Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. — Proverbs 18:2

Everyone who seeks understanding in America today is labeled a conspiracy theorist.  And everyone knows that it is evil to be a “conspiracy theorist.”

I’ve heard that the phrase was weaponized by the American government fifty or more years ago.  Regardless, the Bible teaches us here that seeking understanding is a good thing.  Given the fact that we now have an elite, authoritarian cabal running our nation who promote sodomy and baby murder I think we all need to stop being foolish.  We need to open our minds.  We need understanding.

Christianity is clearly subjected to a withering assault by Western powers.  The space allotted to religion in our civilization has shrunk to barely an honorable mention in a declining number of our homes.  Honest Christian faith has been forced from the public square by materialists — by science.  Rising rates of suicide, lack of imagination and the collapse of faith, hope and love are the result.

The closing half of this Proverb asserts that fools, “delight in airing their own opinions.”  Even news is mere opinion in America today.  It doesn’t pretend to be objective.  Everyone knows that FoxNews merely aspires to be the right wing to CNN’s Left.  They are both part of the same dodo bird, boldly asserting their opinions at the expense of truth.  It’s entertaining.

We Report You Decide.  Right … wing.

It’s entertaining because they literally DELIGHT in sharing their own opinions.  The man who elevated FoxNews to the dizzying media heights it now occupies was Bill the Irishman, can’t remember his last name.  Sex brought him down, of course.  These people DELIGHT in their own opinion.  It’s obvious.  Glaring, really.  It should be blinding, but it isn’t because we are all made foolish by the funny money that levitates everything right now.

Paulie and I drove through the hometown of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Missouri yesterday.  Her values — Christian values — romped through American culture twice.  Once as books, and then as a popular television series, “Little House on the Prairie.”  My grandchildren are enjoying Michael Landon’s interpretation of her work in his one hour television dramas that are based on her books.  My wife read the books to my boys when they were young.

Wilder wrote fiction.  News media isn’t supposed to do that.  They are supposed to report truth — facts.  Wilder’s fiction was more potent than modern spin in “news” media because she wasn’t giving her opinion.  She used fiction to illustrate Christian moral truths about the world.  News media uses “facts” to protect the interests and opinions of global oligarchs.

Only fools find no pleasure in understanding.  Little House on the Prairie is popular because it doesn’t aspire to be what it isn’t.  Wilder’s fiction is pleasant because it helps us understand the nature of things — reality.  News media should be doing the same thing by reporting truth.  The problem here is that modern news media aspires to present better fiction than fiction writers.  They shouldn’t be competing.  But they are.

What is the truth?  How do we know in this chaotic information saturated culture?  Easy.

If the source is hard wired into the Western corporate/government/media complex then it must be questioned.  We owe it to ourselves and future generations to ask hard questions and expect answers.  Institutions that protect child rape for the purpose of assimilation are untrustworthy.  That’s the nature of the modern British government/media complex.  Institutions that censor bold Christianity while forcing the most morally untethered forms of pornography ever created by mankind on the entire globe using the most ubiquitous communications machine ever invented (the internet) have earned our skepticism.  That’s the nature of the American government/media/corporate complex.

And the modern Christian Church in the West is being consumed by this leviathan right in front of our eyes.  It’s entertaining as fiction.  As reality it’s terrifying.

The idea that sexual activity outside the bonds of holy matrimony is a moral good is obviously NOT a Christian idea.  That WILL NEVER change.  Christian leaders from the Pope on down are attacking this idea from every side right now.  These “leaders” will lose.  Jesus Christ will win, and the whole world will be better for it.  The idea that babies are fair game as long as they reside in their mom’s womb is not a Christian idea.  The fact that Christian leadership is weak in it’s denunciation of this most brutal violation of humanity and innocence only means that these leaders are putting their eternal lives at risk.  Christianity will NEVER stop standing for LIFE.  Jesus Christ will win, and the whole world will be better for it.

God wants us to seek understanding.  Beware of those who DELIGHT in their own opinions.  Feed on truths that delight in God’s truth.  Check out “Little House on the Prairie.”  It’s better than FauxNews.

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