By:  Devvy

Reprehensible, outrageous, grotesque.  One could go on utilizing every adjective in the English language and it would not be enough to describe the deceit, lies and bias by the MSM since election day.

The MSM and that includes FOX News Network, have been maniacal in their efforts to convince the American people Trump lost the election.  “Repeat the lie often enough” and “the bigger the lie more will believe it” has been their modus operandi.

WH correspondents and reporters have become even more hostile and disrespectful since election day to the point where Trump had to finally slap down one of the pimps: Trump to Fake News reporter: “Don’t ever talk to the president that way!“- “Don’t talk to me that way. You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. Don’t talk to… I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

President Trump depends on Twitter to get out the truth in small bites but right now, at this time, he has to go biggerHe has to go on TV with a statement to the nation.  Not an interview on a business network, but address the nation.

Trump doesn’t have to tell the parasites in the MSM anything other than he is going to address the country about the election.  Let the useful fools believe he’s going to concede. Trump is under no obligation to give the media any information ahead of time.

What should President Trump say from the Oval Office?

As your president the last four years I have worked tirelessly on behalf of all the American people regardless of political party.  I come here tonight because there is much anxiety and uncertainty over the outcome of the election.

The disingenuous and completely biased MSM are trying to convince the country Joe Biden won the election fairly.  He did not.  As a candidate I have every right to contest election results.  Just as Al Gore did in 2000 – which by the way was cheered on and supported by the fake media.

However, if you listen to the howling by the children in the MSM and Democrats, one would think my challenging the outcome is something that’s never been done in our history.

The future of fair and honest elections, the right due every American, hangs in the balance as well as keeping America free from an attempted socialist take-over.  Ayn Rand said, “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

Contrary to the lies spewed forth every five minutes by the MSM, the scope of vote fraud, both by voting machines and individuals is breathtaking.  The dirty players using Machiavellian tactics to achieve their goal: Steal the election to deny me a second term.

My legal teams have been working around the clock since the election and what they have uncovered will prove there was a coordinated effort to steal the election from the American people.  The fake media love to mock about ‘right wing conspiracy theories’ but a conspiracy is a conspiracy when proven to be true and we are proving it more each day beyond any doubt.

Because of the machinations and out right lying by the MSM, a very large percentage of Americans don’t really know all the facts.  Let me give you a brief run down:

Yes, we have proof which will come out in a court of law where thousands of voters in Nevada who moved out of state used mail-in ballots to vote in NV which is a crime.  The list of votes cast by deceased people is voluminous in all the swing states.

In several of the swing states, state constitutions as well as the U.S. Constitution were violated to facilitate fraud during counting and tabulating of the votes.  There’s no question about that except in the minds of the biased dullards in the fake media too lazy to be real journalists and reporters.

In Wisconsin their Elections Panel Guidance resulted in allowing clerks to fill out witness addresses contrary to state law.  The law was simply ignored.  Voters were allowed to cure their spoiled ballots in violation of the law.  The recounts simply recounted the illegal votes.  In Pennsylvania, verified, 1.8 million mail in ballots sent out yet the number counted is 2.5 million!  Sloppy fraud and now you’re caught.

There is no question Dominion voting machines were programmed to steal votes from me and given to Joe Biden.  None.  The MSM would have you believe that’s nothing but a conspiracy theory but my legal team as well as Ms. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, both top notch attorneys and who are working independently, are going to prove it in a court of law.

Patrick Byrne, founder and former CEO of, a very wealthy man who did not vote for me, put together a team of highly experienced computer hackers back in August.  His IT team has been relentless on the trail of Dominion voting machines for the last two years.  Byrne has come out and forcefully states the machines were 100% rigged and it’s not just real time data proving this – they have the forensic evidence.

Hundreds of patriotic Americans, all volunteers with skill sets that enable them to analyze voting patterns, problems with voting machines and good old research have been invaluable.  For instance, my former data and strategy director for my 2016 campaign, Matt Braynard, identified in Georgia more than a thousand votes that were cast by individuals using addresses that turned out to be addresses for post office buildings, UPS and Fed-Ex locations.  Not their residence address but commercial addresses.

