way into our colleges and movie studios, and we have permitted our country to be entirely too dependent on them.

Trade with civilized people from now on, not communists.

“Open Borders” is an idea whose time has never come and which now has gone. Can you imagine what would happen to us, disease-wise, if we had a government that stubbornly refused to close our nation’s borders? Oh, wait, we had a government like that once, didn’t we?

Many colleges and universities have been closed for the duration of the crisis, however long that might be. We are about to learn that we don’t actually need all those colleges and have been wasting our money on them. The only thing they’re good at is training students to be brain-dead leftist zealots. We can more than get by without Gender Studies, non-binary pronouns, and diversity consultants. The whole idea that everyone should go to college was never anything but foolishness.

A lot of our public schools have been temporarily shut down, too. We are going to be shown that we get a lot less value from those schools than we ever realized. Just how badly do we need teachers’ unions and gender counselors? I’m guessing not at all. Title This and Title That, Common Core, state and federal governments up to their elbows in (LOL) “education”–how did we ever let ourselves get roped into all that? If we absolutely must have public schools, then the public that pays for them should own them–and control them. At the community level: no higher.

An international ruling class of elite globalist schiff-heads is not smarter than us. If anything, it’s even dumber. Have they spectacularly dropped the ball this time, or what? They were so busy selling End O’ The World Climate Change, they couldn’t be bothered to watch out for Red China’s little science projects. Indeed, they hoped to profit from it all. Maybe buy a few more private jets. Do we still need them for anything at all?

Come to think of it, our own professional governing class is nothing to write home about, either. How many of them are not wallowing in the Ukrainian mud-bath? How many of them would not sell us out for cheap votes and cheap labor? Maybe it’s time to re-think the whole question of who gets to run the country.

And if we learn nothing else, let’s at least learn that Democrats are not, not, not our friends. Rooting for a recession. Trying to sink the coronavirus relief bill because the Senate wouldn’t let them slip public funding for abortion into it. They’re hoping this disaster will destroy President Trump and boost them back into power, so they can get on with fundamentally transforming America into Venezuela with cold winters.

Oh! And if it turns out you don’t like perpetual shortages at the supermarket and huge, swollen government meddling in your life and in your business–well, folks, socialism is like that all the time. Talk to anyone who risked his life to paddle over here from Cuba. They’ll tell you socialism’s very far from being all it’s cracked up to be.

If we can learn these lessons, we will be a stronger country than we were six months ago.

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