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In my NewsWithViews article from May 2019 entitled “A National Day of Action”, I called for a series of “parallel”  demonstrations against our racial and cultural makeover via immigration by utilizing small groups of people that would be exponentially more effective than the apparently simple methodology, small number of participants, and limited commitment of resources would indicate at first blush.
I suggested October 3 or July 5 as good candidates for these national days of action. The 1965 immigration legislation that gutted our restrictive quota system to “diversify” our population was signed on October 3, 1965. Thus, October 3 could be highlighted to bring much needed attention to what has transpired since that day of infamy in 1965 to gradually transform our nation into something hardly recognizable to patriotic Americans by destroying our cohesiveness and unity. July 5, the day after the July 4 Independence Day holiday, is the day when thousands of overwhelmingly Third World immigrants are routinely sworn in as “New Americans”, “naturalizing” them although they cannot be a “natural” match for our basic American culture.
The first consideration in organizing grassroots action in politics for conservatives is selecting the right people to do the job. There have to be well-informed, thoughtful and caring activists with some experience in dealing with the media, corporate entities, and/or politicians with the skills to communicate with and the courage to confront the establishment. Our actions have to be efficient, quite simple, and surely effective. We don’t have the funds or the effrontery to hire mindless rent-a-mobs to get our way by sheer force or force of numbers as are the wayward ways of the Left.
The next consideration is choosing the right target. Illegal immigration is the best target since it is now well publicized and is already under attack, so a well-placed push in the “right” direction will be very effective. Many of the invaders from the Western Hemisphere are coming here to accumulate money to build a “nest-egg” at home in their native countries, helping their families there while living here at least partially on welfare. When they do actually earn money here, they frequently displace otherwise qualified American workers, lower the general wage levels in the industries involved, and remove money from circulation in the US that would otherwise boost the American economy. Other invaders are here to conduct criminal activities such as the drug trade, gun-running and human smuggling; or to have anchor babies. So Target Number One is to block the illegals from coming here. Target Number Two is to block the remittances–the transfer of funds to a foreign country, and a major way of doing that is to deny them employment here and thus encourage them to leave the US.
All American employers must ensure completion of the DHS-USCIS Form I-9 for each employee they hire in the US. This form can serve as the basis for using the E-Verify program to determine whether prospective employees are illegal aliens. Employers retain the completed forms in their files and do not have to mail them in to the US Government.
Eight states mandate the use of the E-Verify program and the aforesaid form is used to identify those employees eligible as citizens or who have bona-fide working status from an immigration standpoint. The form is 98% reliable in making these determinations. All the other states that do not mandate E-Verify should be targets for activists.
Instituting an aggressive E-Verify program nationwide would dramatically decrease the hiring of illegal aliens. President Obama required all federal contractors and subcontractors to verify the citizenship of their hires. It would be an easy step from there to mandate it for general purposes nationwide. Of course, this is not being done because large and medium-sized businesses like the cheap, inexhaustible supply of cheap labor illegal aliens provide. As an example, average salaries in the US are eight times those of Mexico.
A determined, persistent program of pressure on legislators from the states that do not mandate E-Verify will eventually pay off from the publicity engendered, especially when the legislators increasingly hear from their corporate donors that they are being “harassed” over E-Verify at stockholder meetings and through propaganda produced by activists.
Making employers aware of the ways and means of implementing an E-Verify program could make them more amenable to adopting such a program. This would include publicizing the website,  which contains information regarding its use, and visiting employers to help them complete the I-9 form. Homeland Security maintains a list of E-Verify corporate users. It could be suggested to an employer that he contact such a company he has a beneficial association with to obtain information and suggestions on implementing such a program. The payroll system elucidated on the website,  contains a system that can be used to filter out illegal aliens from being hired.
The possible actions that can be taken to blunt the immigration invasion are limited only by one’s imagination. However, a National Day of Action with focused demonstrations in coordination with all the other possible activist  activities related to E-Verify will significantly raise the visibility of the issue and foster increased attention to other possible modalities that can be utilized for true immigration reform.
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