by Lee Duigon

I don’t think America has been in this bad shape since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Look at us. Chased out of Afghanistan, after 20 years of wasting blood and treasure there, by a lot of medieval misfits—who are now armed to the teeth with the modern weapons we left behind when we skedaddled. Chased out like naughty children caught trying to break into an electronics store. Tail between our legs.

We had just about achieved energy independence, but the Biden regime threw that away by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline. “Please, Mr. OPEC! Please sell us some oil!” Just plain threw it away.

Our southern border—look at that. Ruptured. Torn wide open. Millions of illegal aliens from all over the world swarming into our country. How many of them are carrying the COVID germ? We don’t know! We never checked. Are any of them terrorists? We don’t know! We never checked. They just swarm across the border, every one of them breaking our laws—and our alleged government chauffeurs them all over the country. “Settle down and get free stuff!”

And just as bad as all this, we have comments and suggestions from our ruling class that once upon a time would never have been spoken anywhere in America. These politicians, appointees, opinion shapers, TV noozies, “entertainers” (whom do they actually entertain?), and academic twaddlers are so alienated, so estranged, from the American people, and from American life and traditions, that they might as well be space aliens.

Back in March we had a former Dept. of Justice prosecutor proposing something called “The Democracy Pledge.” As he explained it, “Every business in America must sign a pledge that the election of Joseph Biden was free and fair and produced accurate, reliable results”. Wow. Must sign a pledge. How did creatures like this ever wind up in our government?

A week ago it was a former NSA director—once the CIA director, too—saying he’d like to deport Trump supporters to Afghanistan. What—all 75 million of us? I thought the NSA was supposed to protect us from communists. But it looks like they’re the commies now.

A few days ago, a “teacher” in Washington fell “under investigation” for comments she made on Facebook… to the effect that she wished people who chose not to get the COVID vaccine would die. Comments like this one: “If we’re lucky we can cut out 30% of the population that votes the wrong way”. And you send your kids to public school to be “taught” by these wackos because…?

Oh! And CNN’s gasbag Don Lemon has said, on the air, that “the unvaccinated”—here we go, a whole new category of suddenly second-class citizens—should not be allowed to buy food, or to work. That’ll learn us.

Do you get the impression our ruling class doesn’t like us? Not that a republic, like ours is by law, ought to be saddled with a ruling class at all. But these characters who lord it over us really do seem to despise us, and talk like nothing would please them more than to turn America into Third World chamber-pot—with themselves on thrones.

All of this mess—Afghanistan, the border, the inflation—was easily avoidable! It was never carved in stone. But after that travesty of a 2020 election, we had Democrats in charge of everything. They made these messes! Who made them throw open the border? Who made them shut off the pipeline? Who made them initiate spending bills that would horrify any sane person? And who allowed the disengagement from Afghanistan to turn into a panic? Good lord, we left our bases and our weapons for the Taliban to pick up from the ground—modernize your army at no cost to anyone but the American taxpayer. A Roman emperor would have executed any general who left an intact fort full of weapons to the enemy.

Our generals will get promoted for it.

Some citizens expect to rectify the situation in the 2022 elections.

I’m not sure we’ll last that long.

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