Hillary would have damaged the real feminist cause for generations!

So the USA did not get its first female President of the United States.

This “loss” so bothered the cast of the New York play HAMILTON that they felt obliged to use the stage to lecture Vice President-Elect Mike Pence who attended on November 18th about how a Trump presidency might not provide what liberals believe to be critical to their security needs… like, they might have to get real jobs and give up their free cell phones for which the rest of us must pay. Rather than the physical assassination President Lincoln received in a theater, Vice President-Elect Pence received a character assassination. Liberals are so violent — and the New York theater is so highly over-rated!

The cast gave no thought to Trump voters who were in the audience and who paid from $500 to $1,400 per ticket and had to hear the unqualified, uneducated analysis of actor Brandon Victor Dixon who used/abused the theater stage to tell Vice President-Elect Pence his concerns regarding the Trump administration. Conservatives in attendance did not pay an abominable price to hear an ill-informed actor speak about political issues and I wish one of the Trump supporters who witnessed this anathema would sue Dixon and the entire cast and the theater.

How do I know Dixon is uninformed? Two reasons; Alexander Hamilton once suggested to then President George Washington (and made a public announcement) that if anyone said anything negative about President Washington, he should be deported. Lucky for Dixon, President Washington ignored his suggestion or Dixon would be on his way back to Africa or wherever else his ancestors originate.

Second, Alexander Hamilton represented the big banker interests of Europe and was responsible for getting the first central bank (Federal Reserve by another name) implemented. It was a 20-year contract and then, like now, so corrupted the financial and banking system the contract was not renewed. So this is who the Dixons of the world support?

The behavior of the Hamilton cast brought back a memory of when I was consulting for a bank client in Cincinnati, Ohio (1991) and got a call from Brazil asking me if I would fly to New York City to meet with the President of the World Bank. “No,” I said, “I won’t go to New York. I hate it there. But I will be glad to fly to Philadelphia or Baltimore to meet with him.” I had consulted for numerous New York banks and had spent quite a bit of time there and I just didn’t like it.

My offer was rejected and I’ve often wondered how my refusal to go to New York City impacted my future. What did he have in mind for me? I’ll never know… but the cast of Hamilton reminded me of why I hate New York and won’t go there.

As a woman who spent a good part of my younger life training men for jobs they got because I, as a woman, could not get promoted beyond a certain point, equal rights for women is very important to me. I was actively involved in getting the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 passed. As the first female vice president managing a large loan and deposit area at Denver’s largest bank, I was asked by the Colorado legislature to testify as to the readiness of the banking community to provide equality in the granting of credit to women.

Equality for women and all minorities is important to me. My granddaughters are half black. I worked hard to gain access to equality as a woman and I sat on many minority boards to help non-whites achieve it, too.

As a woman of the new millennium, I realize things have changed. For example, most young women are no longer virgins when they marry and I find that sad, not “enlightened.” Most young women of the 1950s were virgins and it was a wonderful way to start a marriage… a meaningful gift to give when beginning a lifelong relationship based on trust. There were no pregnant girls in my high school classes… in fact people were a bit uncomfortable when the word “pregnant” was used in mixed company. I do not recall one single time in high school that a teenage girl disappeared from class for months to “visit a dear aunt” in another state so she could have a secret baby.

Things have changed. I laugh (scornfully) at educators who insist they must teach students to put a condom on a cucumber in sex education classes because so “many” young people are sexually active and need to know how to make their encounters safe.

It’s a good example of how unionized teachers – how liberal progressives in general – expand their ever-intrusive power base through lies and false statistical data. Whether it is carbon footprints or melting icebergs or climate change or the benefits of genetically modified food, liberals have no problem throwing phony data at the general public to get what they want.

It is also a slap in the face to the history of high school students who had discipline about the natural desire to be sexually active but were not for hundreds of years before these enlightened teachers sold parents on the fact that everyone was doing “it.” It’s true that sex represents normal behavior. That was the tidbit of truth to educator statements. All good liars include a bit of truth because it makes their stories believable. When is it appropriate to have sex was the question and the erroneous answer our educators gave us resulted in a huge increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies ending in abortion and both have long-term negative consequences on the lives of our children. You can thank the NEA for that!

Many forms of enhanced technology have made life easier… not necessarily better. For example, families used to sit around the dinner table together. We had meaningful communication within the family unit, not Tweets or emails or Facebook messages which, in my opinion, provide surface level rather than personal contact. Had I, my brother or sister reached to answer a phone or tweet a message while seated at the dinner table, we would have been excused from the rest of the meal. Family came first.

Today’s fractured family structure causes much of our social ills. It seems obvious that to make it believable that it takes a village, not parents, to raise children the family first had to be destroyed.

Those are the views with which I was raised. The point is, Hillary Clinton is only ten years younger than me. She was raised during the same era and was exposed to the same social and moral values – and obviously rejected them. Her PROVEN behavior shows she is, at best, amoral… she has no moral values. Many conservatives consider her an evil woman while others see her as a congenital liar with a psychopathic need for attention, power and money. Her performance level at most things she’s done in her life isn’t very high, including her time as First Lady and as Secretary of State. There is no record of high performance and there is record of her many failures. If you need a copy of her misdeeds, write. I’ll send it.

