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By Geoff Metcalf

January 26, 2004

"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." -- Will Rogers

I have been itching and moaning about the 'United Nothing' (UN) for a very long time.

There has been a consistent wail of opposition to the dysfunctional, anti-American miscreants from a wide variety of organizations and individuals from the John Birch Society to Congressman Ron Paul.

For a long time critics exposing facts that contradict the conventional mainstream preconceived opinions and prejudices about globalism have been marginalized and pooh-poohed.

However, stuff DO happen!

Those of us complaining about the dysfunctional malfeasance of the globalists nexus have been pleasantly surprised by the surprise visitation of some strange bedfellows. President Bush's labor secretary, Elaine Chao 23/103603.shtml recently warned the Conservative Political Action Conference, that Americans must pay more attention to the United Nations and its related organizations. Duh!?! John McMannus, Bill Jasper, G. Edward Griffiths, Eustas Mullens, and HUNDREDS of other patriot types (an organizations) have been screaming about this for decades only to be marginalized as 'wackos'.

Now Secretary Chao notes the UN and it's bastard offspring have been chipping away at U.S. sovereignty and threatening freedoms. Gosh-oh-gee-golly!

Lest one assume facts not in evidence and presume Chao is a loose cannon in the President's cabinet, it is significant to note that in the President's State of the Union speech he specifically noted, that "We do not need a permission slip to protect the United States." Hell-o!

Although the president did not specifically diss the UN, the substance and spirit of the comment were as a subtle as a brick.

This recent official undermining of the UN apparently is policy? The administration's marginalizing of the UN is not just words but has been underscored by actions recently taken (and largely ignored by the mainstream media).

The Wall Street Journal documented 'The New Multilateralism' (albeit sans any UN involvement) in a recent column. html?id=110004520

The Proliferation Security Initiative is a new effort that has already yielded success in the area of controlling weapons of mass destruction the UN could only dream about.

The recent capitulation of Moammar Gadhafi to open Libya's weapons sites to arms inspectors wasn't an act of self-transformation but the direct result of the U.S. and our PSI allies stopping the illegal shipment of uranium-enrichment toys headed for Libya. Classic action/reaction kinda stuff. This PSI is simply stated: a 'better mousetrap'. So far there are about a dozen and a half countries which have offered military support and more than 50 nations have agreed to the PSI "principles" and potentially could be tapped if or when their help may be needed.

There are two basic elements of PSI that are just way cool.

  • 1. It works.
  • 2. It is not the traditional multilateral institution.

PSI is an effective tool�it is not a new institution. It doesn't have an office, or a grand Pooh-Bah. It is not an expensive debate club and sometime friends don't have a veto. "PSI is an activity, not an organization," a senior Administration official said. It's an action-oriented group that "needs to be agile and move fast."

The Wall Street Journal called it "mix-and-match multilateralism". AND it is effective�which in many ways makes it the antithesis of the UN. The one common element to any and all efforts is the one thing that makes it work�U.S. leadership.

Critics may be quick to claim PSI is cowboy arrogance or American imperialism. THAT is bullfeathers! This group is REAL multilateralism cooperating on mission-oriented objectives.

When she was speaking to CPAC, Chao explained that powerful tax-exempt organizations (Non Government Organizations) were twisting arms through the UN to have the dysfunctional dilettantes make decisions for Americans without any U.S. input. Most Americans are not aware of the efforts (largely because of the malfeasance of mainstream media and the control of their globalist masters).

The old cry of "Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S." again echoes. "Conservatives who ignore the U.N. do so at their peril," Chao declared.

It is a good thing to hear the President and his cabinet articulate the evils and danger of the U.N. globalist agenda. However, it is also a tad confusing.

Carroll Quigley wrote a 1,300 page epic called "Tragedy and Hope" 302222211.html . In it he noted the angst of the would-be controllers when a congressional committee started to investigate the huge tax-exempt foundations, and the serious threat posed to the plotters by Sen. Joseph McCarthy and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

The new Multilateralism of PSI is effective, and diminishes the U.N. That is a good thing.

President Bush the elder said, "It is the sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance." President Bush the current, says, "We do not need a permission slip to protect the United States."

Are we in the midst of a globalist sea change?

� 2004 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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"Now Secretary Chao notes the UN and it's bastard offspring have been chipping away at U.S. sovereignty and threatening freedoms."