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Last Tuesday night the prostitute media was giddy announcing Gov. Gavin Newsom won over the hearts and minds of millions of Californians who lives he’s destroyed and continues to do so today, will remain in the governor’s mansion.

Newsom is a member of the protected class.  Political royalty – not quite on the same level as filthy traitors like the Clinton’s and Obama’s – but well connected and important for continuing advancement of the destruction of our republic.

The Gavin Newsom’s, a long string of them just with different names, along with a state legislature dominated by socialists (liberals) and communists (progressives) for forty years have destroyed the state where I was born and raised.  But, over the past couple of decades, I believe a large number of Californians, regardless of party, have finally begun waking up to see the carnage and destruction – especially when it touches their lives.

Newsom, like other Democrat Communist Party USA governors, choked the people of California nearly to death with all the bogus COVID-19 restrictions along with locking down the state for many months.  And, he’s not letting up just like his Comrades in other states.  As time has worn on, even Democrats who’ve become educated on the planned pandemic, wanted Newsom gone.

The only way to keep Newsom in office was to ensure vote fraud controlled that recall vote last Tuesday.  I don’t give a damn what the paid liars at the LA Times or ABC or any of the prostitute media print or vomit up on the nightly news.

This is the same steal method that’s been used for decades.  I’ve been writing and exposing vote fraud since 1993.  When the Motor Voter Act came up in Congress, so many of us tried to slap a sleeping population and warn what would happen if it became law – which it did.  The biggest door for vote fraud was now opened and here we are today.

The first big steal was the reelection of President-Elect Donald Trump.  I’ve written so many columns on that Steal, no need to rehash here.  The second big steal followed closely behind on January 5, 2021, and one equally as important:  The two U.S. Senate seats in the beautiful State of Georgia.  We saw the same thing happen as happened last November:  Votes flipped right on the boob tube screen.

Unfortunately, Georgia has two of the most corrupt elected officials (both RINOs) who’ve gone the extra mile to bury the truth.  That would be their governor, Brian Kemp and SOS, Brad Raffensperger.  Trump won Georgia hands down.

Those two senate seats were crucial after career criminal, Biden was declared the winner along with ‘Legs in the Air’ Ho Harris.  End result was 50/50 in the Senate with Ho Harris as illegitimate VP being the tie breaker.  The same shenanigans and fraud took place January 5th as what happened last November:

Reports: Dominion Machines Breaking Down in Several Georgia GOP Precincts; Voters Told Workers Will Scan Ballots Later

WATCH: GA Election Scam Caught On Live TV — 32,400 Votes Mysteriously Disappear From David Perdue’s Total In Real Time

Breaking: As GOP Pulls Ahead in Georgia Senate Races, Democrat County Stops Counting Votes for the Night – “As of 11 p.m. EST with about 91 percent of the votes counted, Sen. Kelly Loeffler was ahead of Rev. Raphael Warnock 51.1 to 48.9 percent and Sen. David Perdue was ahead of Jon Ossoff 51.5 to 48.5 percent.”

That’s how the fraud is pulled off.  Make the vote counts “too close to call” with just about the same numbers as you’ll see if you analyze election results as I have forever.  Then magically, the numbers change.  Every two years it happens.

Continuing:  “UPDATE: just confirmed. Chatham County is done counting votes for the night. The board of elections annex building is empty. Workers say they’ll be back at 8 a.m. Still thousands of votes to be counted here. @WJCLNews”

Time was needed to do middle of the night ballot dumps.  Violation of federal law.  That federal election legally was over at midnight.  Any ballots counted afterwards should not have been included in the final vote count.  SCOTUS 9-0 Decision:  Federal Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void

Read the rest of that article and you’ll see the ugly truth.

Fulton County Blocks Credentialed Republican Poll Monitors From Overseeing Absentee Ballots and Verifying Signatures Despite Court Order

Jan. 6th:  Congress is meeting to certify the vote for Biden.  All eyes shifted to DC.

