It can be tough, being a teenager: old enough to crave autonomy, but too young to get it—and way too young to exercise it wisely, if you do get it. And on top of that, many teens have a melodramatic streak in their character which can get out of hand.

In some, this breeds a fascination with the thought of suicide. That’s why teen suicide has long been a problem throughout the Western world.

But not for Netflix. Oh, no—teen suicide’s been very good to Netflix.

Last season Netflix aired a little number called “13 Reasons Why,” about a teenaged girl’s ultimately unsuccessful efforts to fight off the urge to kill herself. It climaxed with a graphic, three-minute long depiction of the girl’s suicide. It made enough money to move Netflix to produce a second season, with a third in the works. Tim Wildmon, of the American Family Association, pleaded with Netflix to cancel the series—after a real-life 13-year-old girl binge-watched it and then committed suicide. Wildmon asked for a meeting with the Netflix CEO to discuss it, but they turned him down. So Netflix remains in the teen suicide business. I guess it’s been a money-maker.

Netflix showed more of its sinister side a few months earlier this year, with its “Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion.” They haven’t yet come up with a salute to opioid addiction, but give them time. It’d be right up their alley.

Not to be outdone by Netflix, the state of California only last week enacted a new law that allows any person to persuade or encourage another to commit suicide. Need we point out that this, er, law was passed by a legislature dominated by Democrats and signed by a Democrat governor?

Yes, it used to be a felony to try to talk someone into suicide. Now it’s not.

Ironically, September was National Suicide Prevention Month. But not in California.

How long will it take for depraved teens to start vying with one another to see who can talk the most people into offing themselves? It could morph into one of those Youtube “challenges”—like, become “famous” (a much abused word) by chomping down on a detergent pod and winning a trip to the emergency room. They might organize themselves into teams, so that one after another can hammer the chosen victim’s psyche. Face to face in the high school hallways, schmoozing on the smartphones, text messages, nasty Facebook posts—they will have a variety of means at their disposal, enough to keep it up all day, and all night, until the victim finally cracks and does herself in. High fives all around.

Liberals love assisted suicide, with or without the sufferer’s consent. God’s wisdom, personified, speaks, in Proverbs 8:36: “But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.”

We are talking about liberals here, whose favorite social engineering projects are abortion, sodomy, transgenderism, and what they prefer to call euthanasia, a Greek term meaning “easy death.”

We are talking about people who love death. Whose projects, if carried out by everyone, would result in the extinction of the human race. There used to be a “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement” out there, whose members never seemed to volunteer themselves, but I haven’t the heart to look it up to see if they are still in business.

So now, in California, you can get your jollies by talking someone into suicide. How long will it take Netflix to come up with a star-spangled salute to this?

Augustus Caesar called Roman knights who refused to marry and have children “murderers of your own posterity.”

He had no idea how bad it could get.

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