I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I turned on Dr. Phil on Oct. 18 and the subject of his program was Deconstructing the White Privilege. He had a large panel of folks from different careers sitting around a conference table, including a sociologist, a white policeman from Arkansas sitting next to a good looking black man. I got the feeling he was a successful black man who drives a nice car and he told how often he gets pulled over by the police and claims he is either mistaken for the police or a criminal which garnered laughter.  Then we had a Civil Rights Attorney by the name of Dr. Laura Gomez and an elderly woman by the name of Peggy McIntosh, who gave her thoughts on the subject matter.

The program started off by showing miscellaneous T.V. clips of any number of confrontations between people over this subject of white privilege. Now, Dr. Phil who claims to be the most non-judgmental person ever said after the program he hoped people would finally say I GET IT!! At age 68 Dr. Phil, a former psychologist, has started his 14th season on TV generally trying to help troubled marriages and parents with rebellious children without ever mentioning the word SIN or the need of repentance. [Link]

In the last segment (15 minutes) he invited two woman – one a little older (maybe sixties) and a younger one (forties or fifties). The younger one named Wendy said she didn’t feel “white privilege” helping her in her career explaining she had to work for everything she got and never played the “victim” game. The older lady named Renee said the whole “White Privilege” subject should be abolished because she said she has never benefited and told how she came from a blue-color working family. While her mother packed her lunches for her, the black children were given free lunches and then she went on to give a few more examples.

Trying to solve this problem didn’t happen because at the very end when the above two white woman illustrated no “white privilege,” they ended up being berated by a very angry Dr. Laura Gomez.


After showing the T.V. clips of numerous public confrontations, Dr. Phil’s audience had been given big sheets of white paper to write about the “micro aggression” some of them had experienced from  being asked, “do you speak English?” to the one I thought was the funniest – “But you can’t be Jewish because you don’t have a big nose.”

In another segment, they brought in a long line of what I assume were high school students who were  asked about discrimination. There were so many ridiculous questions, I couldn’t keep up and the children were asked to step forward or backward according to their answers to the questions.  To make sure no stone was left overlooked, the subject of sexual orientation and gender were asked.  “Did they feel discriminated against?”, etc. In the end, one white young man ended up in the front while all the colored youngsters  were behind him – obviously White Privilege on full display again.


But it gets better. On October 24th again Dr. Phil gets involved with this White Privilege subject only this time the title of his program was MY AFRICAN DAUGHTER BELIEVES SHE’S CAUCASIAN. She’s a 16 year old beautiful black girl named Treasure, smart and well spoken, hates black people, thinks they are ugly,  plans to attend college and marry a white man, hates Barack Obama and loves President Trump.  Like Trump holds his own with the liberal left, she held her own with the highly educated, former psychologist Dr. Phil who did everything possible to get her to change her mind and accept her black ancestry.  He tried to teach her “empathy” when she used a word that is not allowed in our vocabulary.   She apologized and said out of respect to him, she wouldn’t use it on his show but she continued using blunt, negative descriptive language definitely not micro-aggressive about her race.  They disagreed about the percentage of blacks –vs- whites in prison.  She spoke about the high percentage rate of diabetes in the black community. Dr. Phil said he had diabetes. She said she was sorry.

She admits she has trouble getting and keeping friends and Dr. Phil told her she certainly wouldn’t be WELCOME WITH HIS CAUCASIAN FRIENDS. She is on speed dial with the KKK and thinks they are smart.  Her mother said this fascination began at an early age but she thought she’d outgrow it but it only got worse. She fears she’ll put on a white sheet and join the KKK which Treasure thought was funny.  Her brother said she’s racist and disgusting.

Determined to change her mind, Dr. Phil showed her a picture of a beautiful black model known world wide for her beauty. She  wasn’t impressed. A black woman producer on his staff tried to talk to her to no avail and then Dr. Phil let her know he flew in a highly educated, successful black woman across the country just to meet her and become her “life coach.” Again, she was unimpressed but this woman did seem to blame the girl’s mother who was married to a white man for a period of time when her children were young but wasn’t their father. He provided an affluent lifestyle in a great neighborhood and it was after his death, she finally told the children he wasn’t their father and as a single mother, they had to move into a less affluent neighborhood.

Unfortunately it did not end well for Dr. Phil. She refused all his advice so at the end as he began to direct his professional wisdom towards the mother, Treasure interrupted, he said, “We’re through!!” He then told the mother to not award bad behavior and she should become a “commando” parent. He walked off the stage and met his wife in the audience and they walked out together.


In 1912, a man named Israel Cohen (name “Cohen” is Jewish for priest) wrote a book on Communist tactics, titled “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century.”  An excerpt reads:

We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mould them to our program. [Link The terms “colonialism” and “imperialism” must be featured in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle victory while inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites. We will endeavor to install in the Whites a guilt complex for exploiting the Negroes. [Link] We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, (Affirmative Action) in the professions and in the world of sport and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Nearly all T.V. game shows now have black hosts with the exception of Canadian-American George Alexander Trebek on Jeopardy which takes a very special talent to pronounce all the words on the show.  At age 78 he may also be retiring soon. We’ll see who replaces him.  Then there is another old timer on The Price is Right, Drew Carey who replaced the original host, Bob Barker in 2007 and the T.V. ads are seeing more and more blacks being hired. So, if MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, why all this Micro Agressions?


