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By Geoff Metcalf

May 4, 2003

"Find out the cause of this effect, or rather say, the cause of this defect�for this effect defective comes by cause." -- Hamlet. Act ii. Sc. 2.

The personification of all things reprehensible (ego-centric, contemptible, duplicitous, unfaithful, dishonest, and treasonous) has mouthed off again. Former Impeached President Billy-Jeff is predicting the demise of America.

The premature articulation of this showboating slug is bad enough in and of itself. However the epic hypocrisy is compounded by his personal complicity if furthering the objectives of our inevitable enemies.

I have been compelled to write about our no class ex-president's inappropriate distaff speech more than once. In November 2001 my column headline was "Oh Shut Up!"

Now ex-President Bill Clinton has publicly predicted that either Communist China, or the European Union would replace the United States as the world's No. 1 power within the next 30 years.

*  Communist Red China helped bankroll his 1996 re-election campaign with hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions.

*  China has the fastest-growing military budget on the globe.

*  Clinton's efforts to covertly manipulate British Prime Minister Tony Blair are now public knowledge.

Clinton told the Washington Post, "In all probability, we won't be the premier political and economic power we are now," He predicted the sea change would occur within "a few decades."

I disagree with the former philander-in-chief's prediction�although God and the Devil know Clinton contributed more than his fair share to furthering the Chicom dream of hegemony by his actions (both what he did and did not do).

Some day an editor will include the Ambrose Bierce quote, "Politics is the conduct of public affairs for private advantage" and will feel compelled to include a picture of Bill and Hill.

I do not believe the republic will crumble despite the best/worst efforts of would-be/wannabe controllers or their smarmy agents (such as Bill and Hillary Clinton).

The threat to the U.S. and the world from China is real and palpable. Over the years I have interviewed numerous experts who have delineated the goal, objectives, and actions of the Chicoms:

* Bill Gertz

* Steven Mosher &

* Chuck DeVore

* John McMannus

In 1996, the Clinton administration approved the transfer to Beijing of key missile guidance technology, which was a big sloppy wet kiss, which permitted China to hit most major U.S. cities with its intercontinental ballistic missile fleet.

I have often asked China experts if the flood of Chinese money to the DNC and Clinton's was a bribe (for favors agreed to and anticipated) or a gratuity (for favors rendered). Everyone replied essentially the same: "It was BOTH."

Clinton's prediction was a more damning effort to clarify comments he made in February to an Australian audience. He had said: "This is a unique moment in U.S. history, a brief moment in history when the U.S. has pre-eminent military, economic and political power. It won't last forever. This is just a period, a few decades this will last."

He is WRONG! Europe has been saying (wishing and praying) the same refrain for over two hundred years.

What is so damnably galling is that despite his fiduciary responsibilities (I know�.. responsibilities and Clinton are mutually exclusive concepts) and oath of office as President of the United States, he provided aid, comfort, and catalyst to a significant inevitable enemy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Cause and effect are two sides of one fact."

The intimation that the European Union poses a significant strategic threat and could become the number one global power is a European erotic dream constructed largely of hubris and fantasy. If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, there is no limit to the mythical menagerie the dysfunctional gaggle of petty EU bureaucrats could conceive.

Alexis deTocqueville either did or didn't say, "America is great because America is good ... when America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great."

Clinton and imbedded socialists have tried to undermine the essence of what makes America great and good. However, notwithstanding the ongoing efforts of liberal demoncrat sycophants, America remains great AND good.

When I started writing this I intended to use a quote by the Roman poet Ovid, "The cause is hidden; the effect is visible to all." to demonstrate the complicity of an evil man to destroy from within. However, as I conclude it strikes me the collorary is equally true. The cause of what makes America great, good, and enduring may not be visible�but the effect, and the reality of America's greatness "is visible to all."

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"In 1996, the Clinton administration approved the transfer to Beijing of key missile guidance technology, which was a big sloppy wet kiss, which permitted China to hit most major U.S. cities with its intercontinental ballistic missile fleet."