[Editor’s Note: Not long ago a Facebook Friend started a conversation that took on a political dimension. Not able to let the pro-communist diatribes go without a response, I let loose. The retaliation was fast and furious. It was also looney as this long post will illustrate. Do note that I have answered Mr. Confused Millennial’s gyrations line by line, thought by thought. My guess is that it was effective because Mr. Confused Millennial has refused to answer me. I have made no corrections to Mr. Confused Millennial’s spelling, grammar or lucidity. I think it is important to see just how out of touch much of our citizenry is. Brainwashing is real and John Dewey was a great proponent of it. I had exposed some of Mr. Dewey’s perverted thinking and it elicited the diatribe below, which answer I share with you.]

You = Mr. Confused Millennial

Me  = Coach Mitch

Mr. Confused Millennial,

Me: I have decided to answer your post point by point. This has to be posted in several parts because FB will not take it in one post.

You: Everything you’re saying is so twisted and ideologically wrong, it is pathetic more than anything else.

Me: The first rule of debate is to not personalize. You will note that the left does just the opposite, it typically tries to intimidate, first by labeling and then by personalizing. The key is to dehumanize the other party. This is taught in communist training. BTW, I read this in a KGB manual. Communists are very strategic, precise and determined. Potential violence is the under girding principle. Your post is full of anger which can explode at any time. This is how you are controlled as an unwary but fully enabled pro-communist sympathizer.

You: However, what you ARE doing is introducing your own firebrand of toxic misinformed ideology into the mix, which acts like a cancer to the entire conversation.

Me: I am attempting to introduce some semblance of reality into the conversation. Because your generation has been taught certain views, you only seek confirmation of your views. It’s called the Echo Chamber. I was also only taught certain anti-American views and not feeling comfortable about it had to seek other information which reflects a freedom oriented, constitutionally based world view totally different than what you espouse.

You: ctually a more true form of Socialism will be the only way forward into the future, because “Capitalism” … help push it to a point where it starts crushing down on itself,… And eventually Revolution will take place, proving Marx was right.

Me: We are in revolution now, e.g. ANTIFA, BLM, and Soros. I perceive you as a soldier for communism, a form of Socialism – as you being used as a “useful innocent.” This is a term coined by the great Ludwig von Mises in his 1947 book, Planned Chaos. The term was used by Communists for liberals, whom von Mises describes as “confused and misguided sympathizers”.

You: Note: Democracy provides for the rights of the people to protest, and ask of its government things that are not being provided for through it’s official representation,

Me: Agreed

You: Right now we are in a state of emergency, (phase 1 out of say.. 4) because the government is not listening to the people.

Me: Agreed – but this has been going on for a very long time, for plutocracy’s never listen to the people. As a practical matter, I start with Woodrow Wilson and the passage of the Federal Reserve and the popular vote for Senators as acts totally antagonistic to freedom. Prior to that, the Civil War did not have to be fought, except that certain entrenched interests wanted to split the US into two countries so that we could be more easily controlled.

You: And we have a leader who is corrupting the entire picture by only talking to a percentage of the populus,

Me: No so. Trump is only being heard by a certain part of the population. You are not listening. I would agree that Trump is not explaining his thought process well enough. However, you don’t want to hear about self-reliance or self-regulation and other such values that are not conducive with socialism and notions of equality of outcome which require government to determine winners, causing antagonisms within the populations – a notion that is desired in order to have planned chaos.

You: that is out of touch with the Norms of society,

Me: The norms of American society were best enunciated by Tocqueville in 1835. In “Democracy in America.” Tocqueville was amazed at the willingness of Americans of all sorts who seemed to gravitate together when necessary to overcome a common need and at their energy and zeal in moving themselves forward, primarily, he said, because of the absence of government, as opposed to France, where government was a stone on everyone’s back. This “can do” and “will do” spirit carried forward to the 1880’s when the Industrial Revolution and capitalism, having spawned a burgeoning middle class which took its individual moral responsibility seriously, joined fraternal societies to help themselves and others. By 1920, 50% of the population was part of an ethnic, business or community order where social needs were provided. No welfare was needed because we helped each other on a voluntary basis – the way it is supposed to be done. EX: Community hospitals were built all over the US with private donations, solely to provide for the needy, who could pay whatever they could afford.