The white race descended from Adam for purpose of domination is now in serious decline. We were given the task of populating the earth, and we have failed at that! (Gen. 1:28 and Gen. 9:7) I sit here, writing this, feeling deeply jarred by this realization. How did this happen? I’m reminded of my ancestors arriving in America via Ellis Island which was the famous point of entry for millions during the great Wave of immigration, 1881-1924.  And every legal immigrant before 1924 was examined for infectious diseases upon arrival and tested for tuberculosis. At that time, our history demonstrated that immigration regulated and controlled could and did have a beneficial effect on our nation’s economy and culture. Most immigrants carried all their worldly belongings in a few suitcases or sacks and the U.S. inspectors from the U.S. Public Health service examined eyes of immigrants ensuring that those entering America were healthy and free from communicable disease. This was a major function of the facility. However, in 1954, people could begin coming to the U.S. through Ellis Island without being inspected. As a result a resurgence of deadly disease once thought to be nearly eradicated, such as tuberculosis and leprosy, are now rising as illegal immigrants bring their health problems to our country.


The Ellis Island generation of primarily Christian immigrants were eager to assimilate into mainstream American society, but today’s official policies of reverse assimilation encourage a Balkanization of America. As a result, an astounding 52.2 million Americans live on welfare in the United States. That ranges from housing, food stamps, school lunches, schooling for illegal aliens, medical care, dental care, home heating electrical support, EBT, day care and the list grows and we now experience concealed rage as we saw on the Dr. Phil show against people of European ancestry. [Link]


Perhaps this is a good place to remind readers that the John Birch Society is celebrating 60 years as America’s watchdog warning Americans about the communist infiltration, the dangers of the United Nations, the disastrous (and misnamed) Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. [Link]  In 1988 the JBS video documentary OUT OF CONTROL; THE IMMIGRATION INVASION, provided the first wake-up call to many Americans concerning the crisis on our borders.

The JBS warned from the start that the United Nations and its treaties, agreements, agencies, subsidiaries and programs aimed at destroying national sovereignty and entrapping us in world government. In 1950, U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin began his heroic efforts to expose the enemies within our most secret councils and to drain the communist-infested swamp in Washington, D.C. but what was shocking to many Americans was the degree to which so much of the establishment press, as well as prominent elected and appointed officials, joined in the Leninist smear and denunciation of Senator McCarthy claiming “McCarthyism,” not communism, were the real threat to American liberty.


The JBS’s little known secret is its influence in pioneering leadership in the independent Christian school movement and in 2011 is now providing homeschoolers with fully accredited, interactive, live-streaming classes utilizing live teachers and a classical curriculum for K-12 with its Freedom Project Academy.  If every American home subscribed to its NEW AMERICAN magazine published every two weeks that includes the Constitutional voting records of Congress, they would become far more astute.  The fact that voters elected Communist Barack Obama not once but twice, strongly suggests they are in desperate need of help to save our beloved country. I recommend you order the October 8, 2018 60th Anniversary publication at a cost of $3.95 plus postage by calling 800-727-TRUE or visit THE NEW AMERICAN.COM.   Or subscribe: 1 year, 24 issues $49.00, 2 years, 48 issues, $78.00 or 3 years, 72 issues, $99.00.  You won’t be sorry…


During the FDR administration (Democrats again) we saw communists infiltrating and becoming prominent in the many unconstitutional  governmental agencies with a high volume of black employees thanks to  Affirmative Action which made it ever so convenient for former President Barack Obama working hand in glove with a puppet of evil communist Billionaire George Soros and his New World Order to become the biggest saboteur and betrayer In American history making Benedict Arnold look like a choir boy.  Illiterate voters gave Obama four more years with his 1100+ Executive Orders all attacking our Constitution and his agenda of divide and conquer pitting all Americans against each other as we saw on the Dr. Phil shows.  There are literally thousands of these Obama-Clinton cadres still in place, actively subverting the Trump administration’s programs from within, while their Marxist-Maoist, street-rioting comrades and their virulently anti-Trump allies in the media attack from without.


Real Estate broker and State Representative, Sal Esquivel from a portion of Jackson County in Southern Oregon bordering the State of California writes regarding Sanctuary Cities on our ballot. He says the  SANCTUARY STATUTE UNDERMINES RESPECT FOR LAW. Why should Oregonians repeal the state’s illegal-immigrant sanctuary statute?  The main reason: it undermines respect for our most previous inheritance, the rule of law, (which also was the main topic in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination process for the Supreme Court.)

He goes on to say our nation cannot remain sovereign without laws that regulate which foreign nationals come here, when, and in what numbers. So what happens when the state government that should help enforce those laws takes official action to shield illegal immigrants from the consequences of their lawbreaking? They subvert U.S. sovereignty and laws that safeguard that sovereignty; enable foreign nationals to evade U.S. laws they find inconvenient; and encourage even more foreign national to break those laws to enter or remain in our nation.

“The routine violation of immigration law within the interior of the country breeds contempt for the law in general, for the institutions of the United States and, ultimately, for the United States itself,” writes attorney Charles Smith.  “When states law forces police and sheriffs to turn a blind eye to immigration violations, it compounds that contempt.”

And then Sal goes on to say, remember: States are not sovereign entities. They have responsibilities to the nation of which they are a part. One of those is to inculcate respect for that nation’s laws, and for the representative democracy by which American make those laws.

This issue is very personal to Sal. As did many illegal immigrants now living in Oregon, his father, too was born south of the border – in Mexico. He, however, went through the legal process to enter and remain in the United States.  By doing so, he demonstrated respect for the sovereignty, law and citizens of this new country. Ultimately, he became an American citizen. The lessons his noble example taught Sal has guided him throughout his life – and should provide an example to others as well.

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