Some 1500 years ago, the prophet Muhammad, with a handful of his followers, were barely able to skip Mecca ahead of a mob intent on lynching them. Where to go? To Medina, a city of a large accepting Jewish community that posed no threats to this band of refugees seeking safety and protection.

In no time at all, the prophet Muhammad and his gang started repaying the peaceful Jews for their kindness. You know the rest of the story.

Is history repeating itself? Are Muslims moving into the heart of a Jewish community in London?

History of Golders Green, Barnet

Golders Green is a predominantly Jewish area that hosts the largest Kosher food hub in the United Kingdom:

“After the First World War a large number of Jewish families began moving into the new housing from the crowded East End and synagogues were built to serve the community. Immigrant Jews fleeing Nazi persecution augmented the settlement during the 1930s. At the

same time, the builders Laing laid out the racetrack-shaped Golders Green estate in the south-west corner of the district. Cricklewood Aerodrome had occupied the site from 1916 to 1930. The 1930s also saw the erection of mansion blocks in central Golders Green.”

The famous Golders Green Hippodrome, built in 1913, was also once home to the BBC Concert Orchestra. In early 2007, the Christian group El Shaddai International Christian Centre purchased the Hippodrome for £5million. The building was sold in July 2014 at an auction for £5.2 million to a “Shiite Islamic Charity.” The buyers intended to turn the building into a Shiite mosque or a Shiite Islamic Center. The London-based charity named this venue The Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham or “Centre for Islamic Enlightening. (Arabic: Markaz – El -Tathgheef – El – Eslami), located in northwest London.

Shiite Islamic Charity

Ahmed Al-Kazemi, the charity’s public relations director told the London weekly newspaper Ham and High:

“This is truly a dream come true for us. To get such a wonderful building in a location like Golders Green, it is a huge change for the Shia community. We were based in a warehouse before, but now we have a proper building which we can use to hold conferences, seminars, and our community activities. The Islamic center hopes to open its doors for an initial Open Day in December.”

In September, the new owners engaged in their first Ashura commemoration at the Hippodrome in Golders Green, and thereby breached the original contract and intent of the building’s usage. The building was sold on with the intention to include cultural activities such as music, dance, theater and etc. not exclusively for religious rituals. On the wall, inside the enclosure, you see their late revered Ayatollah Mohammed al Shirazi who according to their promo video, “instructed them 30 years ago to go into the west where there were few of their congregants, in order to propagate their teachings.”

The Shirazi Dynasty

These Shirazi clergies are from Iranian clergy dynasty who for the past 150 years lived in both Iraq and Iran. The Marja al-Taqlid (source of emulation) of the new tenets of Golders Green is Grand Ayatollah Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi who was born in Iraq and currently resides and instructs in the Seminary of Qum and Shiraz, in Iran.

He and his followers practice a pure version of Shiism which is more in line with Iraqi Shiite than the Iranian type. There is, however, bad blood between Ayatollah Shirazi and Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This bickering goes back to the struggle for power between his brother, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad ibn Mahdi al-Hussaini al-Shirazi and leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini.  Al-Shirazi expected a greater role in the Islamic Revolution of Iran and he considered Khomeini as only a junior cleric. As the revolution progressed, Al-Shirazi fell out with Ayatollah Khomeini and particularly his successor, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Many of his followers blame Al Shirazi’s death on the Iranian Secret Service.

Ali Reza Pour Hassan provides analysis about this issue on Asr’e Abadan blog:

“Iranian Shiites blame the British government for continuously creating sectarian division and feuds within Islam and in particular, Shia Islam. They believe the followers of Ayatollah Shirazi are more extreme and a more traditional practitioner of Shi’ism. While making slogans about Imam Hossein, they are at the same time causing a larger gap between the Shia council and the Islamic system. In fact, it should be said that from a logical point of view, the commemoration of Imam Hossein’s slogans have been equated with bloodletting, beating themselves with chains, hitting themselves with the blunt end of swords to self-flagellating, walking on thorns, walking on hot coals and etc. on the day of Ashura. These extreme ceremonial testaments to their faith has been banned by the Iranian authorities and also most Shiite scholars have deemed it to be self-damaging and hence haram (forbidden). But,  Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi has issued a fatwa about this practice and has also advertised and promoted it on his satellite networks around the world.”

