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I am very happy to announce my best selling booklet, Why A Bankrupt America, is now back in print by popular demand – and necessity.

Short back story:

In 1991, I was at the big book seller’s convention in LA to promote my new book on the antiquated federal civil service system. My publisher handed me this big thick book and said I would be interested in it. As I opened the book I ended up at the chapter on the Federal Reserve so I started reading. Since my publisher wouldn’t give me the book I ordered my own copy as soon as I returned home to Colorado. It changed my life forever.

You see, what I read sitting at my table during the convention was foreign to me. The Federal Reserve wasn’t federal? What is this agenda for a ‘new world order’? By December 1992 I had done enough full time research. I had become a federal whistle blower and had lost my GS-11 job at Peterson AFB, Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, CO – even though the IG’s report proved I was right when I filed a fraud, waste and abuse charge against my own job.

By then I was sufficiently frightened by all I had discovered. I learned all about the ‘Fed’, fiat currency and how that central bank IS the head of the beast in the destruction of our economy and our lives. So, I decided to write a little booklet and get it distributed to help educate other Americans about what I had learned.

The first copies went out in February 1993 and it took off like a rocket. However, due to the gaining popularity of home computers and the Internet, as well as my friend who owned his own commercial printing company (who printed the booklet ‘dirt cheap’) deciding to retire, in May 2004 I retired my booklet.

I sold 1,653,000 copies of my booklet at cost. I never paid myself a penny in royalties. My only goal was to get the truth out as cheaply as possible. Back in 1993 and for a long time there was no Internet, Twitter or anything else. All we patriots had was the phone, fax, newsletters and word of mouth to get the word out about what was really happening while the American people were being kept in the dark. I had no money for advertising so it was word of mouth and my appearance as a guest on radio shows that made that little 44 page booklet a hot seller.

That is how my journey began so long ago. I quit my career and probably $1M to $1.5M dollars in earnings. It was all so upsetting and frightening at the same time. I talked it over with my late husband and we agreed, despite the financial hardship of giving up a paycheck, I would devote my time to getting the truth out through my booklet, speaking engagements (never got paid for one) and thousands of times as a guest on talk radio; also unpaid.

Everyday we are being bombarded with ‘noise’ from the political cesspool and the fake media. In the meantime, critical cancers killing this country are not being addressed by Congress, cable news networks or popular radio talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity and others. But, make no mistake: Despite some the positive actions by the Trump Administration so far, what happened in 2008 is underway again only far worse. Below are articles written by individuals who know what they’re talking about so I encourage you to book mark this column and read them when you can. Each is very important.

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Over the years people kept sending me email to re-publish Bankrupt America. For the past year or so I’ve continued getting more and more emails weekly from people asking me to please make Bankrupt America available again. You see, while we do have the Internet with about about 2 1/2 billion pages, it’s difficult to get accurate information even if someone knows where to look. It’s time consuming to print out articles and columns to give to family or friends who don’t have a computer – especially for older parents like my mom. Even sending links, people are crunched for time and may never get back to it.

But, a little 44 page booklet isn’t overwhelming and it’s something you can hold in your hands. True story: A month or so after I released the first copies of Why A Bankrupt America, I left my home in Lakewood, CO (suburb of Denver) to go to the post office to mail orders. As I turned left at the end of my street I saw a man in a suit at the bus stop. His briefcase was on the ground and he was reading a booklet. I was going very slowing and when I saw it was my booklet I was blown away. Here was someone in my own neighborhood reading my booklet! I was so excited I called my best friends in a neighboring town and told them. 1993. Seems like two life times ago.

This edition is powerful and deals with only two things: The privately owned ‘Federal Reserve’ and it’s umbilical feeding tube, the IRS. How many Americans know not a penny of their federal income taxes fund a single function of the federal government? Do they know what transfer payments are in relation to those taxes we’re all forced to pay with a gun to our head? Do they have any idea why a dozen eggs costs $3.95 at the store when many can remember the same dozen eggs selling for $.50?

It’s absolutely critical we get Americans educated on the issue of the worthless currency we’re forced to use and who profits. Who is responsible for the booms, busts, inflation, deflation, currency manipulation and more.

No one reading the truth in my booklet will have any  doubt we’ve been lied to and ‘screwed’ our entire lives and why. This updated booklet lays it out there for Americans to easily understand. While it’s great there have been bills to audit the ‘Fed’, it’s not happened and the money interests who own most of Congress want to make sure it doesn’t happen. Yes, the current bill is doing well but grossly ignorant, brain dead Demorats like Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton want to see it die.

In 2007, former Congressman Ron Paul introduced a bill in the U.S. House to abolish the unconstitutional ‘Federal’ Reserve Banking Act of 1913. It had ZERO co-sponsors. I explain why in the booklet. However, even if a bill were to somehow pass the House and Senate today and President Trump signed it into law, we are now past the point of no return. Tragically, state capitols across this country have refused to do what they should have done a long time ago and we the people are going to suffer. It’s all in the booklet.

As everyday Americans did with the first run of Why A Bankrupt America, get 10, 25, 50 or a 100 copies and give them out to your employees (there’s nothing political in the booklet as in Republicans v Democrat distractions), friends, neighbors, at gun shows or other events. If everyone does this and people who receive the booklet do the same, we can continue to educate Americans with cold, hard facts and the only solution left at this time.

If only a quarter of the Tea Party chapters in this country (at the grassroots level because that’s how my booklet was so successful before) order the booklet and get it out, it would reach a million or more people. After all, the tea party movement was born over the reckless fiscal policies of Congress yet so few know or understand THE beast, the ‘Fed’. When I ran for Congress in 1994, my campaign through donations, gave out thousands of copies of Bankrupt America to voters because #1 on my platform was to abolish the ‘Fed’. It was money well spent.

Whatever your group or just as an individual, help get the truth to our fellow Americans. It’s up to we the people and Why A Bankrupt America is once again going to be a vital tool in this fight.

‘End the Fed’ has been a rallying cry since I got started on this journey but now we need to really push. Make sure you get a copy of Why A Bankrupt America to your STATE rep and senator because they are going to be key in stopping the destruction to your state and all the people who live there. Here in Texas our senate failed miserably but that’s another column. Knowledge is power so that people can act but only if we get the truth out to many more millions.

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