You: let alone devoid of any clear thinking and logic,

Me: It is socialist training that removes voluntary action and replaces it with government mandates. Dewey was instrumental in having government schools institute regimes that coached students to be servile to government desires. One of Dewey’s mentors, Hegel, was one of Marx’ mentors. Hegel taught that people are “like clay, to be molded by the state” and to be used as the state needs. See Wikipedia – State. You won’t see this quote in Wikipedia because this shows too much of Hegel’s actual thoughts, which is what Marx took as his basic thesis.

You: based on the brainwashing that has occurred over the last two decades in the Republican Party, and it’s crony news media.

Me: Probably agreed for the most part. This provides you mean the GOP Establishment rags like National Review, etc. and the Establishment think tanks like the Heritage Foundation. However, if you mean what is referred to as the MSM or Main Stream Media, e.g. The NY Times, LA Times, WA Post, et.al., then those are the Establishments communist oriented rags. Sadly, they all work for the same end, a totally controlled America.

You: I’m sure we can all agree we’re all for capitalism, and the right of people to pursue wealth creation, and to be happy.

Me: Do not agree. You are not for Capitalism which is Laissez-faire, (French: “allow to do”), a policy of minimum governmental interference in the economic affairs of individuals and society, which you oppose as it is not the regulated socialist type Fascism that you espouse.

You: Which more and more means – that you must make more and more money, even maintain a modest amount of happiness: As you can’t be happy if you are not healthy. And so you need – more and more money to be healthy; therefore to even be happy. And the only reason why that is becoming more and more evidently true is, because of people in high places thinking more along the lines of what you are saying.

Me: This is a rant, not a political point. Do some meditation – it’s free – and it helps with health.

You: Republicans ( and Libertarians) who want to deregulate,

Me: Agreed. But, to be clear, Establishment Republicans do not want deregulation. They are all for the corporate state. They have that in common with Establishment Democrats. That is why both parties have worked together so well in the past. There are lots of examples. Currently, the Democrats are being pushed by their pro-communist wing and the Democrats Establishment wing thinks it is moving too fast, that many Americans don’t want a communized state yet, potentially causing a backlash and voting in Republicans. They are correct – hopefully.

You: and let corporations run roughshod over the entire system, causing instability throughout the entire socioeconomic hierarchical diagram.

Me: Totally agree and you have just enunciated Conspiratorial Thinking – congrats! “Causing instability” has been the agenda for over 170 years. Lots of examples, just two. 1. LBJ’s Vietnam War. Our 2nd war that drained the treasury and we didn’t win but caused lots of turmoil. (Some say Kennedy was killed because he wouldn’t commit to the war.)  2. Nixon opening Red China. The plan closed 70000 US factories and moved them to Red China, dispossessing our entire lower-middle class of work and the potential of upward mobility. There are currently 30 million w/o a high school degree and unemployed who could have worked in those factories. BTW, these figures are not reflected in the current labor statistics.

You: A government is needed to implement smart regulation to maintain and control the system to keep the cogs in the wheel moving smoothly so to speak. Because eventually without government interference in any way, the machine itself overheats and breaks down, because of too much greed and Corruption.

Me: Not so. So much to say here. Yours is the commonly held idea, but it is almost totally wrong headed. The quick answer is Tort Law. We can sue our way to freedom!!! There is already in place, all over the US, the ability to take every corporation to court and have a judge or an arbitrator deliver an opinion in 30 days. Just imagine if we were to take the banks to court for each infraction? In Small Claims Court, the corp must have an attorney, with its attendant costs. Eventually, suffocating legal actions will cause the banks to change their policies. Tort Law allows US to do class action suits against Monsanto, etc. for polluting our earth and every citizen with cancer causing agents. It was recently announced that a Monsanto owned brand, RoundUp, has 8700+ lawsuits against it and one litigant just won a $200 million + award!!! We can sue these corporate monsters into changing behavior. Just imagine if the culture were that corporate officers and Boards of Directors were held personally responsible for the actions of the corporation that hurt people? This is where the law needs to go. Put these robber barons behind bars.

You: (Analogy – Think of government as the person who oiles the mechanisms of the machine. That is a very vital role between producer and consumer.

