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Geoff Metcalf
November 25, 2002

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."  --Samuel Adams

We are at war as you read this.  We haven’t yet gotten the official memo yet, but it IS coming.  And we’ve got a few problems. 

Before I launch into my rant permit me the prelude caveat that war with Saddam is necessary.  Forget about appeasement or our history as allying with Iraq to counter Iran, or the gaggle of more disingenuous arguments for not doing what MUST be done.  If we don’t remove the Hussein threat it will bite us in our backside as sure as a bear does you know what in the woods.

However, although (notwithstanding protestations to contrary) there is little danger we cannot defeat Saddam, there are significant threats.

Our military, which remains magnificent, has been eviscerated by the sins of the previous administration, and myopia of both lawmakers and the Pentagon’s perfumed princes.  We lack trigger pullers, equipment, munitions, and geopolitical strength.

Despite that we can and will win in Iraq.  However, we also expose ourselves like a one armed boxer.

Once upon a time our military policy and doctrine claimed we could sustain military action in two theaters of operation (for example the Mideast AND Asia).  THAT martial erotic dream is now acknowledged as fantasy.  Sure we can have special ops units spread all over the globe like pigeon droppings in Trafalgar Square….but only small units, and only limited missions. 

A for real divisions in echelon kind of war can only be executed by U.S. forces in ONE place on the globe at one time.  Even the Pentagon begrudgingly admits we have to fight and win somewhere (anywhere) before we can move to another theater of operation.  And therein lies the potential nightmare for still the baddest dog on the block.

For years I have been warning about the China threat.  No, not the Bill Gertz book by the same title, but China’s quest for hegemon.  There is ample material from guys a lot smarter than me.  Steven Mosher’s book, ‘Hegemon’, Bill Gertz’s book ‘China Threat’, the recent open letter from General Jack Singlaub, and even reluctant consensus from elements within the almost neutered CIA.

Now we hear from the CIA that thanks to the brain flatulence of Bill Clinton, North Korea can make dozens more nuclear bombs to add to the one or two they already have.

Clinton's 1994 agreement supposedly placed the Yongbyon and Taechon reactors under monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency in exchange for shipments of heavy fuel oil and assistance in constructing a light-water nuclear reactor.  So they lied. The agreement is now considered null and void.

Sun Tzu said, “All war is deception.” 

So here is a frightening reality check.

We WILL become decisively engaged in a for real ground war in Iraq.  We WILL win.  It could be quick like the last time, or it could go longer.  However, it will NOT drag on and on like our live fire field training exercise in Vietnam. 


·        If the Communist Chinese decide to use our involvement in Iraq as an opportunity to invade Taiwan we can’t do Jack-spit other than itch and moan and send nasty notes.

·        If North Korea decides to do anything more precipitous we can’t do Jack-spit other than itch and moan and send nasty notes.

·        If ANY enemy unleashes biological or chemical weapon attacks on CONUS (Continental United States) chaos will become standing operating procedure.

I support applying a drop of chlorine to the Baath Party gene pool.  However, I oppose destroying the foundation and essence of the republic to ‘get the bad guys’.

I have previously noted that if we are fighting to preserve and protect America we should be compelled to acknowledge WHAT America is.  The framers made it real clear in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  IF, in the alleged interest of ‘protecting’ us we allow our leaders to undermine, abrogate, and/or ignore the very essence of the founding documents, then what the hell ARE we fighting for?

I have often noted that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights don’t GIVE us a single right.  Those documents merely acknowledge God given inalienable rights.  Don’t take my word for it.  John Adams said, "Rights come from GOD not the state. You have rights antecedent to any earthly governments rights that can not be repealed or restrained by human laws. Rights derived from the great legislator: God."

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Geoff is a veteran media performer. He has had an eclectic professional background covering a wide spectrum of radio, television, magazine, and newspapers.  A former Green Beret and retired Army officer he is in great demand as a speaker. Metcalf has hosted his radio talk show on the ABC/Disney owned and operated KSFO and in worldwide syndication.