Just a few days ago, the BBC Persian  news reported:

“A site close to Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi, one of Shiite authorities (Marja Taqleed) complained against the monthly Journal of the ‘Mobaleghan,’ affiliated with the Qom Seminary, accused the publication of discriminating and insulting the non-governmental Shiite authorities.”

“The BBC also reports that according to Qum Seminary clergy, Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi supporters were compared with such groups as ISIS. Government officials in Iran assert that Ayatollah Shirazi’s Shiite followers are affiliated with the British government and their activities in Iran have been limited. Ayatollah Shirazi’s supporters are the direct critics of Khamenei’s leadership in Iran, and for years their activities have been transferred from Iran to Iraq.”

Notably, despite sharing the same Islamic ideology, there is no unity between Iraq (Arab) Shiites and Iranian Shiites.

“Members of the Jewish community who researched the Muslim charity — a largely Iraqi and Iranian Shiite congregation called Hussainiat Al-Rasool Al-Adham – found no ties to the Iranian regime or extremist incitement, an expert on Islamism who ran some of the checks told Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) on Tuesday.”

Where did the funding come from?

Some of it, apparently has come from their previous Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham converted warehouse and mosque that was sold for a £4.5 million in January 2017.

In July 2017, Haj Razi Mirkhalaf Zadeh,  discusses in Persian (with Arabic accent) the process of purchasing this building and making it into a Hussainiyat:

“With the blessing of God and Ahl al-Bayt, praise be to Allah, we bought this place and called it, Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham, S.A.W. for service to our religion and Shi’ism inshallah (God willing). As we owned Hussainiyat in the past and we served under difficult conditions, we sold the old one and God blessed us to purchase this new venue. We made a down payment, but we don’t have the keys in our hands yet. We have 10 days to come up with somewhere around £400K or half a million dollars. God willing, all the believers, our dear brothers and sisters, will give us a hand, donate and help us manage to finance this building, inshallah.”

Religious make up of Golders Green

“The religious makeup of Golders Green is 37.1% Jewish, 26.1% Christian, 12.2% Muslim, 9.9% No religion, 3.8% Hindu, 0.9% Buddhist, 0.2% Sikh, 0.1% Agnostic according to Golders Green Demographics (Barnet, England)

Objections to Mosque 

On October 23, 2017, a packed community meeting was held, led by attorney Gavin Boby about the discussion of the BBC Hippodrome being turned into a mega mosque.

Josephine Bacon, one of the activists who was present at the meeting said:

“It is very important to write to the local MPs (members of Parliament) who have influence over the city council. I have a degree in Arabic and have been in business with a Sunni Muslim for 12 years. One day, he accidently went to a Shia Muslim mosque to pray. Once the Shiites realized that he was a Sunni Muslim, they all tried to attack him physically and he had to run for his life. That’s the sort of people Shiites are. There are many sects in Islam, and Shiites are one of extremes. They ban music and when they claim they are Iraqis, they are not, they are Iranians and the money is coming from Kuwait. And furthermore, this particular sect has broadcast very inflammatory anti-Sunni messages and I have heard them.”

You can watch the entire video here.

There was also an ePetition that ran from October 4, 2017 to October 25, 2017 and has now finished. 5675 people signed this ePetition against the Golders Green Shia Centre /Mosque.

Shia Vs. Sunni

In order to understand the clerical rulers of Iran and Iraq, we need to learn about the genesis of their religious faith, Shi’a Islam, and the pivotal place of the Mahdi and Imam Hussein.

After the death of the Prophet, the Arab world followed by an elective process to nominate the next in line successor which started with Abu Bakr. This group is known as ahl alsunnah wa-l-jama’ah, “the people of custom and community,” or Sunnis. The imamate or “leadership” – in a non-elective manner would become what we know today as Shi’ism. Shiites say that succession must remain within the family of the Prophet, a blood-line – with Ali the first valid caliph. It should also be noted that this division occurred after the assassination of Imam Ali in Kufa by Ibn Muljim.

