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By Geoff Metcalf

May 29, 2004

It is axiomatic that eventually (usually sooner rather than later) presidential politics turns into a blood sport. This year is no different from previous contests. However, THIS year the stakes are immeasurably higher. It is not hyperbolic to acknowledge that our national security (FOR REAL) really rests in the balance.

It exceeds mere annoyance to see and hear the usual partisan drone of left and right/liberal and conservative mantras. Politicians seem so intent on their �Jones� for another partisan scalp that even honest men and women who ought to know better are spinning and trimming while international terrorists continue to plot and spend to kill us.

One of my favorite songs, �In America� by Charlie Daniels, has a line in which he sings, �And we�ll all stick together�and you can take that to the bank�yeah the cowboys, and the hippies, and the rebels and the yanks. You just go and lay your hand on a Pittsburgh Steelers fan�and I think you�re gonna understand�..�

We all witnessed and lived that sentiment in the wake of 9/11. The cowboys, and the hippies, and the rebels and the yanks�and even (albeit every so briefly) liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans�DID come together�and that was a good thing.

The fact that partisan rancor has again raised from the ashes of 9/11 is a bad thing�and potentially critical.

Reality check time folks:

We ARE at war!
We cannot appease the terrorists.
We cannot compromise with them.
We cannot give them anything to make them happy or go away.
They want us DEAD.
And they want the personification of Freedom, and Liberty destroyed utterly and completely.

The war on terror is being called the "Third Great Jihad" by the Islamist Jihadists. They have a frame of reference, which spans to the seventh century creation of Islam. They are �trying� to recreate the dynamics that sparked the first two centuries of the religion.

And war critics and our mainstream media are complicit in accommodating the bad guys.

If you have a rabid animal in your back yard you do not send your children out to play with it. You do not feed it treats. And you don�t try to �make nice�. The rabid animal is a real and imminent threat you to and your family. The only two options you have are to run away and hide�or KILL IT!

As daunting as the adversarial whizzing match between left and right/liberal and conservative/democrat/republican remains, there are significant facts in evidence are significant to acknowledge.

  • It was President Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic control Congress moved Social Security from an independent fund to the General Fund cookie jar so Congress could spend it as they wanted.
  • It WAS the Democratic Party that put a tax on Social Security.
  • AND it was the Democrats with Al Gore casting the deciding vote that INCREASED the tax on Social Security.
  • It was Democrats that gifted immigrants with SSI Social Security money despite them never having paid a flipping nickel into it.

In the wake of those historical FACTS, for Democrats to scream the Republicans want to take your Social Security is beyond disingenuous, duplicitous and smarmy�it is a big honking LIE.

Notwithstanding the partisan adversarial feud, our enemies (REAL enemies than want you and your family dead) continue to plan and work the plans to accomplish their objectives.

In early April I wrote �Self-inflicted Wounds, �Self-inflicted Wounds� in which I referenced �asymmetric warfare�:

�When it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory there is no more successful collaborator than the media.

As desperate terrorist insurgents in Iraq pour gasoline on embers to attract journalists like moths to a flame it should be noted that the bad guys are �using� the media as a tactical resource.�

�They know there is "no way no how" they can defeat the American coalition forces militarily. However, they also know that IF they can manipulate the media to bludgeon the American homeland with images and stories of outrageous atrocities, there is a distinct possibility the American people will compel the administration to leave.

  • It worked in Vietnam.
  • It worked in Somalia.�

Asymmetric warfare is kinda common. It works sometimes�and sometimes it doesn�t. James Dunnigan noted �asymmetric warfare is all about taking advantage of the status quo��and basically hoping the other guys (us) don�t get hip in time.

I closed that April column writing, Confucius said, "To see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage, or of principle." Apparently the media cannot see what is right because they lack both courage and principle. I was remiss in not including the democrat partisan attack dogs for their lack of both courage and principle.

It is right and just for parties to challenge each other on contradictory principles, direction, and policy. It is flat ass WRONG to exploit partisan advantage when it threatens national security and endangers our military.

� 2004 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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"We ARE at war! We cannot appease the terrorists. We cannot compromise with them. We cannot give them anything to make them happy or go away. They want us DEAD."