Me: This is so very wrong and illustrates the brainwashing your generation has suffered. The Declaration and the Constitution which you have not read, nor studied, make clear that the purpose of the American federal government is to defend life, liberty and property, from outside aggression, including aggression from government; and to guarantee that the states have the same form of government. To be clear: government in the US was created to promote personal freedom and individual responsibility so that our society could be different from all societies in the past that have always devolved into a plutocracy, i.e. an elite running the society. Almost by definition, there is, therefore, no role for government to oil any mechanism save a few specific items that any viable society needs, like a stable money, courts, etc. all of which are seen in the Constitution and labeled as the Enumerated Powers. This extremely limited idea of government insures, i.e. defends, the idea that any person can move forward to achieve their goal. This mostly entails the defense of property – however socialism is antagonistic to individual control of property because property is the basis of personal wealth and the elite want to control the wealth themselves.

You: It’s been proven over and over again throughout history that corporations are not good at regulating themselves,

Me: Agreed. The answer to good corporate behavior is not regulation but ruination. Aggressively sue and hold corporations and its management responsible for harm. This will make it necessary for corporations to self-regulate. It will also virtually make it impossible for corporations to become too big. Big corporations cannot compete against smaller, more agile firms, so they pay lobbyists to help pass regulations that only the big firms can afford to follow, putting the smaller firm out of business. What you label as Capitalism, is not Capitalism, this is how Socialism works. I define Socialism as a marketing system designed to have the public ask an elite to make all decisions.

You: and maintaining the correct amount of oil to properly facilitate the correct balance of goods and services, to the ability of the consumers to even demand those things at a proper level; as both encampments are in two diametrically opposed corners – with workers wanting to make more money, and companies wanting to pay less to the workers.

Me: Not so in reality. You are parroting Marxian theology again. Workers get paid what the market says they are worth – as long as there is a free market. That most workers are not worth much is a function of the worker not preparing themselves for higher paying jobs. EX: Highly paid, desirable Google programmers just made Google pull out of government contracts that these programmers did not want to work on, and Google gave up this lucrative work because Google needed these particular programing skills.

You: Without the government in the middle to also facilitate minimums and standards,

Me: This is so wrong. More Marxian theology. The reason corporations do not fear regulation is that they influence the regulations as they are written. For every restriction that you would approve, the government and the corporation’s write in a back door, an exception, a way around, that is their legal “get out of jail” card. This is the reality. You get a feel-good regulation, the big corporations get to legally not adhere to it.

You: Let alone anti-monopoly policies, preventing the large from gobbling up and squashing the small, the system fails.)

Me: Wrong. I wish it were so. It is just the opposite in reality. A main reason we have corporation’s that are so large is that the regulations, influenced by the lobbyists, who are mostly hired by the big firms who can afford them, are written so that the small and medium sized companies cannot afford to implement the new regs, so that they must sell out to the big firms. EX: Scrubbers were mandated to clean the pollutants from chimneys of the factories in the Midwest because the dirty air was drifting east to NY. Small-sized firms could not afford the millions needing to be spent so they had to close or sell out for pennies. This has happened in industry after industry. The EPA was set up by Nixon specifically to hamstring industry. IMHO, Nixon was the most socialist president, and was purposefully labeled a conservative because only a conservative could be trusted to “open Red China” or to establish Fascist style Wage and Price Controls, or to cripple business by establishing the EPA, OSHA and proposed FAP, the Families Assistance Program that provided families with a guaranteed income, free health care, etc. When the Soviet Union fell, the Communist Parties in other countries also fell. The head of the Dutch Communist Party was stated as saying that, “We’re not going away. We’re going to join the environmental movement.”

You: So government intervention and regulation as a buffer between an ever greedy corporatocracy and the people is actually the correct and healthy (partial) definition of capitalism.

Me: Not based in reality. More government propaganda to give more power to government and have the people back it up. This is what you are taught in government schools.

You: And conversely, to what you said – fascism stems out of government collaborating with corporations without any regard for protecting the welfare of the people against the ills and excesses that inevitably occur from corps without any controlling mechanism in place. And this symbiotic relationship between government and business breeds corruption within itself through bribery and malfeasance over the ever expanding desires for more and more wealth and power.

Me: Agreed. This is what we have now. So many examples. The government wants more regulations, they say to correct wrongs. I would often agree about the goals, but the wrongs only get partially corrected and the smaller firms get gobbled up by the bigger firms. It would be better were we to sue the firms for the harm they are doing to all of US.

