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We told you 10 years ago Common Core will devastate Americans and that it will keep Americans Dumb. Guess what, It did. Choice is a scam if common core is the curricula.

Stop doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Time to end Common Core in America.

Now Math is Racist!

I got up this morning and discovered that math, my favorite subject in school, the course I taught for 20+ years is now racist. Yes folks, the one subject that is the constant, the absolute, the universal language throughout the world is determined to be the root of all evil and promotes racism.

“The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.” —H. L. Mencken.

After 10 years of Common Core, Florida is 39th in the nation. America is 47th in the world.   We are told the graduation rate in Florida is fantastic, over 80% of the students graduate. How is that possible when 47% of the students, 2.8 million students can not read write and do simple math? Thankfully in Florida we have a great Governor, Ron DiSantis who has instructed his Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran, to rid Florida of this disastrous “modern education” called Common Core.  Is it not time to stop doing the same things over and over and expect different results?

Just look at the paragraph I just wrote, there are numerals (numbers/digits), operations showing placement, comparisons, and percentages.  These numbers are finite – factual have a universal truth accepted all over the world.  All of these lead the reader to be able to draw a conclusion.  That is the real problem. In the WOKE world, there can never be a finite definite answer or solution.  Their problems can never be solved.  They are always striving, disrupting the norm to get to that utopian place in their mind. A person who has a basic understanding of math can use logic to reason to get to a solution.

Finding a solution to a problem, gives the individual confidence in themselves.  They get to say, “I did it. I finished. Here is the answer.”   Even John Dewey, the father of modern education, recognized, “The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important.”   That feeling of success is now unacceptable in the WOKE world of perpetual victimhood where students strive to be mediocre.

I looked up the professor of this theory, Rochelle Gutierrez, University of Illinois.  I even learned a new word.  Rochelle believes in “Nepantla”.  The term, Nepantla is a Nahuatl (Aztec language) term connoting in between or a reference to the space of the middle. Neither here nor there. A number of contemporary scholars, writers, poets and artists have elaborated upon this concept, enhancing and/or adding on to the Nahua concept. Nepantla is not factual it deals with abstracts. Math is factual.

Gutierrez teaches with a focus on minorities.  Rather than try to determine why students in the minority community are not proficient in math, she blames math and has determined that due to “whiteness” math is racist.  I believe she means that math is practiced by whites.  Do you think that Eli Whitney (Cotton Gin), George Washington Carver (Peanuts), Thomas Sowell (Economist) to name a very few would have made the incredible accomplishments to society without knowing math?  But you have to know history to recall that. History is no longer taught.  Instead Gutierrez wrote a book and gets grants from taxpayers to spew her views which will be picked up and forced upon math teachers.  Seattle is the first one to fall.

“An Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) under the Seattle Public Schools superintendent, published a preliminary Math Ethics Studies framework document populated by district representatives that explains ’math as a racist study used to oppress students – and if you correct a student’s faulty math logic, you are guilty.’ Therefore, “Math is racist.”

If the assault on math remains, rather than learning about: budgets, debt, assets, liabilities, how money works, the rule of 72, compound and simple interest, ratios, proportions, order of operations, in a universal language accepted all over the planet our American government educated children will be condemned to follow the faulty teaching of the elite who are interested in nothing more than suppression.  Who will ask the question:  How does a gas, CO2, that is less than .03% of the atmosphere control the climate? Sadly today’s student does not understand .03%.

When the communist professors began to infiltrate public schools, I mistakenly thought, Math is the one subject that is free from the divisive illogical thinking.  At least we can still communicate through math.  For no matter what your politics are, math is the one place where we can agree.  But NO. Now 2+2 can be anything you want it to be. According to the Seattle report, math should be viewed in terms of Ethnic Studies focusing on:

  • Origins, Identity, and Agency
  • Power and Oppression
  • History of Resistance and Liberation
  • Reflection and Action

Instead of knowing the value of math like:

“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.” —S. Gudder

“It is clear that the chief end of mathematical study must be to make the students think.” —John Wesley Young

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.” —William Paul Thurston

Following along with the new modern education we learn that math education must now be taught in terms of race inequality and social justice not to make thing simpler, requiring the students to think and understand the issues they will face in life. Instead:

I believe that education is the civil rights issue of our generation. And if you care about promoting opportunity and reducing inequality, the classroom is the place to start. Great teaching is about so much more than education; it is a daily fight for social justice.” Former Sec of Education Arnie Duncan. FYI Arnie, CEO of Chicago Public Schools and later Sec of US Education failed. In both cases students slipped not excelled.

“Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country.” —David Hilbert

If we allow social justice to dictate math truth, there will be no “right answer” there will only be what you decide at that moment to be true.  Tomorrow you can change that answer to something else. How do you communicate if everything changes at your whim?  You can’t, which is one of the major communist goals – no communication. Communication could breed opposition.

Students who understand math, tend to have well-developed skills in logical thinking and problem solving. Where will the experts who can analyze data and creating models to extract meaningful conclusions. They can identify patterns and use quantitative data to construct solutions. Where will our careers be filled in: Banking, Economy, Actuaries, Logistics, Statistics, Investments, Engineers, Budgeting, Accounting, Estimator, Energy and etc?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela.

The question is: What will you allow the world to change into?

Is America Worth Saving?

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