Here We Go Again: DeKalb County Georgia is Re-Scanning Advance Ballots Because of ‘Memory Card Issue’, Jan. 6, 2021– “Scan ‘em till you win is Georgia’s motto.”

Despite all the clear evidence of fraud – the examples above are just a drop in the bucket – both Loeffler and Perdue simply walked away.  Not a peep out of either of them.  Why?  Why did they slink away like cowards, slapping their volunteers who worked so hard for them? Those Dominion machines and the programmed algorithms is how they got away with it in November, January and last Tuesday in California.But, the damage was done and continues with two more pieces of dung, Warnock and Ossoff, sitting in the U.S. Senate under a law that doesn’t exist.

Steal Three: Newsom recall.

Mystery: Republicans in California told they’ve ‘already voted’ in Newsom recall – Forced to fill out ‘provisional’ ballots – “According to a report from KTLA, some residents of the San Fernando Valley are saying they wrongly are being prevented from casting a ballot.

“Some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not,” the report explained about the balloting at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills.  Estelle Bender, 88, said in the report she was “far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted.”

Over 300 California recall election ballots discovered in suspect’s vehicle alongside gun, drugs, August 23, 2021

My jaw dropped when I saw this:  California Sets the Stage for Election Integrity Nightmare as It Allows Voters to Print Ballots at Home, August 13, 2021 – “Recent polls showing Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom losing ground in the upcoming recall election apparently have Democrats in the state running scared.

“Ahead of the Sept. 14 vote, the California Secretary of State’s office has authorized the use of Remote Accessible Vote by Mail, a system that will allow Californians to download ballots and cast their votes “independently and privately in the comfort of their own home.” Oh, that sounds so warm and fuzzy!  Newsom goes from losing ground to winning by a huge number.  Sure, and I’m the Queen of England.

Gruesome Newsom Recall Underway as Security Concerns Persist, voting day – “Despite critical risk warnings from security experts, today is Election Day for the California Gubernatorial Recall of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom…News about the increased risks because of the recent illegal releases of complete images of the election infrastructure backend systems. #ElectionIntegrity#ElectionIntegrity#NationalSecurity@VotingVillageDC@defcon

“In an urgent and frank letter seeking emergency action, eight of the nation’s top cybersecurity and voting systems experts warned Weber that the recent leak of critical voting system software—used in nearly 60% of state jurisdictions during the recall—”materially elevates threats to the trustworthiness of the ongoing California recall election and to public trust in the election.”

“Shirley Nash Weber, Ph.D. was nominated to serve as California Secretary of State by Governor Gavin Newsom on December 22, 2020 and sworn into office on January 29, 2021. She is California’s first Black Secretary of State.”  Naturally, she’s a Democrat so election integrity means NOTHING to her.

This is the kind of post-election vomit I’ve seen over and over and over for decades.  The walking corpse in the WH only repeats what he’s told:  Biden: Gavin Newsom’s Recall Victory Validates California’s Handling of the Pandemic –  The opposite is true.  That effort produced 1.6  MILLION verified signatures.

That recall effort actually started in February 2020 right at the same time the American people were brutally introduced to COVID-19.  The focus was on the homeless, crime and other issues but as 2020 lingered on, it became a nightmare for Californians; lockdowns which destroyed 19,000 businesses for good by September.  By March 2021, the number had reached 35.9% of small businesses wiped out.  Not to mention the absurd restrictions for Thanksgiving last year:

Using Propaganda and Pseudo-Science For New Lockdowns Must Be Stopped, Nov. 23, 2020 – “Governor Gavin Newsom [D-CA] has issued new dictatorial lockdown restrictions including curfews.  Newsom’s Absurd Thanksgiving Rules:

“All gatherings must be held outside.Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited. As much as possible, any food or beverages at outdoor gatherings must be in single-serve disposable containers.

“If providing single-serve containers is not possible, food and beverages must be served by a person who washes or sanitizes their hands frequently, and wears a face covering. Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized. Gatherings should be two hours or less. The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.”

