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By Geoff Metcalf

November 14, 2005

Leaders lead! Good leaders base decisions on advice, counsel and thoughtful analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then the leader makes a decision.

There is a quiet but angst-ridden constituency in Sacramento who has been grousing about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for some time. The bi-partisan gripe is centered on the Governor�s efforts to be all things to all people�and still do what he was elected to do�which is fix the epic problems of a chronically dysfunctional state government. He is accused of being too conservative for democrats and too liberal for republicans.

Notwithstanding the empirical reality that THAT is allegedly why the people of California elected him Governor in the first place, the battle between the extremes for the soul of the governor continues.

Institutional republicans are aghast at many of the staffing decisions of Schwarzenegger. The slow assimilation of �way liberal� democrats into key staff positions is no longer even close to being covert. The entire L.A. office of the Governor is said to be liberal democrats Reliable sources that are scared spitless of suffering her ire claim first lady Maria Shriver handpicked the L.A. crowd from liberal democrat sycophants. �It�s true! It�s a fact!� has become the mantra followed by �but don�t use MY name.�

Now, we hear reports Arnold �would consider granting clemency to convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams�. Huh?!? Bad idea! This guy Williams is the original founder of the Crips street gang. The wanton viciousness of Tookie�s Crips personifies the worst extreme of criminal depravity. Subsequent to his incarceration Williams has become an anti-gang activist and was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (then again Yassar Arafat actually won one)�go figure.

The governor said he would meet Dec. 8 in a private hearing with Williams' lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and others involved with the lingering carrot of �do over� the presumed prize.

Schwarzenegger has the authority to commute a death sentence to life without parole. He can do it without any requirement to hold a hearing or even rationalize his action. He can do it because he is Governor. He decides whether or not he will or won�t provide clemency on a �case-by-case basis� according to his official spokeswoman Margita Thompson.

Schwarzenegger has had two other clemency petitions laid at his feet and both times clemency was denied.

However, now, the larger than life superhero governor is vulnerable. He has tasted that stranger �defeat� and is actively involved in damage control mode. Now it is �The Governator� who is seeking a �do over�.

This is exactly the wrong time for Arnold to blink. It is exactly the wrong time to throw the bleeding heart liberals a bone. And Williams, who is slated to get a state sponsored lethal injection December 13th is EXACTLY the wrong bone to even think about throwing.

Pandering to the liberal left would be as catastrophic as attempting to appease, compromise, or negotiate with terrorists. They won�t embrace Arnold as Maria�s misguided hubbie unless or until he changes party affiliation. The already shaky conservative base will go ballistic if Tookie dodges the needle with a Gubernatorial kiss.

Reelection is not a foregone conclusion in California.

  • The fickle electorate who wanted Conan to come in and clean house is apparently disinclined to provide him the tools he claims he needs to get the job done.
  • The already overly powerful union cabal has virtually declared war on the governor.
  • Unlike the recall the 2006 election is a two horse race. And although the presumed competition is significantly lacking in the charisma department they more than make up for the lack of sizzle with the most organized, energized and dynamic political machine in the country.

Los Angeles County prosecutors and victims' relatives are demanding the Williams execution. Assorted rappers and posturing minor politicians are urging the Governor to commute the Williams death sentence. Lawyers say they have 32,000 signatures of people supporting clemency. Big whoop�we had 178,000 signatures on a failed initiative drive.

Starting with Williams founding of the Crips in 1971 the gang waged war with rivals for territory and control of the drug trade. However, AFTER his residence changed to �stony lonesome� Tookie co-wrote kids books saying gang life is bad. Awwwwwwww�.

Notwithstanding his too late alleged epiphany, his kiddie books, dissing his pre-incarceration life, Tookie Williams not only deserves to be executed�he earned it!

There are consequences in life in everything we do or don�t do. It is the physics of karma.

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Schwarzenegger remains California�s best hope for mitigating the incompetent malfeasance of state government. For him to squander his dwindling assets in an impotent effort to pander to a constituency who will guarantee �no good deed goes unpunished� would be brain flatulence of cosmic proportions.

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He is accused of being too conservative for democrats and too liberal for republicans.