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What terms come to mind when you think of Joe Biden? Maybe: Gaffer, imbecile, confused, lost, senile, idiot, poser, and incompetent?

(True Conservative Pundit) Super Tuesday was not really a surprise.  The entire Democratic Party seems united in their opposition to Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee.  One kind of has to feel sorry for the guy.  He worked hard to pull ahead of the competition – only to have the rug yanked out from underneath him.  Worse, this is the second time.

It’s only this writer’s opinion of course, but even though Grandpa Bernie is far left of center and a communist masquerading as a socialist, the dimwit Dems would have had a better showing with him verses the gaffer; Joe Biden.

Maybe as that paragon of snarky excellence James Woods noted, the goal is to insert Hillary Clinton into the ticket via a brokered convention.  That would really be the final injustice to Sanders, the proverbial nail in the coffin.

So I pretty much predicted this. It’ll be #Biden and #Hillary as his vice presidential candidate. He will eventually “gracefully” resign as his dementia worsens and… Voila! #MadamePresident at last! (and in case he gets indicted for his Ukraine  corruption, she’ll pardon him…

BUT, one has to remember what kind of people one is dealing with here.  These aren’t your fathers Democrats, oh no – these are the new and improved version.  Take a look:

Spreading the Coronavirus at Republican rallies, that is NOT even remotely funny.  The real problem here is, I can see one of these idiots actually doing this.  Democrats are no longer just another political party, they are domestic terrorists and criminals with political clout.

What kind of warped mind would consider doing this?  I know, I know, it was only a joke right?  Is anyone else not laughing?

The entire parade of potential nominees has been nothing short of a joke, except that it’s not funny.  The Dems all want to give away everything from free college, to free medical care for all.  The problem is, it’s not at all free.  The fact remains – who is going to PAY for all of this?  AOC (Bernie Sanders right-hand woman) wants to eliminate gasoline engines, cows, and wants to rebuild every building in the United States.  Now I have to ask here, obviously this little endeavor would be extremely expensive, as in make the current U.S. budget look like a little discretionary spending – how are we going to pay for this?


The Democrats can only field candidates that are crooks (Biden), socialists (Comrade Bernie), give-away artists (Warren), clueless election purchaser (Mini-Mike), and a stumbling, gaffing, seeming idiot, (Again Joe Biden).

Why would anyone in his or her right mind vote for any of these people? Mark my words; if you vote Democrat, you are voting destruction upon yourself. Lest anyone think I’m kidding or being overly dramatic here – simply check out the cities and states run by Democrats, and look at what kind of shape they are in. I will even give you a head start, look at California.

Trump is far less than perfect, but in Trump we have a man that unlike Bloomberg, actually does get it done, rather than just talk about it.

  • Unemployment – down
  • Job growth – up
  • American businesses (and jobs) have come back to the U.S. (Obama said they and the jobs were gone for good)
  • American companies actually investing in America
  • NATO paying their fair share for once
  • Taxes down
  • Trump stands up for America, unlike his predecessor

Trump 2020!

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