“As the author is that article points out, desert cities like Palm Springs can be in the 90’s this time of year.  A lot of seniors live in that desert area.  Having been born and raised in California, I have snow skied during the Thanksgiving holiday and yeah, it does snow on Thanksgiving.  Ski resorts in the mountains in southern California to Heavenly Valley and Kirkwood in Northern California; last year Kirkwood had about 30” of snow at Thanksgiving.  Eat outside when it’s 19 degrees by 3:00 pm?

“Beginning Nov. 21st, Newsom expects all Californians to obey his curfew orders: 10:00 pm – 5:00 am.  So, if you get home by 9:59 pm you won’t get this virus.  And to make sure his dictatorial edict is enforced, the State of California would need 10 million law enforcement officers doing nothing but patrolling neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, you name it every night.  Not going to happen:  Every County Sheriff in L.A. Region Declines to Enforce Gavin Newsom’s Coronavirus Curfew” – Newsom’s push to force every Californian to get one of those deadly COLVID-19 injections hit a big nerve out there.

The alleged win percentage was so huge, it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious but that’s how the cheaters play the game.  Smash the opponent so the herds believe all those voters endorse Newsom’s policies when they don’t.

It happened when I ran the first time for Congress against one of Newt Gingrich’s butt wipers, Wally Herger.  Go look at this analysis – scroll down. (August 30, 2000)  Look at all those missing votes.  It also happened when I ran against Wally Herger in the 1996 primary being only 5-7% points behind three weeks before voting.  On “election” night with no votes counted, one minute after the polls closed, Herger was declared the winner 84-16.  At 4:00 am when the SOS stopped counting votes, the percentage was the same.

That was it.  As long as machines are used to count the ballots, I would not run for office again.  Technology today is even more sophisticated.

Newsom’s alleged win:

With 70% of the expected vote counted Wednesday, Newsom led with 5.8 million, or 63.9%, against removing him from office, compared with 3.3 million, or 36.1%, in favor of the recall.”

Bollocks.  WATCH: 351,000 “Yes” Votes Disappear from Totals in Newsom Recall Election LIVE ON CNN (VIDEO) – “Last night on CNN 351,000 “Yes” votes disappeared in an instant during live coverage of the Newsom Recall Election in California.

Allegedly, it was an error by a third partyOh, So That’s How 350,000 California Recall Votes Vanished from CNN’s Vote Tally– Really?  So how is it some research company has their data appear on CNN live?If you watch the video, embedded in the article above, top right it says, 49% estimated votes.  On the evening of Nov. 2, 1998, ABC posted “results and predictions” (their words on their web site) – 12 hours before the polls opened nationwide.  How accurate were they?  They ended up being .0174% off the final ‘count’. (In Vegas you’d have become a millionaire.)  Later they pulled their “results and predictions” with an apology saying they were just running a test.

The same damn thing happened in Georgia on Jan. 5, 2021 and to President-Elect Trump.

Watch the Steal in Real Time: Nearly 20,000 Votes FLIP From Trump To Biden During CNN Live Stream – “The sudden change is noticeable in the chyron featured in the video below at the 1 second and 41 second timestamps.At the same time, Biden’s vote tally first sits at 1,252,537, before mysteriously jumping to 1,272,495 the next time Pennsylvania vote totals are shown, a sum of 19,958 votes.”  Gee, maybe that was also some error by a third party, too.

The organization who is behind the Newsom recall must immediately file to keep the fake numbers from being certified.I think it’s 20 days.California Patriot Coalition Recall Governor Gavin Newsom.  If you live in California or know someone who does, they need to contact those people and tell them to fight back – Now.

‘Security Breach’ in California Recall Election Has Officials Demanding ‘Rigorous Audit’, Sept 3, 2021 (Two weeks before election day.) – “A group of election security experts on Thursday called for a rigorous audit of the upcoming recall election for California’s governor after copies of systems used to run elections across the country were released publicly,” the AP reported. “Their letter sent to the secretary of state’s office urges the state to conduct a type of post-election audit that can help detect malicious attempts to interfere.”

