By Lee Duigon

I’ve been getting private emails from readers who have lost heart. Their burden is: the bad guys stole the election, they’ll get away with it, our republic is over, our country is finished, etc., etc. Some of the public comments on my blog are of a similar flavor.

I’m also getting a dozen or more emails every day from Mitch McConnell and other aphids calling on me to pour more of my own money into the U.S. Senate race in Georgia. In the wake of McConnell & Co. giving up on President Trump and conceding the White House to Biden the Fraud, I find their schnorring really hard to take.

“Oh, well, it’s only Joe Biden and he’s all right! Why, we go back together years and years! It’s just a big happy family, up there on Capitol Hill. Hey, Joe is one of us! How many times have he and I had lunch together? It’ll be business as usual—you’ll see! Now… how about ponying up some bucks for the campaign in Georgia?”

Extremely hard to take.

We are asked to believe that China Joe got 80 million votes—from people who have not been heard from since. Does anyone believe that? The evidence of fraud is piled as high as the sky. Just this week in Pennsylvania, a committee of legislators found that out of 6.7 million votes actually cast, 6.9 million votes were counted. That’s 200,000 more votes than voters—and all 200,000 of them went for Biden, way more than enough to swing the election.

We are asked to believe that 80 million of us voted to raise our taxes, endorse riots, shut down our economy again, tear down our nation’s borders and flood the country with illegal aliens, kow-tow to transgender, and go whole-hog for draconian Climate Change regulations… and maybe arm Iran with nuclear weapons, if we get around to it. Do you believe the American people really voted for those things?

Biden himself is no more than an organ grinder’s monkey for a cabal of Far Left crazies who’ll be cranking out his tune. He’s practically gaga, but no problem. If it gets out of hand, he can resign and we’ll have President Kamala—who dropped out of the Democrat primaries when she couldn’t get as much as 5 percent of the vote.

We are asked to accept this.

No wonder people are downhearted. They stole our country out from under us, to bring back all the horrors, and then some, of those miserable Obama years.

But don’t get sad; get mad.

We must not accept this, not ever. When “consent of the governed” is replaced by manufactured consent spat out by Dominion voting machines, we wind up with a government that has no need of public support and can ignore public opinion. This is intolerable. This is shameful. This is Communist China—on our turf.

Individually, there’s not much we can do. They don’t need our consent for anything they wish to do.

But there are 75 million of us! That has to count for something. Are we to lie down and let Antifa and Black Lives Matter walk all over us—because we’re afraid they’ll riot if we don’t? The Supreme Court, whose last three appointments we fought for, has turned its back on us—because they’re afraid of riots. The hand that rocks the riots rules the world.


There has to be something that 75 million real people can do to make our government fear us more than it fears the Far Left Crazy. We must never give in, never surrender, never accept the manufactured outcome of this travesty of an election.

May God Almighty show us what to do, and save us. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.

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