If you check the video replay of Dr. Phil’s hour on Friday, October 19, 2018, titled: “White Privilege”, you learned that every white person in America enjoys “white privilege” whether they express prejudice, bias, racism, or not.  Every white person in America stands “guilty” of being unfair to other races because of a European-American’s skin color.

That means black and brown people suffer prejudice in the market place, jobs, sports, social gatherings, elected office, doctors, nurses and virtually every aspect of American society.

Dr. Phil inferred that whites override blacks and browns because whites’ numbers dominate American society.  Thus, all blacks’ and browns’ problems stem from white prejudice, white bias and white racism.

Dr. Phil made every white person in the studio and across America guilty by the white color of their skin.

For a moment, let’s examine “white privilege” to see what exactly causes it or who decides it’s valid and who suffers from it.

First of all, the United States Constitution guarantees every person born and immigrated into the USA, full rights of liberty, travel, speech, religious choice, dress, location for living, 12 years of schooling, and for the grand majority who earn their educations, a viable job in the work place.  No other country on Earth gives its citizens such latitude, opportunity and choices than the United States of America: no matter what color your skin, race or religion.

For that reason, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of people around the planet wish, hope and dream of migrating to America.

You will not find anyone giving up everything to move to Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kirgizstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Mexico and other third world countries.

Therefore, what makes every white person guilty of being white?  How can you make the people of a single country guilty of so much prejudice, bias and racism—when everyone in the world wants to migrate to that country?

Fact: if you do not follow Islamic Law in a Middle Eastern country, you face beheading, behanding, death, and forever never a part of that society.   If you are not Muslim, you cannot obtain a job, a home or free rights in Islamic countries. If you are a woman, you become property of a man with no rights to speak, dress, choose a mate or anything having to do with personal freedom.  If you follow a different religion, you face endless consequences both subtle and deadly.

Another fact:  if you, as a white person, immigrated to Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Congo, Zimbabwe or most other black nations, you would find yourself totally racially segregated and isolated out of their tribes with no chance ever to become a part of their societies.  At this point, the Black African Congress of South Africa attempts to kill all white people just for the fact they feature white skin.  They want to purge four million whites off the face of the planet.

What about “black privilege” in America? Today, 85 percent of National Football League players dominate the game.  The National Basketball League features 95 percent black players.  You will not see any “quota” for white players in those leagues even with the fact that blacks totally dominate their ranks.

Today in America, black privilege enjoyed (s) trillions of dollars paid out since 1964 and the Great Society, to give every educational, welfare, food stamps, housing, college scholarships and medical care for black Americans.  African-Americans enjoy the highest standards of living 100 times greater than their brothers and sisters in Africa.  Blacks enjoy millionaire status on TV, radio, sports and movies.

Blacks enjoy black privilege in Black Entertainment Television for blacks only, United Negro College Fund for blacks only, NBA, NFL, MLB, Miss Black America for blacks only, black scholarships in college, NAACP for blacks only, black lawyers’ guilds for blacks only, Black Lives Matter, Black girls code, National Black Justice Organization, National Black Urban League, and dozens more.

However, if any of those exact same groups carried “white” in the title, such as “Miss White America” or “White Entertainment Television”, the entire world would come down on such an organization with the biggest word in the country: RACISM and RACIST.

While most people of color can’t wait to migrate into America, you will not see any white people moving to Africa, India or China trying their luck with anything whatsoever in those countries of color.

What about “brown privilege” in America? For over 240 years, English enjoyed being the national language in America. Today, Mexicans-Latinos-Hispanics speak more Spanish and demand its use on products and in food stores.  Instead of melding into American society, brown privilege dominates construction crews, roofing crews, landscape, painting and fast food stores—ironically, 22 million of them illegally in this country.  Every business caters to the Spanish language because of brown privilege.  Every Mexican construction crew in California will not and does not respect or hire white people.

What about the up and coming “Muslim privilege” growing by enormous numbers in Minneapolis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and other Moslem dominated immigrant areas.  Do you think a white person enjoys any privilege in those areas where Moslems do not tolerate white skin, and certainly not a Christian?

So, are brown people guilty of their privilege?  Are black people guilty?  Are Muslim people guilty of bias, prejudice and racism against anyone who refuses to become a Moslem?  Their prime directive from the Quran states:  “Convert or kill all non-believers.”

What is racism?  Answer: it’s biological. It resides in the DNA of every race.  If black people dominate in a country, you see black privilege.  If brown people dominate in a country, you see brown privilege.  If Moslems dominate in a country, you see Moslem privilege.

Notice that Sweden faces total destruction of its language, culture and way of life because it immigrated so many Moslems from Africa, that it faces becoming a minority in its own country and eventually, extinguished.  Most European countries face the same fate with endless immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

Can it be solved?  After 240 years in America and around the world, the race question rages as violently and angrily as ever in 2018.  Any solutions?  Yes, but difficult to engage.  Each race could separate into its own enclave and region to end racism.  People prove much happier when they live, work and play with their own race and language.

Multiculturalism and diversity do not work, cannot work and have proven not to work over the centuries.

What can the USA do with its own multicultural chaos, violence and anger?  My guess:  people will keep moving into neighborhoods with their own race, language and culture.  For those living in place like Chicago, New York City, Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other racial cauldrons—continued violence, angst and social breakdown.

Worse, we remain on course to add another 100,000,000 (million) immigrants within 30 years.  It should be a full boil by then with no solutions other than violence on a larger scale that cannot be contained.

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