You: We’ve been on this path for a long time now, such as this Administration is clearly doing everything it can to speed up the cycle and path that we’re on – to where it will become inevitable based on the imbalances brought upon the system, through greed and Corruption – and through the reverse distribution of wealth through the recent tax cuts, which totally throw out of whack, the balance the economic system needs to adequately function, providing for all classes of people living within our Society. And couple that with – improper spending and an unwatchful eye to waste Fraud and Abuse (on the government’s part), in collaboration with their corporate cronies – our entire financing mechanism that runs the entire Society is in jeopardy now. This will lead to the next stages along the path of radical changes to our current form of government, as the dust clears from the chaos and destruction that the collapse of the entire system will cause. Look at all the world wide events that occurred in the twenties and thirties leading up to World War II. The one-size-fits-all financial model that the Republicans in power here in America used in 1929 to control our financial Direction, with low taxes, and taking an austerity like position is the same type of limited thinking that “the right” provides for any theoretical conversation to be had now which is short of the gratuitous and obscene acts of malfeasance in deregulating the very protectionary mechanisms needed to prevent such a collapse again. The short-term thinking that people like Paul Ryan, and the rest of the Republican establishment seem to take is completely ill-fated. Besides, we are already seeing the destruction of democracy right in front of our very eyes as Congress has obfuscated their duties to the American people in allowing the corruption to run roughshod throughout the Trump Administration. We currently have a tyrant in the making.

Me: This is all just a rant but it has some justification. I felt the exact same way, about almost every point, with Obama, the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, with Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon and LBJ. Think about it. Every administration has moved Big Government forward, allowing for Big Spending to occur along with Big Taxes, and allowing for Big Firms to propagate because of Big Regulation. That is Conspiracy! It is planned. It’s both GOP and Democrats, acting in sync, everyone getting a piece of the pie. It’s called The Establishment, aka The Swamp, aka The Deep State. At least Trump is speaking about draining it. But the Swamp is fighting back. FDR said, “Nothing happens in Washington by accident. It was planned that way.”

You: In any event Mitchell, there are multiple other falsehoods that you spewed,

Me: I hope you have a better understanding now. You really must read more, better material.

You:     which does not make you an educated person on these subjects. Especially one that should be speaking from a seeming position of knowledge or authority, as you will taint and corrupt the minds of those who don’t know any better. You my friend seem like a very dangerous person to me.

Me: The danger is believing the government, the schools, the left. The danger is in the population not reading the US Constitution and worse, thinking it is not relevant, that it is “too old.” Well, the 10 Commandments are very old but the ideas are still a good way to run a society. My initial post was prompted by Mr. 2nd Confused Millennial, who said taxation was not theft, “Unless your stealing from the rich and giving to the poor” I was amazed that no one responded that this attitude was a bad idea. I realized that much of your generation thinks that Socialism is a good, humanitarian ideal – when it is just the opposite. Mr. Dewey has done his job well. BTW, Wikipedia has nothing about Dewey’s real outlook. They do mention his being on the original Advisory Board of The Humanist Society of NY and signing the Humanist Manifesto which is an idea that fits in with having only one government in the entire world, the ultimate desire of The Conspiracy.

You: When I went to the link of that conspiratorial website your provided, and started reading about what they say about John Dewey my BS meter quickly went off, as I became more and more repulsed by the guy, and knew there had to be something wrong with the picture they were trying to paint of the guy; so I read about him elsewhere. And I think you should too. 38 years investigating conspiracy theories and falsehoods will lead you down a very dark and dreary path. Try following the light my friend. 😉 And I say that as a VERY non religious person.

Me: Read anti-Dewey material to get a real perspective. One of the methods of the communists is to take over the language of their enemy. You said “Try following the light” The light is used as a metaphor for G-d. Communists follow the darkness, the lower nature of humanity, and therefore you have asked me to follow the Devil. That is the kind of statement I would expect from one who is VERY non-religious, an anti-G-d person and one who has been brain washed in our government schools. Were you to read one or two books regarding the One World Government Conspiracy, there is no way that you would not be convinced of its reality and you too would be called to waken your fellow citizens. As a start I suggest “The Unseen Hand” by Epperson, and “The Creature from Jekyll Island” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_VqX6J93k  Also, see any information from the John Birch Society www.JBS.org  Be well.

Editor’s Note: I heartily suggest that all right thinking Americans join a political party, seek to be a Committeeperson and participate in the political dialogue within the party apparatus. Learn about and stick to a Constitutionalist philosophy. Read “The Federalist Papers” for a good overview of what freedom, self-responsibility and an honorable intention could achieve.

We are so blessed to be in America. It is our job to maintain some semblance of freedom so that future generations have something to defend. Engage them. Teach them. Help them.

G-d Bless US

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