As of a few days ago, Matt Braynard, has transferred all of his findings to the FBI at their request.  America:  This is serious, serious fraud whether it was perpetrated against me or if it had been a different Republican candidate.  This is about your vote, about counting every legal vote and not letting those who schemed and planned this steal get away with it.

Millions of voters have read the lawsuits filed by Rudy Guiliani, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, U.S. House Rep. Mike Kelly and several other voters in Pennsylvania have seen the legal arguments which prove violations of voting laws in states.  Americans are overwhelmed by the fraud once they read the lawsuits and sworn affidavits.

And, they are angry.  Not just Republicans but independents and Democrats who also voted for me.  State legislatures like Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania have seen through testimony, the unconscionable cheating that took place in their states on election day.

Your Justice Department is in the executive branch of the federal government and is responsible for enforcing laws and among other things, ensuring that the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans are upheld.  Including me, your president who did win this election.

Contrary to what the fake media wants you to believe, it is my duty under the U.S. Constitution to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” and when violated to make sure the Justice Department pursues bringing guilty parties to justice and punished.

it is well within my authority to order Attorney General Barr to conduct a thorough investigation into this attempt to steal an American election which I have now done. (That part is not true to my knowledge but it’s what should have happened ten days ago at least.)

On September 18, 2018, I issued an Executive Order declaring a national emergency regarding election interference (And here, Trump’s speech writer can fill in foreign influence meaning Dominion who owns the machines and in foreign countries- briefly).

Those responsible regardless of their party or title are not above the law and the FBI and Justice Department are coming after you, make no mistake about that.  If it means seizing every voting machine in those swing states and subpoenas issued for Dominion employees, whatever needs to get done will by dedicated rank and file patriots within the Justice Department.

Our elections – regardless of who you vote for – are sacred.  Protecting them from fraud should be the ultimate goal so that all Americans have faith in our election system.

(I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring up the raid over in Germany.  While he has tweeted about votes being counted in foreign countries, I’d leave that alone, too, for now)

While this is a tense time, I want all Americans to understand the only thing I’ve asked is for an honest election against my opponent, Joe Biden.  I should think he would want the same for future Democrat candidates at all levels but unfortunately, he appears oblivious to the proven fraud.

What I’ve presented here and has been proven is just the tip of the iceberg.  Time is an issue but I am confident that even if we have to go to the U.S. Supreme Court, I will have a second, legitimate term as president for all Americans.

I want to thank you for your time tonight and God bless you and our America. *End*

Of course, Stephen Miller, who writes Trump’s speeches would be far better at it than I presented but the most important thing is Trump reaching out to the country while in crisis.  Reassuring all Americans legitimate fraud issues are there and being addressed.

By going live on TV addressing the whole country he can change the court of public opinion in his favor in 15 minutes.  This is quite important as it will show the viewing audience once again the media has been lying to them, it will garner sympathy for Trump because he is being treated unfairly and judges and state legislators will be watching.

That fair and honest elections matter.  And, he’s putting Dominion employees and individuals who worked in precincts counting and knowing they were cheating on notice:  I’m coming after you with the full weight of the Justice Department and hopefully you’ll all face additional charges at the state level.

I am still president until January 20th and expect to be for four more years after that. In the meantime, you had better find your conscience and come forward.  You are entitled to whistle blower protection.  Go talk with an attorney.

Personally, I believe as do many, that some of these elected officials and judges are scared of being physically harmed or their families.  We know of a couple of instances where there’s been death threats from zealots against individuals for refusing to certify results.  What governors of the swing states should have done immediately was get on TV and make it known that threatening individuals whether judges or voter commissioners is a crime and you will do prison time.

What can you do?  If you live in GA, AZ, NV, MI, PA and WI, keep burning down the phone lines to your state rep and senator:  Do not certify the vote and if you have, rescind it.  The evidence (yes, sworn affidavits are evidence in a court of law) is staggering.  You, Rep so and so – do your job and stand up for the rule of law and fairness or you won’t survive the next primary.

President Trump, loves sending out his tweets and reads incoming.  Please send him the link to this column with this heading: “Mr. President: Take Your Case to the American People” – If 10,000 or more all tweet him the same caption and link, pray to God he reads it and hopefully go on TV and turn this nightmare around.

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