A friend of mine, Gary Gobel got into a conversation with an open borders lady.

She said, “There should be open borders!”

“Oh,” I said, “Why’s that?”

“People should be free to go as they please and come to this country as they please.”

“Really,” I said.  “Well tell me….why do so many Mexicans want to come to the United States?

She said, “For a better economic future and a better place to live.”

I said, “You mean it’s better here than Mexico.”

She said, “Duh, of course it is.”

“OK,” I said.  “Now tell me….why is that?”

She was a little surprised for a second then she said, “Well, they have a bad economy, no jobs, violence……it’s full of slums.”

“Why is that?”

She said, “I don’t know.”

I said, “When you do, come and talk to me about open borders.”

America’s Borderless Borders Open to the World Already

With 240 Sanctuary Cities, scattered across our 50 states, that protect and house in excess of 22 million illegal alien border jumpers, why not open our borders to every country and person in the world?

Let’s face it; those city councils and their mayors violate Federal Laws created to protect American citizens from foreign invaders, but since those council members vote to protect illegal alien invaders—why not make it a national policy to allow everyone to come to America?

Major city mayors like Chicago’s Emanuel, New York’s Di Blasio, Denver’s Hancock, Boston’s, Los Angeles’, San Francisco and hundreds more violate our Federal laws with impunity.  Nobody gives a damn about citizenship or our citizens anymore.

Why not give up our country to mass immigration?  We could save all the miserable, starving and helpless humans around the planet from their horrible conditions.  Maybe it’s our destiny.

At least 100,000,000 (million) Africans would move here in a week.  Let’s save all of them.   Another 300,000,000 (million) Indians would flee Calcutta and Mumbai tomorrow to move to America.  Heck, at least 300,000,000 (million) Chinese would jump at the chance to move to America. Heck, look at Vancouver, BC Canada, now called Hongcouver.

Since 15,000,000 (million) Mexicans already jumped our borders, let’s invite another 15, 20 or 30 million of them to live here.  What could it hurt? “Donda esta el banyo?”

We already feature 14 million people signed up for the giveaway ‘Diversity Visas’ annually, known as the “Golden Ticket” for their free ride and free life in America.  Let’s give them all a free pass into “Land of Milk and Honey.”

Bangladesh, a country less landmass than the size of Iowa, houses 161 million people.  Did you get that?  They burst at their seams with 161 million miserable, crowded and starving people living in squalor.  Let’s take 100 million of their poorest so we can feel better about ourselves.

Let’s take at least 10 million living in misery in Central America.  How about another 20 million in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia and Bolivia?

I’ve personally seen all those people in all those countries in all their misery.  Yes, if given a chance they would jump at the opportunity to come to America.

If we opened our borders to those hundreds of millions, we could easily reach 1,000,000,000 (billion) people living in America within 10 years.  It would create a booming economy.  Imagine the benefits!  Imagine the enhancement of our quality of life and standard of living.  Imagine the boon to our cities and free flowing expressways whisking us off to the beach or the opera or skiing.

New York would easily double from 8.3 million to 20 million in a few years.  Los Angeles could reach 30 million, easily.  Denver would jump to 10 million.  Chicago, well, another 10 million vying for a parking spot on their Interstates!

Should I go on?  Of course, why not?

For certain, as a country of 1 billion, America could match India and China in their powerful dynamics of demographic success.  Our rivers would run clear and clean.  Our air!  So pure!  Our water! So plentiful! Our arable land for our abundant crops!  So much of it!

Why don’t we make it official?  Let’s open America’s borders to every human being on this planet that deserves a better life.  How do you think it’s going to turn out?  Thanks to our 535 Congressional critters, we’re already an open border country.

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