That’s all well and fine, but you have to stop certification first because their Secretary of State isn’t going to lift a finger.  This is exactly how former U.S. Senator Dirty Harry Reid got “elected” in NV.  This is a very important read when you have time.  I hope it makes you very angry. Vote Fraud Underway – What Candidates Must Do (2012)

And the list in my column above is exactly what needs to be underway right now in California.  Besides the machines, the other tool that worked so well in stealing OUR vote last November is mail in ballots.  In this column of mine you will see images of the ballot sent to my brother here in W. Texas.  I moved him from California in Sept. of 2019.  California sent him a ballot to vote in the election last NovemberIllegal Ballots Counted: What About Those House and Senate Seats?,  Nov. 9., 2020

Even though Richard has been here two years now, they sent him the Newsom recall ballot.

I’m sending copies of them to our Attorney General, Ken Paxton.  He should sue the State of California. Election interference of whatever law is on the books.  Federal law mandates states are supposed to clean up their registration rolls:  Judicial Watch Warns California to Clean Voter Registration Lists or Face Federal Lawsuit, August 4, 2017.

AG Paxton here in Texas should sue so he can get critical data during discovery:  How many ballots did the State of California mail to voters who no longer reside in the State of California but now Live in Texas? I forget what’s it’s called but it came up in the hearings over Trump’s alleged loss, but there’s data bases they can run which can quickly determine who has moved.

It’s been a mass exodus out of California for years.  California is soliciting votes from voters who no longer reside within the state.  Texas is tough on vote fraud so the cheaters would be prosecuted here.  It would tell the voters of California how many illegal voters were counted from people voting in Texas in their recall vote last Tuesday.  A Californian can also file a state records act (like a FOIA) and get that data, too.

Recall during one of the court hearings re Trump’s stolen election out in NV.  His attorney had a whole binder full of evidence of individuals who were mailed ballots who no longer lived in Nevada but mailed in their ballots and therefore voted illegally.  I haven’t found one whose been prosecuted.

Trump attorney Jesse Binnall’s CENSORED Senate testimony on election fraud in Nevada, Dec. 20, 2020 – “Aug. 3, 2020 after the legislative session, Nevada legislatures made changes to election law that included universal mail voting without sufficient safeguards to authenticate voters or ensure only one ballot was sent to each legally qualified voter.

“The number of such ballots rocketed from 70,000 in 2016 to 690,000 in 2020.42,000 people voted more than once, as determined by reviewing list of voters and comparing it to other voters with the same name, address and date of birth.

“At least 1,500 dead people are recorded has having voted.19,000 people who didn’t live in Nevada voted, not counting military or students.1,000 people voted using nonexistent addresses.15,000 people cast votes from disallowed commercial addresses. Almost 4,000 noncitizens illegally voted. Two technical experts came forward independently and reported that the number of votes changed overnight while the voting machines were stored.”  Illegal aliens voting.

Despite all that evidence submitted to the court, the judge ignored all of it and dismissed the case.  Biden won Nevada!!!

If the people involved and all the volunteers don’t fight back on this alleged loss, you will be stick with Newsom for a long, long time.

And, just for the record, I would have answered question 2 on that ballot:  My vote would have gone to Kevin Kiley for Governor of California.  He would make a great one.  Something for the Republican Party and GOP voters out there to pursue AFTER your voting system is cleaned up.  Nitwit, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Republican who got elected in California.  It can be done again.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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This is a presentation I made in 2005 for Dr. Stan Monteith’s organization in the gorgeous Big Sur area on the California coast.  Video.  The focus was vote fraud.  Here we are 16 years later using voting machines that continue to steal our elections at all levels.

The column Checkmate I refer to in the video above is here.

November 2020 election – Georgia

BREAKING: Fulton County Georgia Ballot Inspection Hearing Subverted – Georgia Stalling to Prevent Forensic Review of Suspected Fraudulent Absentee Ballots

Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Certified Georgia’s 2020 Election Results Knowing 460,000 Ballots Were Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation

BREAKING: Patriot Jovan Pulitzer’s Team Is Being Shot At! – After They Were Given Directive to Identify Fraudulent Ballots in Fulton County

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