A lot of the things that liberals say leave you wondering whether they’re quite all there. And then you remember that these are the self-anointed Smartest People in the World who feel entitled to run your country and meddle in your life. Then you can wonder about the sanity of a society that produces so many of them.

Last week a small gaggle of psychiatrists and other “mental health professionals”—try not to laugh—equipped with professionally printed cloth banners, marched down Broadway in New York to demand that President Donald Trump be removed from office because he’s, well, too crazy to be president. They were not singing “Doo-wah diddy, diddy-dum, diddy-dum,” which would have made more sense.

Mr. Trump, said these mental health professionals, can’t be president because he’s “narcissistic.” Narcissus, in Greek mythology, was a guy who fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water, so mental health professionals named a personality quirk after him. Mr. Trump, they say, is a nut who’s in love with himself. So he’s gotta go.

If you took all the narcissistic personalities out of politics, who would be left? And don’t even think of expelling them from the mental health profession.

Where were these marchers for the whole eight years of President *Batteries Not Included, the pompous, motor-mouthed, incompetent blowhard who ought to be the poster boy for narcissism? Remember the fun we had, counting the times he said “I” and “me” in any given speech? Compared to him, even Trump’s a shrinking violet.

And where were they for the eight whole years of Narcissist No. 2, Bill Clinton? Who ever blew his own horn louder than Bill Clinton did?

But it wasn’t for narcissism alone that they wanted to pack Mr. Trump off to the funny farm. They also diagnosed him as loony because apparently he doesn’t understand that no sane Republican president ever tries to win. A sane Republican backs down every time a Democrat opposes him. Every Republican in Congress understands that. But that loony Donald Trump, he just keeps right on trying to do those things the American people elected him to do, with or without any help from Congress. Look at his eyes: he must be crazy.

But the alternative, Hillary Clinton—no way, baby, no narcissism there! She’s as sane as the day is long. Oh, what a loss for America, that she couldn’t be our president! Mental health professionals are inconsolable.

Speaking of Hillary, and of liberals who seem to have no idea at all of what they’re saying, and what it sounds like to normal people, savor this quote of hers that came out five days after Hollywood producer and Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein was accused of a laundry list of sexual predations:

The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated”.

What? This from the same Hillary who was First Lady to the Predator-in-Chief, and captain of the Bimbo Eruption Squad? She didn’t just tolerate his behavior. She enabled it, she defended it, and she did everything in her power to smear and intimidate all those “women coming forward” to accuse her husband. This, coming from her, is more than just hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy hitting 60 home runs, winning a gold medal in the Olympic decathlon, writing Shakespeare’s plays, and inventing the Internet.

One stands in awe of the liberals’ gift for saying things that reveal such an absolute want of self-awareness. This is cluelessness elevated to high art. If you really think about what you’re seeing here, you wouldn’t let these people baby-sit your goldfish, let alone psychoanalyze you or govern your country, teach your children, or operate a business. The fact that so many of them do those very things is a terrifying thing to contemplate.

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