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By Geoff Metcalf

October 6, 2003

I wrote a column in August titled 'Sandbagging Retribution' in which I suggested the Bush administration was setting up the Democrat presidential wannabes for a crippling reality check. Although it is largely a visceral analysis, developing facts suggest the sandbagging charge may be more than a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess).

All the Bush critics (from Democrat primary contenders to mainstream media co-conspirators) have been picking at the scab of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  • Where are they?
  • You SAID Saddam had them?
  • Did the administration lie to us?
  • Were they guilty of subscribing to lousy Intel?
  • Where IS the beef?

The 'interim' WMD Report is forthcoming from Dr. David Kay and the glass is either half empty or half full depending on whose ox is being gored. The Bush administration is claiming vindication�the Ted Kennedy crowd is screaming fraud.

However, in an effort to provide some perspective not tainted with partisan wants and needs, please consider the following.

  • NBC's Tom Brokaw interviewed Kay back in mid-July. At that time, the Pentagon chief weapons honcho, reported uncovering what was described as a "mother lode" of documents in Iraq. The documents reportedly detail Hussein's weapons of mass destruction program. Apparently, Club Saddam was anal compulsive about documenting stuff. Prior to the 'preliminary report' Kay said, "I've already seen enough to convince me." According to Kay (especially in the wake of the harsh media and partisan criticism to date), he didn't want to go public with details YET. He said, "I know if we can't explain the WMD program of Iraq we lose credibility with regard to other states like Iran, Syria and North Korea."

  • Kay told NBC, "I think we will have a substantial body of evidence before six months." SIX MONTHS. Hmmmmm � that means after the New Year and only nine or 10 months before the election.

  • Recently, the Hindustan Times 454,00050004.htm reported "Kuwaiti security authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle $60-million worth of chemical and biological warheads from Iraq to an unnamed European country."

  • I have no idea if $60-million worth of chemical and biological warheads fits in a briefcase or a conex container. I don't know if it is a significant amount or minor. However, I have observed (because I looked) that no one in the mainstream seems interested in what could and would be significant proof that WMDs were in Iraq and the potential for their deployment was or could have been imminent. I also have no idea if the Hindustan Times story is misinformation/disinformation or legit.

  • Almost contemporaneous with the Kuwaiti find, Polish troops in Iraq discovered four advanced anti-aircraft missiles of French manufacture. Significantly, the missiles were built THIS YEAR. The French deny having sold the Roland-type missiles to Iraq and claim it is impossible for Iraq to have them. French protestations notwithstanding, Iraq HAD them. The Polish troops were surprised the missiles were produced in 2003.

  • Despite the UN ban from importing arms to Iraq after 1990 it was no secret Hussein did buy weapons from arms dealers. The French Foreign Ministry claims, "Since July 1990, France has not authorized a single shipment of military equipment to Iraq." The operative word being "authorized"�which is significantly different from "allowed" or "permitted".

  • Brand new French long-range missiles ending up in Iraq is either a function of sloppy inventory control or French duplicity. You decide.

Partisan posturing tends to display a persistent proclivity for ignoring any and all facts, which contradict the preconceived opinion or prejudice. Therefore we have political opponents using the same Dr. Kay interim report to validate their specific partisan view of reality. Go figure.

I confess in the wake of interviews I have conducted prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, I am inclined to accept that WMDs did/do exist in Iraq and we just have not found them yet�or we have not announced everything we have found.

My investigative resources are limited. However, it is curious that organizations with vast resources and staff have not yet chosen to explore the Kuwaiti claim or the discovery of brand new French missiles?

  • Precisely how much IS "$60-million worth of chemical and biological warheads"?
  • Which "unnamed European country" sought to buy "$60-million worth of chemical and biological warheads"?
  • How did at least four spanking new French missiles, which were manufactured in 2003, end up in Iraq?
  • If not "authorized" how was the sale allowed?

Despite the diametrically opposed partisan claims regarding Dr. Kay's interim report, his words seem to suggest at the very least, this is still a work in progress: "I believe in six to nine months we will be at the stage where we can draw a line and say there probably will be more to find."

So somewhere between May 2004 and July 2004 we 'may' have something more substantial. Gee�.July 2004 is the date of the Democrat National Convention in Boston. Hmmmmm?

� 2003 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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"I confess in the wake of interviews I have conducted prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, I am inclined to accept that WMDs did/do exist in Iraq and we just have not found them yet..."