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By Geoff Metcalf

March 15, 2004

Any and all developing polling data on who would win the presidential election �if it were held today� are as worthless and insignificant as a pimple on the butt of a flea.

Friends and foes in the punditry class have been pontificating ad nauseum manipulating a kaleidoscope of factoids and data to support whatever their individual prejudices may be.

In the wake of an effort to divorce myself from my personal and visceral prejudices here is a beginning analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the 2004 presidential Olympics.

Notwithstanding the statistical partisan divide, President Bush will win in November.

1. Bush is a flawed leader but despite the warts and blemishes he is by far the superior lesser of available evils. Bush is likeable.
2. Kerry has an abundance of negative baggage and in the months remaining until November voters will be saturated with more than they want or need to know about the man who would be king. Kerry is unlikable.

Terry McAuliff and the DNC specifically crafted the Democratic primary season to provide for a longer period of time for the Democrat candidate to campaign against the incumbent republican president. However, the law of unintended consequences may well bleed out their candidate. If the candidate had been Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman, or even John Edwards �maybe� the long march strategy would have worked. However, extending the campaign for John Kerry is a double-edged dagger that will yield an anemic bloodied candidate.

Beyond the stiff, patrician, flip flopping Brahman; Kerry will not be ale to overcome the following:

  • Unlikable: peers routinely disliked him at Yale. Superiors, peers and subordinates disliked him in the Navy. He is disliked in Congress, and according to Howie Carr (who has made a radio career out of picking at the John Kerry scab) his constituents view him in varying degrees as a snob, a boor, a spoiled rich exploiter of women, and a jerk.
  • Voting record: Many years ago an old senator told me �Geoff forget about anything we say during a campaign. We will tell you what we think you want to here. Look at our voting records. THAT is what we are, and what we will do.�
  • Kerry�s voting record is the most liberal in congress (even overshadowing his senior corpulent Kennedy enabler Teddy.
  • � His record is as an opponent to Defense spending. He voted against every weapons system we used to win in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Internationalism: Too many globalist CFR enabling members of congress shill for the UN. However, Kerry is Neville Chamberlain on steroids. Kerry would require permission from that dysfunctional gaggle of incompetent anti US thieves in the United Nothing for any action. He would effectively turn over US military troops to become indentured servants for the pretensious posturing of the UN. The US military would become UN Hessians but be required to pay for the indignity with tax dollars.
  • Speaking of the military: Kerry has presumed to instruct America that because of his four months in Vietnam and medals he collected, he is somehow the only man in the country with the insights to be commander in chief.
  • Republicans may be scared spitless to criticize a �decorated war hero� but thousands of �decorated war heroes� with significantly greater service, scars, experience and insights, hate the pampered prince�s guts�and they are not only willing but anxious to articulate their myriad concerns.
  • There are two developing factions within the veteran community who are committed to exposing John Kerry for what he is�not what he presumes to be.
  • Aggressors Alpha: There is a growing group of Vietnam vets who are opening challenging the derring do of Kerry in combat. These guys, not content to pick at the scabs politicians don�t dare acknowledge, are intent on ripping the scabs off and whizzing gasoline in the open wounds.
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  • Aggressors Bravo: These guys are focused on the anti-war Vietnam Veterans Against the war activities of Kerry. They blame Kerry for extending the war, giving aid to the enemy, giving comfort to the enemy and discomfort to our POWs. These guys are REALLY p.o.-ed.

It is a LONG way from here to November. Kerry may maintain the sycophant Democrats who are blindly anti-Bush. The Bush bad/ANDY Democrat good camp cannot and will not be won with even the abundance of facts exposing John Jerry as a disingenuous, duplicitous slug. However, the duplicity and deceit of Kerry has negatively impacted too many Democrats. Veterans, families of POW/MIAs, and intellectually honest democrats will not support Kerry. In fact, they will work aggressively to expose him to the legions of democrats who thus far refused to be confused with facts that contradict their preconceived opinions and prejudices.

� 2004 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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"It is a LONG way from here to November. Kerry may maintain the sycophant Democrats who are blindly anti-Bush."