After the assassination of Imam Ali, his older son Imam Hassan became the rightful Shiite leader. Not long into his Imamate, Imam Hassan also became a victim to the Banu Umayyad family. Now, here is the defining moment for the entire Shiite division and especially leading to the Iranian version. After Imam Hussein inherited the Imamate, in a decisive battle with Yazid who was the son of Mu’awiya sealed the everlasting “fairy tales” of Shi’ism. It has been reported that Imam Hussein (who was outnumbered) was beheaded by Yazid’s Army in an unfair battle. Imam Hussein, like his father became a martyr, hence, the start of a new era of Shi’ism. Shiites believe the Battle of Karbala was between the forces of good and evil, with Hussain representing good and Yazid representing evil.

Up to this day, Iranians (and other Shiites around the world) mourn the first Imam and the third Imam, Ali ebn-e abi taaleb, and Hussein Ibn Ali, by having lavish mourning ceremonies, commemorating their deaths.

After Iranians were forced to become Shiite by Shah Ismail, the practice of mourning commemoration became prevalent and popular in the mosques and “Tekyeh and Hussainiya” and in many people’s homes. Especially in the Islamic month of Safar and Ramadan, they were devoted to the ceremonies of self-flagellation including (Sineh zani), beating themselves on the chest, (Zanjir zani), with metal chains, with rocks (Sang zani), and wounding themselves with poniards. These activities were conducted during the days of Ashura and Tasu’a, on the 9th and 10th of Mahram. Each year many people died as a result of self-inflicted wounds to the head.  And this is exactly the “extreme” version of this Shiite branch that has moved into the Golders Green Hippodrome.


Based on this investigation, this group is mostly Iraqi Shiites who speak Arabic and have ties to Ayatollah Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi, a non-governmental Iraqi clergyman who was born in Iraq and lives in the city of Qum, Iran. There are clear animosities between the supporters of Ayatollah Shirazi, and the Iranian regime. Shirazi has a list of Islamic centers and mosques with which he is associated, including the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham in London

Allowing them to have a mega mosque in the heart of the Jewish community in London is a bad idea. Just imagine if it were the other way around, and Jews tried to build a mega synagogue in the middle of a predominantly Muslim population! The Barnet Council could quite clearly reject planning permission for a change of use to a mosque, but it would most likely be overruled by the Muslim Mayor of London.

Why Muslims want to have a mega mosque in the middle of a Jewish community with just over 12% Muslims living there to begin with and these are likely not Shiites? They want to because Muslims want to cleanse the area of all the Jews and eventually, force them to evacuate as was done in Medina during the reign of prophet Muhammad.

This is neither the place, nor is it necessary for the purpose of this essay to provide exhaustive documentation of the historical suffering of the Jewish people. But, sadly, the Jewish people have been used as scapegoats for many centuries by a variety of non-Jews. Regrettably, Muslims for their part, have adopted scapegoating as an article of faith. Muslims blame the Jews for all kinds of heinous things, dating back to the time of Muhammad himself. They say that the Jews of Medina betrayed the holy prophet by their treachery. They charged the poor exorbitant sums for their goods, did no productive work, yet made fortunes through money lending. To make matters worse, the Jews refused to embrace Muhammad’s religion, they say.

Like many places in Europe, the Jews do not feel safe and protected in Britain anymore. The future looks dark. Many Jews, if they are able, are buying homes in Israel and other safe places such as the United States in case they need to move.

 As long as there are Muslims who believe that the entire world rightfully belongs to them and all non-Muslims are usurper infidels, they shall do everything they can to claim the planet for Allah and cleanse it from unbelievers. Muslims are among original believers and practitioners of the abominable genocide of ethnic cleansing. So, a building here, a building there are no more than stepping stones for the ultimate prize. And, as long as non-Muslims remain complacent and even accommodating, the task for Muslims becomes easier.

Sadly, so-called progressives in the West are the greatest enablers and promoters of the Islamic scheme.

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