America didn’t lose anything by not getting Hillary Clinton as the first female U.S. President. It was a gift of fate because had a congenital liar who has failed at so many jobs become our first female President it would have probably been impossible to elect another woman to office for many years. She would have been a disastrous President… dishonest and willing to sell out anyone – she was willing to arrange a uranium sales deal for Russia in return for a contribution to the Clinton Foundation. She was playing pay for play with our lives! What else might she have sold to enrich herself?

I believe Hillary Clinton would have used the Presidency to increase her own power base and bank accounts. Her history proves that’s what she does. Had she been elected, two or three generations of future voters would have associated female presidents with self-serving liars that have no respect for the Rule of Law… because that is who Hillary Clinton is.

As a female who would love to see a qualified, strong woman as President of this country, I am hugely relieved that Mrs. Clinton did not get elected because of the example she would have set. Anyone really interested in having a female who will be remembered positively as U.S. President – which opens the door for more female Presidents – needs to make sure that person is a pillar of positives, not negatives.

The purpose of the above words is not to re-hash yet again the failings of this female… God knows I am sick of hearing of and writing about it. If you need a reminder of a record that proves she has no character, go to my article about Hillary which has numerous links to reports about her history.

The people protesting Hillary Clintons’ loss by taking to the streets are making fools of themselves. If her record proved her worthy of the office, I wouldn’t feel that way. Had Donald Trump beaten a good, honest and informed politician who is female, I would understand their sorrow. My own sorrow would have been great and I probably would have voted for a quality female candidate.

Because I know her history, I pity protesters for their lack of judgment and obvious need to have a government run by someone who wrote a book telling parents they weren’t needed because, like all good socialists believe, it takes a village to raise children.

The other thing we are seeing played out by protesters and rioters (not exactly my pick as advisors or leaders) is their arrogance in demanding an end the Electoral College. Why are they making these demands?

People who live in big cities don’t think those of us who live in fly-over country should have a voice in national elections. It’s that simple.

They argue that Hillary Clinton won the election because she got more votes than Donald Trump. So what? In 1864, John Quincy Adams only got 30.92% of the popular vote. He however got a majority of votes from the Electoral College. We’ve had several Presidents who lost the popular vote but received the required Electoral College votes to become President.

Of course Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump. All of the “give me something for nothing” voters live in major cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. Big cities have lots of voters. All are dependent on the federal government for their existence because most are governed by Democrat progressives and socialists who over-spend and need Big Brother government to fund their lifestyles. According to them, those of us who have carved out a higher quality of life than they can even imagine need to listen to them. As I said in last week’s article, they are terrified to face a world where individualists rather than groupies dominate public policy.

Lassie could run for the Presidency as a Democrat and the same people who voted for Hillary Clinton would vote for Lassie because she would put her paw print on documents supporting these people and their something for nothing, amoral lifestyles. That is not said as a slam at Mrs. Clinton. It’s a slam at the voters who haven’t got a clue what Democrat President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” That’s a foreign language to liberal progressives.

Keep in mind the announcements of the Communist Party over the years that they would no longer run Communist Party USA candidates for President because those of a communist persuasion could feel comfortable voting for progressive Democrat candidates.

You might want to look up the history of the Electoral College. The psyops experts have already done a number on a lot of Americans, convincing them that the Electoral College is anti-democracy. To a degree it is… but we are not a democracy, we are a Republic. We utilize the democratic concept of one citizen, one vote – but that does not make us a democracy. In fact, when you hear a politician refer to the United States as a democracy, run the other way.

The Electoral College prevents the largest cities of this country from, because of the number of voters living in them, telling the rest of the country how America will be governed. Those of us who prefer to live outside of major population centers have a voice because of the Electoral College – and that’s what these idiots want to eliminate. Take a look at a map that shows counties where Democrat votes flipped from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Here is another map from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)) – hardly a bastion of conservatism. If you scroll down this page, you will see numerous maps with very brief explanations of each… how many Democrats voted for Hillary versus Obama in 2012 versus how many voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Both maps are interactive (place your cursor over the map and it provides information by county or city or state).

When you look at these maps, the arrogance of protesters who think numbers are more important than the rule of law should shock you. Look at all of those red counties throughout the nation who voted for Donald Trump. They prove he is, indeed, the President of this entire country!

I am laughing today at the arrogance of the actors in the Broadway play “Hamilton.” I laugh because they do not understand the difference between their First Amendment rights to declare their personal opinions publicly and their non-rights to force on Donald Trump supporters in the audience to not have the cast’s political opinions forced upon them. I laugh even harder because Fox News doesn’t seem to have figured out the difference yet.

The real concern arising from the demonstrations based on ignorance of facts, reverse racism, anger, and fear is the weaknesses of character of the Millennial generation. When I think of the strength of the generation of young men who were jerked out of colleges and jobs to suddenly be trained to fight in WWII and compare it to college students who cannot deal with a political defeat without pampered counseling and the need to be excused from very costly classes, the lack of character is frightening!

If this is the generation that will inherit the responsibility for governing America in ten or twenty years… well, it’s the only thing that makes me glad I’m almost 80.

© 2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall – All Rights Reserved

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